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When 2.0 Agenda

When 2.0 Agenda

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Tuesday, December 6, 2005

7 am
Registration and continental breakfast
8 am
Welcome remarks
Esther Dyson, Release 1.0
8.20 am
Schedules and calendars (architecture)
Things improve over time - even calendar and scheduling tools. What's happening now? How are calendar developers handling time, calendar-sharing, disclosure of individuals' busy-ness and specific activities? How can we improve multi-person scheduling?
Mitchell Kapor, Open Source Applications Foundation
Yori Nelken, TimeBridge
Ray Ozzie, Microsoft
Raymie Stata, Yahoo!
9.40 am
Time and sequence
Pavel Curtis, Microsoft
10 am
10.30 am
Events as (social) objects
How do users plan their public activities? How can events be traded, shared and enriched? How can such platforms add value with community - ratings, photos, presence information and the like?
Andy Baio,!
Brian Dear, EVDB
Scott Heiferman, Meetup
Ramesh Jain, UC, Irvine
12.00 pm
Lunch and demos
1.30 pm
Time and functionality
How can applications use time under the covers to improve their functionality? How do prices change over a buying cycle? Where can yield management apply beyond hotels and airlines?
John Arenas, Worktopia
Tantek Celik, Technorati
Ben Cruz, DemandID Systems
Munjal Shah, Ojos
2.40 pm
3.10 pm
Time and detection
How can time patterns help us detect and predict both opportunities and threats, ranging from potential sales of expensive merchandise on the one hand, to security and health threats on the other? What can you figure out about a user's intentions by watching surfing behavior? What kinds of rules of thumb are emerging about buying patterns, both in sequence and duration? I.e. how does looking turn into research and then purchasing? How do viruses behave as they interact not just with hosts (machines or humans) but with one another?
Dan Doman, consultant
Steve Hofmeyr, Sana Security
Omar Tawakol, Revenue Science
4.30 pm
Time and simulation
Will Wright, Maxis
5 pm
Cocktail time

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