a jpg. Inspired by @jwlevitt I’m running the #ECSCA 50k course today, one week later than expected, thanks especially to @BryanTing, in solidarity and support of @JWLevitt’s fundraiser.

Feel free to donate directly (see his profile), or tantek.com/pay and note "TNF fire donation". $1/km $2/km whatever you can. Thank you!

And if you’re in SF/Marin, come run part of the course with me if you like! 50k course guide on @thenorthfaceecs site.

See two previous posts for some background:
* tantek.com/2018/328/t1/grateful-week-year-quote-presently-relevant
* tantek.com/2018/327/t1/ecsca-donating-fire-victmis-relief

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