Clear morning sky with a few hazy clouds, East Bay hills behind a bay with a couple of tiny giant container ships, downtown San Francisco skyline and buildings, hairpin turn up Twin Peaks boulevard, light green grasses lit up with dew and morning sun, Tantek running up the trail between them to the top of Twin Peaks.Sunrise visible through clouds, and reflected off the bay, backlighting a nearby tree, San Francisco buildings below in the dark viewed from Tank HillView from Twin Peaks in the morning of East Bay hills, downtown San Francisco, hairpin turn up Twin Peaks boulevard.Sunrise just above low hazy clouds, clear sky above, reflecting off the bay and glinting off building windows, nearby green grasses on the side of the Twin Peaks.Midday view of clear blue sky above the East Bay, downtown San Francisco bisected by Market Street, buildings spreading out to both sides, nearby Twin Peaks incline with hairpin turn, green hillsides and trees, a band of yellow flowers and green bushes just below.No Tam Tuesday today. Instead of 1hr+ driving solo (carbonguilt) back and forth, I decided to stay local and do Twin Peaks repeats.

Tough morning, barely made it up to Tank Hill for a chilly NPSF yoga led by Sam, where we watched the sky change colors and the sun rise(2). Afterwards I invited her to run up to Twin Peaks with me, to get warmed up again.

We chatted about many things, recent challenges (I’m grateful for her presence). She ran up the last steep dirt path and snapped a photo(1) as I was catching up. Took a couple of photos myself(3,4).

We sprinted back down and got coffee with other #NPSF friends in Cole Valley.

Much later (after a late lunch) I went out for another run. Ran down to the Panhandle and then up to the top of Twin Peaks(5). Twice, which barely completed half the elevation gain of running up Tam once!

With both morning and afternoon runs I completed 10+ miles, and three Twin Peaks ascents for the day.

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