a jpg. a jpg. Beautiful day, beautiful people. Ran #baytobreakers in 1:15:03, 5.5min faster than 2016! 6s slower than my 2014 PR of 1:14:57.

I hit my main two goals:
* Finish without injury
* Run strong, finish strong

These I had considered beforehand, but I had let go of, until about halfway through the race when they seemed not only possible, but reasonable:
* Sub-10 min/mile average pace (9:49, 20s/mi faster than the Hot Chocolate "15K" actually 9.8km)
* Make it to the NovemberProject group photo (see above)

According to @Strava:

I also set a 5km PR of 28:30 during the last 5km of Bay to Breakers’s 12km. Nearly 3 minutes faster than 31:15 at the Stow Lake Stampede 5km race four weeks ago!

Feels good to be back.

Previous Bay to Breakers:
* 2016 1:20:46 tantek.com/2016/181/t1
* 2015 1:17:53 tantek.com/2015/137/t1
* 2014 1:14:57 tantek.com/2014/138/t1
* 2013 1:31:39 tantek.com/2013/139/t2
* 2012 1:36:33 tantek.com/2012/141/t1
* 2011 1:39:47 tantek.com/2011/135/t5

Previous 5km at Stow Lake Stampede:
* 2017-04-23 31:15 tantek.com/2017/114/t1

Previous 9.8km at the Hot Chocolate "15k":
* 2017-01-08 tantek.com/2017/008/t3

Aside: Unexpected competitive results:
* top 20% overall
* top 25% in division

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