Yesterday was a rest and homework^1 day. #100PDPD #2018_004
Originally planned to hike up Mt. Tam to watch the sunrise, but being shaken awake by a 02:40 4.4 earthquake^2 screwed up our sleep enough to postpone.
Barely awake for @W3CAB telcon. Scheduled a physical and started tax prep.

^1 homework is what I am starting to call all the things you must do as an adult that you are not paid to do (i.e. they’re not your job or other regular source of income, e.g. filing taxes, preventative doctor checkups, laundry etc.) or else bad things happen, are more likely to happen, cost you a lot more time or $ later, or delay receiving $.
^2 https://earthquake.usgs.gov/earthquakes/eventpage/nc72948801

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