Sometimes with months of nearly weekly meetings with co-workers & colleagues at other companies debating things, and building upon lots of prior hard work, you can help ship a pretty cool #openweb collaboration

#Interop2022 blog posts:
* https://hacks.mozilla.org/2022/03/interop-2022/
* https://webkit.org/blog/12288/working-together-on-interop-2022/
* https://bocoup.com/blog/interop-2022
* https://web.dev/interop-2022
* https://www.igalia.com/news/interop2022.html
* https://aka.ms/microsoft-interop2022

Really appreciated the time and thoughtfulness that everyone across companies put into this. It was great working together with so many folks that also care deeply about the open web and collectively making the web better for authors & developers.

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