Was just told by @cssrossen that I’m the last remaining (in name) editor^1 of #CSS 2.1 @CSSWG, or “Last of the Mohicans” as he put it (not sure how I feel about the comparison). In practice, @fantasai has been editing 2.1. And @gsnedders volunteered too. I think Rossen just wants to assign 2.1 errata^2 issues^3 to me^4.

^1 https://www.w3.org/TR/CSS21/
^2 https://www.w3.org/Style/css2-updates/REC-CSS2-20110607-errata.html
^3 https://github.com/w3c/csswg-drafts/issues?q=is%3Aissue+is%3Aopen+label%3ACSS2
^4 http://www.w3.org/Style/CSS/Tracker/actions/871

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