IndieWebCamp SF / #DWeb Hackers Day

When: Where: Mozilla San Francisco Host: Tantek Çelik

In town for the Decentralized Web Summit August 1-2 and not otherwise busy on July 31st?

Mozilla invites you to a complementary (and complimentary) all day Decentralized Web Hackers Day and IndieWebCamp SF at our Mozilla San Francisco offices.

Spend a day creating the web you want collaborating with others doing the same, using the latest in decentralized and indieweb technologies.


  • 10:00 Opening keynotes and lightning intros/demos
  • 11:15 BarCamp breakout session scheduling
  • 12:00 Open hack day and discussion sessions
  • 16:00 Lightning Demos!
  • 17:00 Wrap-up and transit to DWeb pre-party

We will open the day with a few brief introductory keynotes to set the stage and get your creativity flowing, followed by a round of lightning intros/demos by participants who want to (yes that means you!)

In our usual BarCamp style, we’ll spend a few minutes having participants propose different discussion/hacking sessions for the day and pick rooms & time slots. Sessions will start promptly after scheduling. Don’t worry if this is your first time participating in a BarCamp, we will explain the process for everyone and especially make sure newcomers get a chance to propose their session ideas.

Final sessions and hacking will wrap at 16:00 and we will all reconvene in the main room for a round of lightning demos of hacks, insights, whatever you made or thought up.

Afterwards we’ll direct you to local transit that will take you to the Internet Archive for the Decentralized Web Summit Science Faire and Pre-party (requires separate registration)

Any questions? Ask in #indieweb Slack or IRC

More information: IndieWeb Wiki Event Page

RSVP: post an indie RSVP on your own site or add yourself to the wiki (or both!)

Optional: Facebook POSSE event for your calendaring convenience

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