a jpg. a jpg. a jpg. 🌈🌈 I’ve watched the sun rise at Corona Heights countless times, but never before have I seen a #rainbow at #sunrise.

#CoronaHeights #SanFrancisco #SF #wakeupthesun #fromwhereirun #nofilter

Woke up this morning feeling compelled to run to Corona Heights for the sunrise. Rest day, ran anyway. Made it just in time to see the sun crest the East Bay mountains and light up the clouds (third photo). When I turned to head back, what I saw did not look real. The sprinkling mist held a double rainbow, more than 180 degrees, with thick color bands that nearly obscured the houses behind them (zoom in on the second photo). I stood at the summit, back to the sun, until the mist passed, and the rainbow faded.

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