signed up for @insidetrail Marin Ultra Challenge 50 Mile #MUC50 on 2022-03-12! https://insidetrail.com/calendar/marin-ultra-challenge/

I ran this in 2020, unofficially after it was canceled 2 days beforehand https://tantek.com/2020/073/t3/racekit-muc50 https://tantek.com/2020/075/t1/50-miles-running-muc50-trails https://tantek.com/2020/081/t2/dark-stormy-morning

My goal is to finish, healthy, within the time limit of 14.5h

Pacers are allowed the last ~20miles. @-me if you want to help out!

on (ttk.me t5Gx1) using BBEdit