Tantek taking a selfie standing next to red cursive graffiti writing “i love you so much” on a light green wall.Concrete blockish building viewed from a corner, a mixed tall triangle rainbow of horizontal stripes of colors along the cut-in corner of the building.Austin buildings and a bridge reflected in pre-dawn orange light on a river, overcast clouds above.Austin buildings reflected on the river, a few swans in the foreground, the sun rising between two buildings, with a bit of orange on the horizon under overcast clouds.Underneath a bridge, symmetrical concrete support structures, with rectangular arches and supports above greenish water, still enough to reflect the underside of the bridge.Map of the Lady Bird Lake trails, along with a chart in the lower left of distances between various checkpoints, the farthest being 10.2.Artwork, black all capitals text on a white disc background, saying LIVE A GREAT STORY, on a tall concrete post of a bridge, the waters of the lake behind it, as well as trees on both shores.Overcast sky over two clusters of tall beige apartment buildings, trees below them along the shore, the river in front, a stretch of thin red plastic floating on the river with a bunch of birds perched on top, a few of them stretching their wings.On top of the Longhorn dam, chainlink fencing on the left with the roadway on the other side, and the dam structures and warning signs on the right, the path across the river in between them.13.5 miles yesterday morning, Austin’s entire Lady Bird Loop(6) plus a roundtrip to Jo’s(1) and back.

Starting just before sunrise, I snapped some colorful building art(2) on the way to the river/lake. I caught a view of buildings on both sides of the river and a bridge spanning it, reflected in dim dawn light under overcast clouds(3). Barely caught the sun rising between buildings, swans in the foreground, before it disappeared behind clouds(4).

Many things caught my eye, like this almost symmetrical under bridge(5). Caught a better lit shot of the LIVE A GREAT STORY artwork on the MoPac bridge(7). The south bank trails had long stretches of paved paths that wandered just above the river/lake, saw a few birds stretching their wings(8).

Ran around to and crossed over the Longhorn Dam(9) before continuing around back to Congress Avenue, crossing the Congress bridge south to Jo's just for a photo. Ran back to the hotel to quickly get cleaned up, pack, and head to the airport to fly home.

My longest run, that far from home.

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