Sun in a blue sky with scattered low hanging clouds over hills, misty fog in front of them obscuring some hills, green hills in the foreground with Brooke and Tantek standing beside a sign saying Area Closed, Stay on Tail.Blue sky behind low hanging fog, appearing to arc up and to the right between a distant hill and a nearby hill with mixed green grasses on it.Pacific Ocean in the distance barely visible between two hills and a valley in between, themselves partly occluded by low hanging fog, itself mostly behind nearby hills, part of a near hill visible on the left with green plants.Sun shining with sunbeams in a blue sky with scattered mostly low hanging clouds behind hills, fog pouring into the valley below, and nearby green hillside sloping downard.Miwok Trail sign, noting destinations and distances, a smooth trail covered in brown leaves winding up and away, with green grash and bushes on either side, shaded by trees.Smooth brown trail with ferns on either side, trees with their sides bright green with moss.Clear blue sky with a single small puffy cloud, above barely visible East Bay hills and the bay, behind nearby hills and the other side of the trail visible across the photo, green wooded valley below that and nearby.Clear skies with just a couple of puffy clouds above the Marin Headlands, Tennessee Valley in front of them, and a green valley below and in front.🌤⛰ 12 miles at #SFRC today with pal Brooke. Low hanging when we started in Tennessee Valley, the fog swirled and arced between the hills(2) up Coastal Trail. As we emerged from the fog, we could see the Pacific in the distance, framed by hills, most of the fog below(3).

Brooke and I got to the top and a stranger offered to take our photo above the fog and clouds(1). I took a photo closer to the edge(4). We ran down to and through Pirates Cove, back up a bit, down to Muir Beach, then over to the Redwood Creek Trail.

Reached the Miwok Trail and turned right, heading south toward Coyote Ridge(5). The trail wound through ferns and moss lined trees(6) until peaking, downhill to crossing Highway 1, then back up in view of the opposite side of a valley(7). On the other side, a green view back down to Tennessee Valley where we started(8).

Got veggie burgers at Good Earth. More runner friends joined us and we enjoyed catching up in the warm sunshine.

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