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“To PESOS or to POSSE?” https://dri.es/to-pesos-or-to-posse

Great post @Dries! #openweb #indieweb

Go for it. POSSEing to Twitter^1 and Facebook^2 works quite well.

Whether notes^3 / status updates (since 2010), or photos^4 (since 2015), it’s totally doable, and brings incredible peace of mind and a greater sense of ownership & control over your content.

You may also want to look into POSSEing replies^5, owning your comments as it were.

This comment for example, was originally posted on tantek.com as a single post, a multi-reply^6, automatically POSSEd to Twitter where it was auto-ellipsed & threaded^7 with your tweet, and only manually cross-posted on your original post.

Lots more on the IndieWeb wiki, and plenty of friendly folks ready and willing to share cross-platform/language development experience implementing all this stuff in the #indieweb-dev channel:
* https://chat.indieweb.org/dev

Drop by and say hi anytime!


1^ https://indieweb.org/Twitter#POSSE_to_Twitter
2^ https://indieweb.org/POSSE_to_Facebook
3^ https://indieweb.org/note
4^ https://indieweb.org/photo
5^ https://indieweb.org/reply
6^ https://indieweb.org/multiple-reply
7^ https://indieweb.org/Twitter#original_has_POSSE_tweet

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