Pink orange small clouds behind a backlit palm tree above an orange glow behind tall distant buildings on the horizon, Alta Plaza park path in the foreground.Clear blue sky above scattered light gray clouds above an orange glowing horizon behind city buildings, backlighting a palm tree in Alta Plaza park, still in the dark.Dark sky above the first lights of dawn, backlighting a palmtree, faint orange glow on the horizon behind city buildings with their lights on.🌴🌆 Early this morning @Nov_Project_SF, one thought came to mind: kindness. To continuously cultivate kindness towards others, towards yourself. To err on the side of kindness.

Sometimes self-kindness requires setting boundaries for your own mental health, kindness does not mean you are required to interact with everyone.

Sometimes kindness will require emotional labor. Recognizing that enables you to choose when to invest that labor, when you have the capacity. To prioritize those important to you, deserving, and those less fortunate, less privileged.

Practice kindness as its own ends, without expectations.

If a kind act or word doesn’t seem welcome, for any reason, practice kindness by giving space (and time), as necessary.

The sky was mostly clear that morning, just a few cotton cotton candy clouds. The sun is rising earlier each day, almost up by the time we finished our workout(1). The horizon glowed orange the whole time, when the sky was blueshifting(2), after dawn’s first light(3).

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