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GitHub project “bridgy”

Enhancement: Bridgy Publish to GitHub should POSSE tag-of posts to add labels to issues

on (ttk.me b/4tz1) using BBEdit

Problem: Currently you have to use GitHub’s web UI to add (and remove) labels from issues.

The indieweb has nascent 'tag-reply' post type using 'u-tag-of' markup. See this minimal set of markup inside an h-entry.

I realize it would be even more helpful to have a real-live tag-of post permalink to refer to (preferably to a GitHub issue), so I will work on that next. I’m hoping this is enough to at least get started though.

It would be great if Bridgy Publish could 1. recognize that tag-of post to a GitHub issue, 2. add the respective label to the issue.

Label(s): publish