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Bridgy Publish to GitHub should preserve markup in plaintext as such

on (ttk.me b/4ty1) using BBEdit

When using Bridgy Publish to POSSE a comment (or issue) to GitHub, it should preserve any visible plaintext markup from the source as visible plaintext markup on GitHub.

Example: http://tantek.com/2018/107/t3/ has a <data> [data] element example, while the POSSE copy seems to have lost the <data> (but it's still in the Markdown source if I click edit)

Note that the preceding paragraph also has visible plaintext markup - "data" tag, escaped in the original: tantek.com/2018/107/b1 thus it should also be escaped and displayed in the copy of this issue on GitHub.

HTML2text should (maybe?) handle this, or if not, Bridgy Publish could escape any visible '<' (less than), '>' (greater than), and '&' (ampersand) characters from the source before publishing to GitHub.

Label(s): publish