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Thanks for the FO Council experiments reports citations https://github.com/frivoal.

> https://www.w3.org/2023/03/council-ttwg-report.html
> https://www.w3.org/2022/11/council-das-report.html

These two make it clear that Tim Berners-Lee was a member of at least two FO Council experiments, despite not participating in their final decisions.

From these examples, we retract the premise of the second paragraph of this issue that "We believe the opposite was intended", and thus also the specific fix in that paragraph.

We still think it would be better for the W3C Process for any "life member" of any group to be a non-voting member at most, however we will raise a separate new issue for that for consideration in the normal workflow of triaging & handling Process CG issues.

Given the resolution of the semantics of the first two paragraphs for this issue, no Pull Request (PR) is necessary for those.

For the remaining "consistency and to reduce the chance of confusion" point, as noted, that can go in a separate purely editorial issue/PR and is thus unnecessary to resolve this specific issue.

Ok to close this issue without waiting for those separate issues/PRs to be filed.

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