Dark clouds with wisps of sky barely visible between them, one of them making a tilted V, over a yellow orange horizon from the recent sunset behind the Pacific Ocean, waves crashing, leaving a smooth wet sandy shore with a mirror image reflection of the bright horizon, and a negative space letter T from the reflected wisps of sky surrounded by dark cloudsWalk on the beach at sunset, another item crossed off a list. Cracks between dark clouds let the light in, painting single letters separated, mirror worlds apart, divided by yellow orange remnants of a sunset that was.

Eight weeks ago we should have turned around at that sunset beach under dark clouds. Stopped to see the sun, walk the sand, and hold your hand.

#darksky #darkclouds #clouds #sunset #PacificOcean #ocean #beach #OceanBeach #surf #sand #wetsand #reflection #reflections #nofilter

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