Partly cloudy sky above distant trees behind Kezar stadium, two light towers standing tall on opposite sides, bracketing bleachers above the brick red track and green field in the center with yellow football field goals perfectly aligned in the center.Partly blue sky above downtown San Francisco, the Port of Oakland in the distance behind the bay, a spread of city buildings in the foreground.White to dark gray clouds, lit by a setting sun, Sutro Tower reaching skyward from the top of the hills, apartments and houses below in the shade.A red kite with tails contrasting against a partly blue somewhat cloudy sky, above distant East Bay hills, the bay, and a spread of San Francisco buildings and streets below.A bright sky overexposed by the setting sun lighting up clouds, trees in the distance above Kezar Stadium, football field goals aligned in the green field, a single woman runner sprinting in lane 1 on the track.🌲⭕️🌲 8mi + ~1400' to finish a 40mi + ~9000' week. #50mileTraining

While the weather app says Mostly Cloudy, I see Partly Blue, with a clear view of downtown #SF and the Port of Oakland(2) from the top of Corona Heights Park. Our distinctive Sutro Tower space claw(3) never gets old.

Someone was flying a red kite from the top of Corona Heights Park(4). After running to the summits of Buena Vista, Corona Heights, and Mount Olympus, I ran down to Cole Valley and then Kezar Stadium. I’ve been missing track workouts.

The setting sun lit up the clouds so brightly they were overexposed above the track. I spotted a runner crushing it in lane 1; not the only one getting in a late Sunday run(5).

Ran around the outer level of the stadium to the other side for a better view(1), completed the 800m lap and ran home. Pause. Quick change of shirts, cleaned up, packed my headlamp and ran with a friend to sushi dinner, paused again. Ran her home afterwards and then back in the dark (with headlamp). Finished my Sunday 8.

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