Hello 2018.
This changing of the year feels very different than last. It felt more like just another day to make the most of.
But I am doing #indieweb #100Days of Positive Posts again, refocused on 100 Positive Doing then Posting Days: #100PDPD

Being an optimist, I believe every day we have opportunities to choose to make things better (or not), even if in seemingly small ways.

Thus the plan for #100PDPD:
1. Every day: *do* something positive in-person (not just online). E.g.
 * Something for the first time
 * Or the first time this year
 * Or build on something
 * Or complete something
2. Post about it on your own site,
 - or make a note of it and post it later.
3. Ideally post about it before posting anything critical (or negative) that same day

From my experience last year, there were several times when for one reason or another I went days without posting, then had to "catch up". Instead of catch-up, I’m making the posting part strictly secondary, and ok even if published days after the action.

I expect to spend more time offline and perhaps even offgrid this year. I’ll be taking paper notes which I can then post about later.

The refocus on doing rather than just posting may make this more challenging than last time.

Last year’s #100DoPP: http://tantek.com/2017/020/t3/indieweb-100days-positive-posts-100dopp
and 100th DoPP: http://tantek.com/2017/119/t6/haight-this-morning

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