Clear blue skies above the Pacific Ocean in the distance, fog bank over Muir Beach, and thick green bushes in the foreground.Lookin uphill on Fox trail under an overcast sky.Looking south at Muir beach to ominously overcast grey skies.Looking down at my feet touching the surf at Muir beach.Looking northwest from Muir beach, to a bit of light blue on the horizon over the Pacific Ocean, while the nearby hill and houses are under clouds.Looking down at Horizontal Control Mark Coyote Ridge 2.Looking south to the Marin Headlands, fog behind them covering San Francisco with only a few downtown building tops and Sutra tower poking through.Looking south to Miwok cut-off trail, tall green bushes on either side, Marin headlands in the distance.Map of Tennessee Valley Trails.
⛰🏃🏻‍♂️ 15km & ~2k' in #Marin 8/31 to finish #August at 216km & 7116m. Grateful for a month of consistent training at home.
Traveling a lot soon — HMU to #run in Portland @XOXO, Fukuoka @W3C #TPAC2019, Amsterdam @IndieWebCamp #ViewSource, NYC & Brighton IndieWebCamps, London #MozFest, St. Louis @WordCampUS #WCUS!

August was a monthly distance running PR and my second highest vertical climbing month after last October’s 207km & 8932m (also only my second time running 200km+ or climbing 5km+ in any month).

Got a late start that morning and drove myself directly to the Tennessee Valley parking lot. Having forgotten to check the #SFRC route direction, I ran the opposite way again, up Fox with less fog(2) than last week, down Coastal to an ominously overcast Muir Beach(3). Touched the water(4) and noticed blue skies in the distance to the northwest(5). I cut the route short via the beautiful Middle Green Gulch trail up to Coyote Ridge. From the Coyotoe Ridge peak(6) I could see the north side of Muir beach, and a thin blue line of clear Pacific Ocean over the clouds(1). Looking south the city was still covered by fog, just a few buildings and Sutro tower poking through(7). Ran back down Miwok(8) to the Tennessee Valley parking lot and up/down a bit of Marincello to reach 15km.

I’ll be making good use of the few September and October mornings I’m home and joining up with runners (especially on trails) on my travels when missing Marin #trails(9). Hope to see you out there!

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