This past Saturday: finished the #InsideTrail Redtail Ridge 30k #trailRace in 6:00:59.

A few notes:

This was my first trail race of 2024, and first in over 6 months, since last year’s Marin Ultra Challenge 50k and Broken Arrow 23k races in June¹. Saw pal Henri after changing into my trail shoes in the Lake Chabot Regional Park parking lot. The storms had scared many away, fewer than 100 showed up to the combined 30k & 50k start.

The muddy rainy adventure began when we veered off the initial paved trail around the lake and onto a rocky uphill stretch. It was mostly an out-and-back course, with a bit of a loop in the middle. On the second half of that loop there was one fork in the trail without race markings. After spending minutes taking a peek down both options, I guessed right. About a half mile later a wooden trail post validated my choice.

I kept a sustainable run/hike pace, with some sliding in the mud, stepping around many ruts and puddles of unknown depths. Slower finish than 5 years ago², yet this time with a negative split, and earned my first DLF award!

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¹ https://tantek.com/2023/178/t1/june-trailrunner-ultrarunner
² https://tantek.com/2019/048/t1/finshed-chabot-redtailridge-30k-pr

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