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Thanks for the heads-up Sam (@gsnedders); sent me down quite a rabbithole!

While reading More Than Two, I did notice some imbalances, e.g. male-author centering bias, but wow.

Reading your link + these posts first, then re-reading MT2 with them in mind:
* https://brighterthansunflowers.com/2019/09/02/thoughts-on-the-fifth-anniversary-of-more-than-two/
* https://medium.com/@kalital/my-life-belongs-to-me-reading-the-polyamory-narratives-of-franklin-veaux-against-the-84be142aa8a1
* https://www.dawnserra.com/ep261/
* https://polyamory-metoo.com/
* https://www.theferrett.com/2014/11/19/every-piece-of-advice-given-unleashes-a-demon/
* https://polyamory-metoo.com/celeste-metoo-story/

I’ll add more as I find them and read more. Updated original post to point to this one too.

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