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      Returned and replying

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      That is the longest that I have gone camping in a very long time. Four whole days and nights in the woods. Did not use a single digital electronic device. Unless you count my flashlight with its on/off switch as a single digital bit. Oh wait, I did use my digital camera. Nevermind.

      The only unfortunate thing was that the scheduling of this camping trip had to overlap with a W3C CSS working group face to face meeting which I was therefore unable to attend. I've caught up on the minutes and it appears only small amounts of damage and subterfuge took place in my absence (in some cases taking advantage of my absence). AFAICT, nothing was broken that can't be fixed.

      Plus I'm on vacation. And yet, now that I'm back in wifi range I'm unable to stay away from my email inboxes. Though I've been fairly good and have been ignoring 99% of my work inbox, all my W3C email comes to my personal mailbox and I've felt compelled to engage in a couple of threads on www-style. I'm obviously having difficulty letting go and actually fully being on vacation when I'm not physically out of range of Internet connectivity.

      However, the good news is that I'm finally slowly replying to the piles of personal email that was neglected for the past couple of months while I was wrapping up a few work tasks. So if you emailed me recently (or even almost recently) and have yet to see a reply, hopefully you'll be seeing one soon.

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      Out of touch just a bit longer

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      I've been pretty quiet around here, and haven't said much about everything going on recently, like the incredibly cool Blogger redesign. I've still been paying attention, reading, and saving links for aggregated posting at some point.

      I've also been very bad about replying to emails and evites. Well, it's going to last just a while longer.

      As of today I'm on vacation. A long vacation. It begins with a camping trip. Starting sometime very soon after midnight, I will depart, sans all but emergency eletronic gear (and my camera of course), and unplug for several days. I will be off the grid on my way to or at an undisclosed location. No electro-magnetic footprint (other than that normally emitted by the human body). Not even a paper trail.

      However the camping trip is only part 1. Upon returning I'll be back online but still on vacation. I haven't decided what part 2 is yet. Tune in a few days to find out.

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      CSS3 Basic User Interface Module Candidate Recommendation

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      I am pleased to announce that the W3C has published the CSS3 Basic User Interface Module (CSS3-UI) as a Candidate Recommendation (CR). Thanks to everyone who contributed and gave feedback during the evolution of this specification.


      1. Danny Ayers

        Danny, note that the Features at risk are a small subset of all the features in the specification.

      2. Alexander Christiaan Jacob

        Alexander, note that due to numerous flaws and contradictions in the specification, CSS2 is impossible to properly support, so don't expect it to ever be properly supported, and certainly don't hold that against other CSS specifications. As I said at SXSW2004, don't bother with CSS2 any more (for the above and other reasons). Instead, pay attention to CSS2.1, which is also a Candidate Recommendation.

      3. Einfach für Alle
      4. Anne van Kesteren
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      Focus brings clarity

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      The past couple of weeks have consisted of many hours of work, a few hours of sleep and very little of anything else. I've neglected many things (emails, evites and other invitations) and focussed on just a couple of things.

      Two major efforts I have been undertaking for quite some time have passed critical junctures and their next steps are for the most part out of my hands.

      When you ignore everything, especially for days or weeks, in order to focus on one thing, and then you complete that one thing, you briefly experience what can only be described as a strange calm. Having ignored so many things for so long (and have nothing "go wrong", as it were), why not extend that another day or two, and put this ephemeral clarity to good use?

      I'll be taking the next few days to think about many things at a higher level, and to seriously consider thoughts previously far-off or distant. It has been too long.