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New W3C Council and updated TAG Composition section errantly only includes Tim Berners-Lee from the TAG, in W3C Council Composition

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Update: per comments https://tantek.com/2023/144/t3/ and https://tantek.com/2023/144/t4/, the semantic points in this issue have been addressed, and remaining editorial issues or desired changes can be filed as separate issues/PRs, and this issue can be closed without waiting for those.

While this is clearly not what the Experimental Formal Objection Council has been doing in practice, nor what was intended in Process 2023, the current language in the definition of the W3C Council Composition only includes "members of the Technical Architecture Group" (emphasis added), and the only literal member in the definition of the Composition of the Technical Architecture Group is Tim Berners-Lee, while the elected & appointed are labeled participants. By using different terms "member" and "participant" for disjoint sets of people, a literal reading must treat these as separate sets, and thus references elsewhere in the Process to "members" cannot be assumed to include "participants". This is not just ambiguity, a literal reading of the current Process 2023 draft forces an undesired composition of W3C Councils that only includes Tim Berners-Lee from the TAG in particular.

We believe the opposite was intended, and this can be fixed by using the term "member" in the Composition of the Technical Architecture Group section to refer to the elected & appointed, and separately listing Tim as a "life-time invited participant, but not a member of the TAG for purposes of this document."

This requires a Pull Request (PR) and we will work on submitting one that we believe addresses this issue which we believe must be a blocker for Process 2023.

Similarly, for consistency and to reduce the chance of confusion, only the term "member" should be used to refer to those elected to the Advisory Board, rather than "participant". This can go in a separate PR, and we will work on providing this as well.

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