a jpg. a jpg. a jpg. a jpg. a jpg. a jpg. a jpg. a jpg. a jpg. a jpg. Longer Farther Higher Faster. Yesterday’s #ECSCA #50ktraining run was the longest time I’ve spent running, the farthest trail distance traversed (22 miles), the most elevation climbed (4800'+), and my fastest on several segments.

I started my run at dawn, watched the sun rise over the Marin Headlands(1), longer shadows on familiar trails(2). Descended through low clouds(3 pano) to Muir Beach, ran along a hillside to a fog shrouded meadow(4), a lone blue heron watching my stride. Ascended up switchbacks under a cooling cloud cover(5), halfway up my friend Morgan caught me(6), having started her run a half hour after me.

Met up again at the top of the ridge and ran above the clouds once again(7) to the top of Cardiac(8 pano) where I stopped to eat a Gu stroopwafel, and drink & refill at the water fountain. Ran so many new trails downhill through Muir Woods, carefully checking turn by turn directions at each junction. Crossed a metal bridge placed over a log(9) before starting a long ascent up to a trail above the trees(10). Running later than expected, I sped down Dipsea to Muir Road, Redwood Creek, Coastal Fire road, Fox to Tennesee Valley.

ECSCA 50k training has been one of the harder things I have pursued. The physical training, beyond sleep and proper fueling (water, electrolytes, food), requires discipline to make time to train and then to actually get out the door and do it, often by yourself. Training can bring a different kind of loneliness, that makes you appreciate every person you see out there, and especially grateful when you see friends. Much more to say on mental & emotional challenges, learning to drink & eat while running, etc. This will do for now.

1. Fox Trail looking back at the sunrise
2. Coastal Fire Road at Fox looking West
3. Coastal Fire Road looking out over the Pacific
4. Santos Meadow
5. Heather Cutoff Trail switchbacks
6. 📷 Morgan selfie of us on Heather Cutoff
7. Sunlit climb to Cardiac
8. Cardiac Hill pano looking South East to West
9. Fern Creek Trail bridge
10. Sun Trail looking back

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