So grateful. This year I shared roughly this with a few friends:

 Pursue things that bring you joy. Recognize those doing the same, keep them close.

And afterwards this came to mind:

These things are not the easy things: indulging appetites, consumption (drinking, eating, watching, listening). Do not mistake stimulants for joy. Background for foreground. Punctuation for words.

These things are the harder things, that require work, discipline, practice, persistence. Work that sometimes means pushing physical limits, sometimes enduring physical discomforts, or harder, facing internal discomforts, frustration, fear, self-doubt, plateaus, regressions, solitude. In those moments, in that discomfort, alone, your choices may bring self-knowledge.

That process, not its fruits, brings joy. Showing up, doing, moving, creating, making, sharing. Find those things that bring you joy, and those that persist in those practices. See them and let them see you.


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