Brooke and Tantek with the sunrise behind them, the sun glowing red as it’s filtered through some low hanging haze just above the East Bay Hills, a sliver of bay visibe below it, then distant San Francisco hills, buildings, finaly trees and trails of Corona Heights Park below.Pink and orange wisps of cotton candy clouds in the light blue pre-dawn sky above a horizon glowing yellow and orange over East Bay Hills, a sliver of bay visibe below it, then distant San Francisco hills, buildings with lights, and nearby hills and trails in darkness.Mostly blue sky with a few wispy clouds above an orange glow above East Bay Hills and a few streaky horizontal clouds glowing bright orange, above a thick haze just above the hills that turned the rising sun red with a visible half-circle disc, a sliver of by showing an orange tinge, a couple of tiny container ships in the bay, dark shoreline buildings and a distant hill, SF strets and buildings  with a few street lights, nearby trees and trails of Corona Heights Park below, now visible.Light blue sky with wispy clouds, the sun rising thru the low haze over the East Bay hills, glowing brightly orange, lighting up the bay.🌅 Last Thursday morning, a red #sunrise with pal Brooke(1) at Corona Heights Park Summit!

We had chatted the night before @Nov_Project_SF happy hour how it had been a long time since #NPSF went to Corona Heights Park for Friday Hills, so we decided to run meet there that next morning for a sunrise start to our day.

When we got there ~6:30, wisps of pink & orange cotton candy clouds danced on the light blue dawn sky(2). A thick haze above East Bay hills filtered the rising sun, turning it red, and revealing its circular shape, as a half disc(3), eventually as a full circle with a red aura(1), before it rose higher, and shined brighter through the haze, lighting up the bay(4).

Afterwards we ran up to Buena Vista Park and down to Haight street, before running our separate ways to go get ready for work.

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