Multicolored heart painting with a few sequine pieces, outlined in pink with bits of turquoise, paint dripping downward, on a piece of plywood at a construction site, signed KATE_TOVA.View of Kezar Stadium from the entrance, clear blue sky above, dry track below with very few runners.Kezar track viewed from lane 5 at the start of the front 100meter segment.Hand drawn BLACK LIVES MATTER sign, black marker on white cardboard, inside the window of a building, mini-blinds closed behind it holding it up, a small BIDEN HARRIS sign next to it.White BLM repeatedly stenciled on multicolor background segment on plywood decorated with additional art.View of Kezar Stadium from the entrance, clear blue sky above, wet track below with almost no runners.Kezar track rounding the last corner, the sun shining directly overhead lighting up track, a Covid warning placard on the edge of the lanes.Kezar track viewed from lane 5 on the front 100meter segment, lanes 1-3 wet from rain, a runner in lane 2.BLACK LIVES MATTER sign standing outside against the side of a house, behind a few potted plants, mostly succulents.⭕🏃🏻‍♂️ Last track workout of the year and third #trackTuesday in a row. Spotted new #streetArt #heart by @kate_tova(1) a block before #Kezar. Blue sky and a dry track this morning(2,3) for a warmup, 6x progressively faster 400s with a 200walk+200jog in between. Cooldown jog/walk in the area, noting a #BlackLivesMatter sign in a window(4) & BLM stencil artwork on a plywood covering(5).

Last week the rain had left the track quite wet(6), glistening in the low sun(7), lanes in the shade still wet(8) from rain the night before. Completed a “broken 600s” workout: several sets of alternating fast and slow 400 200 200 400. On my cooldown jog back I spotted a BLACK LIVES MATTER sign leaning against lavender siding, behind a few potted plants(9).

Happy to finish 2020 with a return to regular track workouts, and looking forward to continuing them in the new year.

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