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@daviddelven@pkm.social self-hosting¹ is plumbing², does not impact key user functionality, and thus not required for an #IndieWeb site.

You can switch your site from self-hosted to service-hosted & back and it won’t affect your domain, permalinks, content, readers, peer-to-peer comments, or any other IndieWeb user features.

Lastly, “self-hosting” means different things to different people. Some insist it means you have personal physical control of hardware, like a server in your home or garage, some are ok with a physical server in a personal colo cage under lock & key, or a shared colo cage, or a virtual “cloud” server without a physical location.

Per the IndieWeb plurality³ principle, people can use a self-hosted (under any of those definitions) site or a service-hosted site to publish & interact with each other.

¹ https://indieweb.org/self_hosting
² https://indieweb.org/plumbing
³ https://indieweb.org/plurality

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