January of 2021 month calendar built from LEGO bricks, on a hexagonal white on gray blanket background.🗓 More than half way through #January 2021. Since last month’s calendar post: Electoral college results finalized in the middle of the night[1] despite a violent insurrection[2]. Millions received their first vaccine doses, though new cases grew by many millions more[3].

And yet, Georgia’s Senate seats flipped, and with them the US Senate. 3 days til our next president snaps his fingers with executive orders, undoing damage or putting a stop to bad ideas, like the Keystone XL pipeline[4].

Finally, as of this morning, 2021-01-17, we’ve entered the future of Johnny Mnemonic (1995)[5], as noted by a wake-up call in its opening scene[6]. Time to pop in that USB stick and view it in today’s contexts.

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