O'Reilly Emerging Technology Conference - March 3-6, 2006 - San Diego, CA
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Tantek Çelik

Tantek Çelik is Chief Technologist at Technorati where he leads the design and development of new standards and technologies. Prior to Technorati, he was a veteran representative to the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) for Microsoft, where he also helped lead the development of the award-winning Internet Explorer for Macintosh.

As co-founder of the microformats.org community and the Global Multimedia Protocols Group, as well as Steering Committee member of the Web Standards Project and invited expert to the W3C Cascading Style Sheets working group, Tantek is dedicated to advancing open standards and simpler data formats for the Web. He shares his thoughts on his personal weblog.

Tom Armitage
Tom Armitage is Online Production Editor for the New Statesman magazine. When not doing that, he is a writer and journalist, and spends far too much of his spare time tinkering with web-related technologies. He is, of course, a very keen videogamer.

Charles Armstrong
Charles Armstrong is a social anthropologist turned technology entrepreneur. He studied Social and Political Science at St. John's College Cambridge, is a Fellow of the School for Social Entrepreneurs and was mentored by the late great sociologist Lord Young of Dartington. After living on an a small Atlantic island for a year Charles invented a new social filtering technique and formed Trampoline Systems; whose clients now include Channel 4 Television and the UK Government.
Maribeth Back
Maribeth Back is a technology researcher, designer, and inventor. As a senior research scientist at Xerox PARC, she built research probes for new technologies. Her work in ubiquitous computing has included experimental devices for assisted and general reading; multimodal information displays; and collaborative instruments for collection and interpretation of very large data sets. Back completed her doctorate on the semantics of audio design in media at Harvard's Graduate School of Design in May 1996.

Kris Barton
Kris Barton is the Product Unit Manager of Live.com and gadget development.  Prior to this role, Kris played key roles in several other teams at Microsoft including the MSN Portals team responsible for MSN’s worldwide entry points (msn.com, my.msn.com, MSN Today and Hotmail Login) and the Macintosh Business Unit working on Mac Office.  Prior to Microsoft, Kris was a veteran of the technology industry including web start ups and established firms like, Novell.  .
Artur Bergman
Artur Bergman spends most of the time achieving the impossible. He has co-founded four companies ranging from Internet based stock exchanges to content management system solutions. In the open source world, he is mostly involved in Perl 5 development process where he led the development and stabilization of the threading system for the Perl 5.8 release.
Scott Berkun
Scott Berkun is a product design consultant. He worked at Microsoft from 1994–2003, with stints as usability engineer, UI program manager for Internet Explorer, design evangelist for Microsoft's engineering excellence group, and lead UI program manager for Windows and MSN. He created the Interactionary Design competition, seen at CHI 2000, 2001, and 2003. Berkun writes about design and usability at scottberkun.com, and is the author of the bestselling The Art of Project Management (O'Reilly 2005).

Julian Bleecker
Julian Bleecker is a professor at USC's Interactive Media Division. He is director of the Mobile and Pervasive Lab, a near-future think tank and research and development lab where he is working on new architectures for disconnected, motility, and proximity-based networks.

Eric Bonabeau, Ph.D.
Eric Bonabeau is the founder and chief scientist of Icosystem Corporation, a Boston-based “idea incubator” that uses computational evolution to invent novel business models, design new products and create new strategies. Before Icosystem he was the CEO of Eurobios and has been a research director for France Telecom R&D, an R&D engineer at Cadence Design Systems, and the Interval Research Fellow at the Santa Fe Institute. He is the author of three books, over one hundred science articles, and is co-editor-in-chief of Advances in Complex Systems and of ACM Transactions in Adaptive Autonomous Systems. A graduate of Ecole Polytechnique and of Ecole Nationale Supérieure des Télécommunications in Paris, he earned a Ph.D. in theoretical physics from the University of Paris at Orsay.

Carsten Bormann
Carsten Bormann, Honorarprofessor for Internet technology at the Universität Bremen and Visiting Professor at the Design department of the Universität der Künste in Berlin (Institute of Electronic Business), is a protocol designer by heart, a standardization geek by necessity, and an author of the first German-language book on AJAX.

Danah Boyd
Danah Boyd is a Ph.D. student in the School of Information at Berkeley and a social researcher at Yahoo! Research Berkeley where she studies how people negotiate presentations of self in mediated social contexts to unknown audiences. Buzzwords include: identity, culture, social networks, Friendster, blogging, performance, Web 2.0, interactive visualization, tagging.

Hans Peter Brøndmo
Hans Peter has spent his career at the intersection of technology innovation and empowering consumers. He is a successful serial entrepreneur who is at it again. Plum, his latest company, has ambitious plans to make the web more read-writable by making it one-click easy for people to collect, share and connect the things that matter to them. Hans Peter’s last venture was Post Communications, a pioneering email marketing company he founded in 1996, acquired by Netcentives in 2000. Before that he co-founded DiVA, an award winning developer of consumer video editing software, acquired by Avid Technology in 1993. In the mid 80's Brøndmo was a co-founder of an expert systems firm funded by Apple. He has also worked at Apple Computer, McKinsey and Company and at CERN (the center for European Nuclear Research).
Paul Bragiel
Paul Bragiel is the co-founder and chief executive of Meetroduction, the company behind the location based instant messenger Meetro. In addition to his duties as CEO, he's the owner of Paragon Five, a game development studio specializing in console and mobile content. His interests include projects that involve travel, fashion, entertainment, and technologies that encourage communication and networking. He lectures semi-regularly at gaming conferences and universities, has had television exposure in at least five countries and is the author of a chapter in Game Programming Gems 4.

Outside of work, he has toured Russia by train (starting in Siberia) and the United States by bicycle (riding over 5,000 km). He likes to surround himself with people from various backgrounds especially those with a "jack of all trades" streak in them. Besides that, he aspires to drive a taxi and work at a hot dog stand in New York when retired.

Tim Bray
Tim Bray managed the Oxford English Dictionary project at the University of Waterloo in 1987-1989, co-founded Open Text Corporation (Nasdaq:OTEX), launched one of the first public web search engines in 1995, co-invented XML 1.0 and co-edited "Namespaces in XML", founded Antarctica Systems (antarctica.net), and served as a Tim Berners-Lee appointee on the W3C Technical Architecture Group (http://www.w3.org/2001/tag) in 2002-2004. Currently, he serves as Director of Web Technologies at Sun Microsystems, publishes a popular weblog tbray.org, and co-chairs the IETF AtomPub Working Group.

Lee Bryant
Lee Bryant has been playing with words and computers since the age of ten. Since 1996, he has run consultancies specializing in online communities and social software. He is a co-founder of Headshift, and board member of several social enterprises in the UK specializing in public participation.

L. F. (Felipe) Cabrera, Ph.D.
Felipe Cabrera is the Vice President of Software Development for Amazon Web Services. He draws on more than 20 years of experience in the software industry to help Amazon identify and expose technology and data that enables external software and Web developers to innovate and build businesses on their own.

Jay Campbell
Jay Campbell is Director of Santa Cruz Tech, a technology incubator that has spawned projects like RSS-to-SMS gateway FeedBeep, distributed workforce division von Kempelen, and data mining experiment/blogging game BlogShares. Jay is also publisher/technologist of online newspapers The Agonist and Bayosphere, and founder/president of Got.net, Santa Cruz County's largest business services ISP.
Shawn Carnell
Shawn Carnell is a System Architect at AOL, where he designs web technology solutions.  Shawn is coauthor of AOL's ModuleT Microformat and a leader in promoting microformats and web standards for making AOL products open and reusable.  His work includes massively scaled systems and open web services.  Shawn has a MS in Computer Science from the University of Virginia.   Before AOL, Shawn worked at Visix on both the Galaxy cross platform toolkit and the Vibe Java IDE.
Ben Cerveny
Ben Cerveny is a director of the Playground Foundation, a European framework for experimental new media design research. Previously, he was founder of the Experience Design Lab at frogdesign, an international product design company. He was also a lead game designer and platform development strategist at Ludicorp.

Mike Chambers
Mike Chambers is Macromedia's Flash Community Manager and an experienced application developer integrating Macromedia Flash with server side technologies. He has worked extensively with ASP, JSP, PHP, Java and ColdFusion. Recently, Mike has been focusing on server integration with Macromedia Flash and Macromedia Flash Remoting, as well as developing Macromedia Flash applications for devices. Mike is co-author of "Flash Enabled: Flash Design and Development for Devices" and "Generator and Flash Demystified".
Tom Coates
Tom Coates is a leading social software practitioner and early weblogger interested in the shape of the web to come and how to make neat stuff that thrives in it. He's just started looking after a London splinter cell of Yahoo's Tech Development group after two years of running a small R&D team for the BBC exploring future media navigation, annotation and distribution. He's also worked for many of the UKs most prominent web companies including Time Out and UpMyStreet where he developed the geo-coded community UpMyStreet Conversations. He writes a bunch of stuff at http://plasticbag.org and looks after an experimental online community at barbelith.com.
Matt Cottam
Speaker biography currently unavailable.
Ross Dargahi
Ross is co-founder of and VP of Engineering at Zimbra. Previously, Ross was Director of Engineering and Director of Product Management with the Messaging Products Group at Openwave Systems. At Openwave, Ross built and led the engineering team that designed and architected large-scale messaging subsystems, and was responsible for unified messaging, multimedia messaging (MMS), and voicemail.
Brian Dear
Brian Dear is founder and CEO of EVDB, Inc. in San Diego, CA. Prior to EVDB, he was founding director of eBay Design Labs at eBay, Inc. Other engagements include work at Eazel, MP3.com, FlatWorks, RealNetworks, and Coconut Computing. He also runs a personal blog at brianstorms.com.

Regine Debatty
Régine Debatty is a journalist, blogger, and consultant specialized in the connections between art and technology.

Bart Decrem
Bart Decrem is founder and CEO of Flock, the social web browsing company. He headed marketing and business affairs for Mozilla through the Firefox 1.0 launch. An open source leader, Decrem coordinated the creation of the GNOME Foundation and has worked at several Linux companies in the U.S. and abroad.

Rael Dornfest
Rael Dornfest is Chief Technology Officer at O'Reilly Media, Inc. He assesses, experiments, programs, fiddles, fidgets, and writes for O'Reilly, the O'Reilly Network and various O'Reilly publications. Dornfest is Program Chair for the O'Reilly Emerging Technology Conference. He is also Series Editor of the O'Reilly Hacks series and has edited, contributed to, and coauthored various O'Reilly books, including: Mac OS X Panther Hacks, Mac OS X Hacks, Google Hacks, Essential Blogging, and Peer to Peer: Harnessing the Power of Disruptive Technologies. In his copious free time, Dornfest develops bits and bobs of freeware, particularly the Blosxom weblog application and (more often than not) maintains his Raelity Bytes weblog.
George Dyson
George Dyson is a boat designer, writer, and historian of technology whose interests have ranged from the development and redevelopment of the Aleut kayak (Baidarka, 1986) to the evolution of digital computing and telecommunications (Darwin Among the Machines, 1997) and, most recently, nuclear bomb-propelled space exploration (Project Orion, 2002).
Salman Farmanfarmaian
Salman is founder of eVokeTV. He is also a principal at SCP Partners, a venture fund based in Wayne, PA. He received his B.A. in Computer Science from Harvard University and his M.B.A. from the University of Chicago.
Peter Ferne
Peter is an eclectic and restless software developer and social entrepreneur with a keen interest in the social aspects of technology.

He agrees with Alfred North Whitehead who said: "Operations of thought are like cavalry charges in battle; they are strictly limited in number, they require fresh horses, and must only be made at decisive moments."

He is currently resting his horses in Bristol.

Steve Gillmor
Steve Gillmor is a ZDNet contributing editor, a Release 1.0 contributing writer, and host of the weekly web radio program The Gillmor Gang. He is also the president of the non-profit Attention Trust.

Michael H. Goldhaber
Michael H. Goldhaber is a (recovering?) world-class procrastinator, who has been working on and off on abook on the Attention Economy since the early 90’s. He is a theoretical physicist by training, author of Reinventing Technology, occasional university teacher (“The World Of The Visual In Science And Art,” “The Nature Of The Self,” “The Social Construction of Reality vs. Scientific Realism” ) consultant, writer (recent articles include “The Mentality of homo interneticus” and “Maps and Modern War”, columnist (telepolis), abstract painter, etc.
Seth Goldstein
Seth invents visionary businesses. In 1995, Seth founded SiteSpecific, one of the first Internet advertising agencies; in 2002, Seth founded Majestic Research, the leading independent research firm on Wall Street. Seth was also the first Entrepreneur in Residence at Flatiron Partners, a New York-based technology venture capital firm. Since 1999, Seth has been a Director and member of the Audit Committee for Valassis (NYSE:VCI), a $2 billion marketing services firm. Seth is an active investor and advisor to early-stage companies, including social bookmarking site del.icio.us, and recently completed a blog series on Media Futures – at majestic.typepad.com.
Michael Gough
Michael Gough is Adobe's Vice President, Experience Design. He is also the leader of Macromedia's Experience Design Team (XD), an internal design practice focusing on the next generation of digitally enabled experiences. A longtime advocate for quality in all digital experiences, Michael has been pushing the digital envelope for years.
Yoz Grahame
Yoz Grahame is the Developer Advocate for Ning, a role that combines writing, coding, developer relations, and excited squeaking. In the past he's been involved in several renegade e-democracy services in the UK such as FaxYourMP.com and TheyWorkForYou.com, as well as commercial projects related to the works of Douglas Adams.

Joe Gregorio
Joe Gregorio is a software engineer, member of the AtomPub Workgroup and editor of the Atom Publishing Protocol. He has a deep interest in web technologies, writing "The RESTFul Web" column for the online O'Reilly publication XML.com, writing the first desktop aggregator written in C#, and publishing various Python modules to help in putting together RESTful web services.
Adam Gross
Adam Gross is a Vice President of Developer Marketing at salesforce.com, where he focuses on helping businesses and ISVs create new on demand applications for the company's AppExchange platform and directory. Before salesforce.com, Adam led product marketing for Grand Central, where he helped create one of the first companies in the Web services space. Adam also co-founded Personify, a San Francisco-based CRM software company, which focused on analytics and personalization, and served as a technology analyst in Stanford Research Institute's Media Futures Program. Adam holds a B.S. in New Media Systems and Policy from Carnegie Mellon University.
Jeff Han
Jeff Han is a consulting research scientist at NYU's Department of Computer Science. When he's not working on autonomous robot navigation for DARPA, he directs his own research in the fields of real-time computer graphics, real-time computer vision, user interface technologies, and machine learning. He has been treating video as a primary datatype since the days of developing CU-SeeMe, and has had his research published and showcased at such venues as SIGGRAPH, UIST, and Ars Electronica.
Dick Hardt
A pioneer in the internet sector and open source software community, Dick Hardt has been active in software development for nearly two decades. His most recent venture, Sxip Identity, provides enterprise identity management solutions for on-demand applications that leverage the power of Identity 2.0.

Eric Hayes
Eric is a software pioneer with 20 years experience in software architecture, design, engineering and technical team leadership. His innovative work in RSS networks, clustered server architecture, user experience, AttentionStreams and scaled analytics is at the foundation of new standards and technologies developed by Attensa.
Cal Henderson
Cal Henderson has been a web applications developer for far too long and should really start looking for a serious job. Originally from London, he currently works at Yahoo! Inc as the architect and development lead for Flickr. He formed part of the original Flickr team at Ludicorp in Vancouver, Canada. Before Flickr, he was the technical director of Special Web Projects at Emap, a UK media company. Outside of Flickr, he contributes to several open source projects and writes occasional articles about web application development and security.
David Hornik
Hornik joined August Capital in 2000. He invests broadly in information technology companies, with a focus on enterprise application and infrastructure software and consumer facing software and services. Prior to joining August Capital, Hornik was an intellectual property and corporate attorney at Venture Law Group, Cravath Swaine & Moore, and Perkins Coie LLP. In his legal practice, Hornik represented high tech startups in all aspects of their formation, financing and operations, including Yahoo!, When.com (AOL), Sonique (Terra Lycos), Pure Payments (Excite@Home), BuyDirect (Beyond.com) and Ofoto (Kodak).
Bradley Horowitz
Bradley Horowitz, head of technology development, is responsible for leading Yahoo!’s efforts in building innovative search technologies. Bradley’s expertise helps drive initiatives that enable the company to provide comprehensive and compelling offerings to customers. Previously he managed a portfolio of products for Yahoo!, including media search, desktop search and the Yahoo! Toolbar.
Mark Hurst
Widely credited for popularizing "customer experience" online, Mark Hurst has worked since the birth of the Web to make Internet technology easier to use. In 2002, Hurst was named "one of the 1,000 most creative individuals in the U.S." in Richard Saul Wurman's book 1,000. InfoWorld magazine named Hurst Netrepreneur of the Year in 1999.

Mark Hurst is the founder of the Gel conference (Good Experience Live), Creative Good, thisisbroken.com, unclemark.org, addyourown.com, Good Experience Games, goovite.com, gootodo.com, and for writing the e-mail management report that has been read by over 100,000 Internet users.

Previously, Hurst was director of product development at Yoyodyne, an early internet marketing firm founded by Seth Godin and later Yahoo!. Hurst began his internet career as a graduate researcher at the MIT Media Lab. He holds bachelor's and master's degrees in computer science from MIT.

Scott Isaacs
Scott Isaacs is an Architect on Windows Live™responsible for the web-client architecture and frameworks used across MSN and Windows Live properties as well as  Windows Live DHTML Gadgets. Scott is an internet veteran and during the mid to late 90’s authored the original DHTML specification and has been a key part of Microsoft’s  participation in W3C helping to define and drive many Internet standards.
Michael Jefferson
Michael Jefferson is a designer and producer of interactive and traditional media. He has a bachelor's degree in communications from the University of Massachusetts and is pursuing his masters at NYU's Interactive Telecommunications Program (ITP). His current area of interest is the exploration of alternate, multisensory interfaces for mobile devices. Michael's Site

Ian Kallen
Ian Kallen is Lead Systems and Software Architect at Technorati where he is responsible for application innovations. Specializing in application, infrastructure and content management technologies, his background of engineering and leadership positions with a range of technology startups include Covalent Technologies, Salon.com and Gamespot.com (C/Net). Ian is known to blog[1] has presented and conducted tutorials at numerous O'Reilly Open Source, ApacheCon and other technology conferences.
Denise Kalos
Denise Kalos is the Vice President of Human Resources and Learning Solutions, and a member of the Executive Team for O’Reilly Media, Inc. Previously, she sold HR outsourcing solutions to mid and large size organizations, was the Chief HR Officer and OD Practice Leader for C-Change, Inc. and was part of the executive team that brought AMB Properties Corporation “public” in 1997.
Tae-Jin (TJ) Kang
TJ Kang, ThinkFree CEO, worked throughout his life toward alternatives to the dominant status quo, providing solutions that reframe how we work and offer freedom to choose. PC World's top pick for web work sites, ThinkFree Office was developed from TJ's vision of creating an office productivity suite available to everyone at anytime, anywhere. With degrees in Cognitive Psychology and Computer Science from University of Toronto, TJ was profiled in Fortune Magazine, May 2000, and has published numerous books, essays, and articles on a variety of topics.
Niall Kennedy
Niall Kennedy is an independent consultant in San Francisco specializing in syndication, search, and community-driven media. He has designed and maintained feed services for the past 7 years in shopping search, investment search, and blog search verticals.

Niall lives and works in San Francisco, California where he drinks good coffee while planning the future of the interactive web.

Rohit Khare
Rohit Khare is the Director of CommerceNet Labs, which is investigating decentralized electronic commerce. Dr. Rohit Khare is an award-winning researcher in the fields of Internet protocols and decentralized systems. He founded KnowNow in 2000 and previously worked on Internet standards development at MCI's Internet Architecture Group and the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C). He founded 4K Associates and edited the World Wide Web Journal (W3J) for O'Reilly & Associates. He received his Ph.D. in Software Engineering from U.C. Irvine in 2003.

Richard Kilmer
Richard Kilmer is the founder of Virginia-based software and services company InfoEther, Inc.. His background includes peer-to-peer software, wireless web, workflow, and pen computing. His current projects make production use of Ruby on several DARPA research projects. He is an active member of the Ruby development community working on Alph, FreeRIDE, RubyGems, RubyJDWP, Jabber4R, and hosts RubyForge.org.
Amy Jo Kim
Amy Jo "AJ" Kim is an internationally known designer of networked games and gaming communities. Her clients include Electronic Arts, eBay, Limelife, Digital Chocolate, MTV, Square/Enix, and Yahoo! She's also the author of Community Building on the Web, a design handbook for networked communities.

Spencer Kiser
Spencer Kiser has a background in sound design and developing interactive audio devices and applications. He is currently working on his Master's degree at the Interactive Telecommunications Program at NYU, where he is concentrating on location-based audio and sound maps.
Michael Kuniavsky
Michael Kuniavsky was a founding partner of Adaptive Path, and has been making commercial web sites since 1994. His specialty is in-depth user experience research and his accomplishments include interface designs for the first successful ecommerce site and the award-winning HotBot search engine. He created the Wired User Experience Laboratory and served as its chief investigator for two years.

Julie Larson-Green
As manager of the Office User Experience team, Julie Larson-Green is responsible for the redesigned Microsoft® Office “12” user interface. She leads a multidisciplinary team in the development of the overall user model for the Office family of applications.
Vincent Lauria
Vincent Lauria recently joined the Meetro team to assist with product management of their location aware IM client. Prior to joining Meetro, Vincent was a consultant in IBM's Business Consulting Services, where he had the fortune to help shape how IBM was approaching social networking as an emerging and in some cases, disruptive technology. He spends much of his time following the trend of social software and its cultural impact on society. Outside of work, he has taken on a number of adventures, including live webcamming a tour of the southern United States, backpacking a summer across Europe, and taking the helm of an open cockpit biplane.
Robert M. Lefkowitz
r0ml is an software architect and systems designer with over thirty years of experience. For two decades, r0ml worked on Wall Street, developing market data, trading, risk management, and quantitative analysis systems. More recently, as chief technical architect at AT&T Wireless, he drove the improvement of their CRM, ERP, commission, and data warehousing systems. Over the last several years, r0ml has become increasingly interested in open source software strategy at large enterprises, and is a frequent speaker on the topic.
Noam Lovinsky
Noam Lovinsky is the Co-Founder of Skobee--where he is often referred to as the product dude. Prior to Skobee, Noam was a Senior Product Manager at Plumtree Software (acquired by BEA), responsible for Plumtree's Collaboration Server and enterprise document management applications.
Eric Lunt
Eric is cofounder and CTO of FeedBurner, the market-leading feed management provider. Eric's most recent experience was as Vice President of Development for 724 Solutions, leading architectural responsibilities for their alerts and messaging products, including the launch of their MMS services offering. He co-founded and served as CTO at Spyonit.com (which was acquired by 724 Solutions in 2000), served as lead technical architect at Digital Knowledge Assets (creators of the collaborative personal publishing software "sceneServer"), and helped to lead the application architecture team in Accenture's next generation technology group known as "Project Eagle."

Kevin Lynch
As senior vice president and chief software architect, Kevin Lynch leads Adobe's Platform Business Unit, which is focused on advancing the company's software platform for the creation and delivery of engaging applications and content to any desktop or device. Lynch is responsible for the company's ubiquitous Portable Document Format (PDF), Adobe Reader, and Macromedia Flash Player, as well as alignment of Adobe's servers and tools with the company's technology platform.

Kevin Marks
Speaker biography currently unavailable.
Paul J. Martino
Paul is the CEO and CTO of Aggregate Knowledge, providers of a behaviorally based content recommendation web service. His new company leverages user attention and the resulting wisdom of crowds to produce high quality recommendations for a variety of content types. Paul is a serial entrepreneur who was the founding CTO of Tribe.net and founding CEO of Ahpah Software, a Java security company.
Jane McGonigal
Jane McGonigal is an award-winning pervasive game designer for 42 Entertainment and a pioneer of the alternate reality genre. She is best known for her work as a lead designer for I Love Bees, recipient of 2004 awards from the International Game Developers Association, the International Academy for Digital Arts and Sciences, and a New York Times' Year in Review notable. She is also a games researcher at UC Berkeley, where her work focuses on systems for massively collaborative play.
Jeffrey McManus
Jeffrey McManus leads the Yahoo! Developer Network, which helps third-party developers integrate their Web sites and software applications with Yahoo!. Before that he managed developer community and Web services evangelism at a number of companies, including eBay. He spent more than 15 years as a software developer and mentor to software development teams around the world, and is the author or co-author of six books on software development. He resides in San Francisco.
John Merrells
John Merrells is responsible for SXIP 2.0 development, standardization and adoption. Prior to joining Sxip, John founded Parthenon Computing Ltd and Embrace Mobile Ltd in Oxford, England. Previously he founded the Berkeley DB XML open source project within Sleepycat Software. Prior to Sleepycat, John was an architect of the Netscape Directory Server, which has subsequently been adopted by Sun, AOL, RedHat, and HP as the foundation for their identity management systems. John holds a B.A. in Computer Science from Hertfordshire University.
Adam Messinger
Adam Messinger most recently served as an architect on the WebLogic server product working on clustering technology and JVM integration at BEA. During his long tenure on the WebLogic team, Adam variously lead development of the Servlet, EJB, and Web Services containers. Prior to WebLogic, Adam was Director of Engineering at Organic, an early web professional services firm, where he lead the development of a number of early web sites. Before that, Adam performed complex systems research at the Santa Fe Institute. Adam is the inventor of more than a dozen granted or pending patents. Adam earned BS degrees in Physics and Computer Science from Willamette University.
Mark Middleton
Mark is a software entrepreneur who, recognising the declining relevance and undeserved influence of mass media and public institutions on the web, founded Hanzo to provide the means to preserve it ourselves, archiving for the true participants.

He has previously been CTO of a number of tech companies and most recently lead the British Library Web Archiving Programme, including archiving operations in the UK, standards and reference implementations for advanced web archiving systems. He was a member of the programme committee of the International Web Archiving Workshop 2005.

Michal Migurski
Michal Migurski is the technology lead of Stamen Design, a boutique design and application development firm in San Francisco. With Stamen, Migurski has helped create a body of data visualization and interactive work for clients such as MoveOn, BMW, the University of Southern California, and others. Stamen is actively engaged in visual exploration of web services, and is responsible for experimental projects such as Mappr and In The News. Migurski has been working with maps in interactive web-based applications since 2001. He is a graduate of UC Berkeley's Cognitive Science program.

Felix Miller
Felix is co-founder and CEO of Last.fm. Felix has a background in thinking about and building online music platforms. With fellow Last.fm co-founder Martin Stiksel he founded insine.net in 2000 a netlabel for unsigned electronic artists. This led to the inception of Last.fm in 2002 and the firm belief that no one should ever have to listen to the wrong music again and all artists should have the same chance to be heard. In 2003 Last.fm joined forces with Richard Jones and his Audioscrobbler completing the current management team.
Peter Morville
Peter Morville is widely recognized as a founding father of information architecture. He co-authored the bestselling book Information Architecture for the World Wide Web, and has consulted with such organizations as Harvard, IBM, Microsoft, and Yahoo!.

Morville is president of Semantic Studios, co-founder of the Information Architecture Institute, and a faculty member at the University of Michigan. His work has been featured in many publications including Business Week, The Economist, Fortune, and The Wall Street Journal. Morville's new book, Ambient Findability, was published by O'Reilly in 2005.

He blogs at findability.org.

Cory Ondrejka
As VP of product development, Cory Ondrejka leads the team developing "Second Life," Linden Lab's award-winning, user-created digital world. His team has created the revolutionary technologies required to enable collaborative, atomistic creation, including distributed physical simulation, 3D streaming, completely customizable avatars, and real-time, in-world editors.

Ray Ozzie
Ray Ozzie, the creator of IBM's Lotus Notes, is an industry visionary and pioneer in computer-supported cooperative work. As a chief technical officer of Microsoft Corp., Ozzie reports to Microsoft chairman and chief software architect Bill Gates. In this role, Ozzie has responsibility for influencing corporate communications and collaboration strategy, applications, and platform infrastructure.

Meredith Patterson
Meredith L. Patterson is a Ph.D. student in computer science at the University of Iowa. Her research focuses on the area where data mining and database engines intersect, though she also works with database security, bioinformatics, and formal language theory. She contributes to a variety of open source projects, including libdejector and KML. Her most recent project, developed as part of Google's Summer of Code, is Query by Example, an add-on for PostgreSQL which enables example-driven similarity searches.

Christopher Payne
Christopher Payne is corporate vice president of MSN Search at Microsoft Corp., focusing on delivering the best search experience for its customers and helping them find the information that is important to them whether it is online or on their PC. His previous role was vice president of MSN.com, where his team consisted of MSN Search, the MSN.com home page, MSN Autos, MSN Entertainment, MSNBC, Slate, and the MSN Channels properties.

Antony Pegg
Speaker biography currently unavailable.
Mark Pilgrim
Mark Pilgrim is an accessibility architect by day. By night, he is a husband and father who lives in North Carolina with his wife, his two sons, and his dog. He is the author of Dive Into Python and Greasemonkey Hacks. He spends his copious free time sunbathing, skydiving, and reading Immanuel Kant's The Critique of Pure Reason in the original Klingon.

Rufus Pollock
Rufus Pollock is director and co-founder of the Open Knowledge Foundation as well as being a member of Creative Commons UK and a country coordinator for the Foundation for a Free Information Infrastructure.

When he can find time outside of this he is studying for a Ph.D. in economics at Cambridge University focusing on innovation and intellectual property policy.

Derek Powazek
Derek Powazek has worked the Web since 1995. He's the author of Design for Community: The Art of Connecting Real People in Virtual Places, designed the Blogger "B", and is currently senior designer for Technorati. Powazek lives in San Francisco with his wife and a house full of plants named Fred.

CJ Rayhill
CJ Rayhill is the Chief Information Officer for O'Reilly Media. CJ spent the majority of her career doing software development and technology management in the financial services and healthcare industries prior to joining O'Reilly in 2000. She has worked for Electronic Data Systems (EDS), Citibank, Travelers Insurance Company, Zenith Insurance and a Workers' Compensation Clinic start-up company called U.S. Healthworks, so she is familiar with the technology challenges and issues facing small, medium and large-scale companies. She is a graduate of the United States Naval Academy, having attended Annapolis with the first-ever class of women. She also holds an MBA degree from the University of South Florida.
Wade W. Ren
Wade W. Ren, Ph.D., is the chairman and founder of Diigo, Inc., and a managing partner at Adaptive Capital Management, LLC. He has also been active as an angel investor in a number of high-tech startups in US and China, indulging in his passion of uncovering great investment opportunities and his interests in fostering innovative projects that create value and have positive societal impacts. In his previous life, he was on the faculty of the Department of Electrical Engineering and Computer Sciences, UC Berkeley.
Sam Ruby
Sam Ruby is a senior technical staff member in the Emerging Technologies group at IBM and is involved in a host of open source initiatives. He is a member of the board of directors and vice president of the Apache Software Foundation and a developer on the Apache Soap project. He is also the chairman of the Jakarta project.

Alex Russell
Speaker biography currently unavailable.
Sean Savage
Sean Savage founded PlaceSite, Inc. (PlaceSite.com), a digital community service by, for and about people who use Internet access together in the same physical place. He investigates questions of architecture, urban design and how designers might contribute to healthy communities and urban spaces.

He's the inventor of the term "flash mob," which is now listed in the Oxford English Dictionary and first appeared on his web site cheesebikini.com.

Sean has a Masters degree from Berkeley's School of Information Management & Systems. For the past two years he studied and designed location-based technology at U.C. Berkeley and, during the summer of 2004, at Intel Research Seattle. Sean has ten years of professional experience building online products as a project manager, interaction designer and strategist for a wide range of clients including four Fortune 500 corporations.

Frederick Savoye
Speaker biography currently unavailable.
Jason Schultz
Jason Schultz is a staff attorney specializing in intellectual property and reverse engineering. He currently leads EFF's Patent Busting Project. Prior to joining EFF, Schultz worked at the law firm of Fish & Richardson P.C., where he spent most of his time invalidating software patents and defending open source developers in law suits. He maintains a personal blog at lawgeek.net.

Bill Scott
Bill Scott is the Yahoo! Ajax Evangelist (part of the Yahoo! Ajax Evangelism Team) and a Design Manager for Yahoo!'s Design Pattern Library (part of User Experience). Bill works closely with teams throughout Yahoo! to spread the goodness of "rich and sane" design for Ajax solutions.

Before joining Yahoo! Bill co-founded Rico (openrico.org), an opensource Ajax framework while also founding a User Experience Team, architecting a JSP/Struts Web framework and a Java Swing framework for Sabre.

Clay Shirky
Clay Shirky teaches at NYU's graduate Interactive Telecommunications Program. He writes and consults on the social and economic effects of the Internet, concentrating particularly on the decentralization of applications (peer-to-peer architectures and programmatic interfaces) and on the current explosion in social software.
Kathy Sierra
Kathy Sierra is the author of Creating Passionate Users, and has been interested in the brain and artificial intelligence since her days as a game developer (Virgin, Amblin', MGM). She is the co-creator of the bestselling brain-friendly Head First series (winner of the Jolt Software Development award in 2004).

David L. Sifry
David is a serial entrepreneur with over 19 years of software development and industry experience. Before founding Technorati, Dave was cofounder and CTO of Sputnick, a Wi-Fi gateway company, and previously, he was cofounder of Linuxcare, where he served as CTO and VP of Engineering. Dave also served as a founding member of the board of Linux International and on the technical advisory board of the National Cybercrime Training Partnership for law enforcement nctp.org . He has a Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science from Johns Hopkins University. Dave can often be found speaking on panels and giving lectures on a variety of technology issues, ranging from wireless spectrum policy and Wi-Fi, to Weblogs and Open Source software. Dave’s blog is Sifry's Alerts
David Sklar
David Sklar is a software architect at Ning and the author of Learning PHP 5 (O'Reilly), Essential PHP Tools (Apress), and PHP Cookbook (O'Reilly).

Rod Smith
Rod Smith is an IBM fellow and vice president of Internet Emerging Technology, Software Group. He is a recognized technical leader, both within IBM's software business, as well as across the industry. His team's technological innovations and cross-industry collaborations have enabled the rapid adoption of technologies such as web services, XML, Linux, J2EE, next generation rich user collaboration technology, and wireless applications.

Tom Snyder
Tom Snyder is President and Founder of iNetOffice, Inc., makers of iNetWord. Tom spent the first ten years of his career at Microsoft as a Software Design Engineer. There he worked on Internet Explorer, Publisher, Windows NT, Windows Help, and way back in 1987 designed and wrote the global register allocator for their C 6.0 compiler. That compiler targeted the 286 (egad!) which quickly imbued Tom with an appreciation for code efficiency. Tom holds a B.S. in Computer Science from the University of Washington.
Joel Spolsky
Joel Spolsky, of Joel on Software blog fame, founded Fog Creek Software, a New York City-based software company that develops software tools for programmers. They make FogBugz, a Jolt-Award winning project tracking application, and Fog Creek Copilot, the easiest way to provide remote assistance over the internet.
Paul Steckler
Speaker biography currently unavailable.
Ray Stephenson
Ray Stephenson is a Senior Director of Technical Development at SMS.ac, the largest community of mobile phone users in the world.  Ray leads a team dedicated to creating a groundswell of development activity for applications that reach out to users wherever they are - on their mobile phone and on the web.  Prior to SMS.ac, Ray led developer evangelism efforts at Microsoft for Visual C++, Smart Clients, and Microsoft Office.  From a social network perspective, Ray is only 2 degrees of separation away from every other speaker here - do we all work at the same global company?
Bruce Sterling
Bruce Sterling is the author of several science fiction novels including Involution Ocean, The Artificial Kid, Schismatrix, Islands in the Net, and Heavy Weather. He edited the collection Mirrorshades, the definitive document of the cyberpunk movement, and co-authored the novel The Difference Engine with William Gibson. He also writes a critical column for Science Fiction Eye and a popular-science column for The Magazine of Fantasy and Science Fiction.

His non-fiction book, The Hacker Crackdown, describes the law enforcement and computer-crime activities that led to the start of the Electronic Frontier Foundation in 1990.

Linda Stone
Linda Stone is passionate about the role technology can play in enhancing our lives. In 1986 she was persuaded to join Apple Computer to help "change the world." In her 7 years at Apple she had the opportunity to do pioneering work in multimedia hardware, software, and publishing, and to work on special projects with Chairman and CEO, John Sculley.

In 1993, Stone joined Microsoft Research under Nathan Myhrvold. She co-founded and directed the Virtual Worlds Group/Social Computing Group, and with her team, researched online social life and virtual communities. In 2000, CEO Steve Ballmer tapped Stone to take on a VP role, reporting to him. She initiated and worked with acquisitions, the World Economic Forum, and started the Microsoft Visiting Speaker Series. Stone retired from Microsoft in 2002, to work on a variety of writing and creative projects. "Continuous partial attention" is a phrase she coined in 1998.

David Temkin
David Temkin is Chief Technology Officer of Laszlo Systems. In this role, he has positioned the company to become the next technology standard for rich Internet applications. Under his direction, Laszlo developed its patent-pending open-source product suite and extended operations to both coasts of the United States. Before founding Laszlo, Temkin was senior director of Engineering at Excite@Home where he led a team of 55 engineers, designers and technical writers responsible for developing the company's consumer software. Prior to Excite@Home, Temkin was an engineering manager in the Newton division at Apple Computer and developed enterprise software at EDS. He graduated from Brown University with a double major in Computer Science and History, and is named on four software patents.
Adam Trachtenberg
Adam Trachtenberg is the Senior Manager of Platform Evangelism at eBay, where he preaches the gospel of the eBay platform to developers and businessmen around the globe. Before eBay, Trachtenberg co-founded and served as vice president for development at two companies, Student.Com and TVGrid.Com. At both firms, he led the front- and middle-end web site design and development. Trachtenberg began using PHP in 1997, and is the author of Upgrading to PHP 5 and coauthor of PHP Cookbook, both published by O'Reilly Media. He lives in San Francisco, California, and has a B.A. and M.B.A. from Columbia University.
You Mon Tsang
You Mon Tsang is a 14-year veteran in the software industry. He is the CEO and Founder of Boxxet and Chairman and Founder of Biz360.

His latest startup, Boxxet, is his fourth and the third that he started. Prior to Boxxet, You Mon founded Biz360, a market intelligence and analytics that was first in automated the compilation and analysis of media content for large Fortune 500 companies (including Our clients include AstraZeneca, Harley-Davidson Motor Company, PacifiCare Health Systems, Sun Microsystems, Verizon Services Group and Xerox). You Mon raised $20M in venture funding as Biz360's CEO.

Liz Turner
Liz Turner is an information designer and illustrator specializing in graphical interfaces for web-based applications. Her clients include W3C's SWAD-Europe project, and her illustrations and info-graphics have appeared in Mute magazine. Her lifelong fascination with art and technology culminated with the completion in 2005 of an MA in European Media at the Utrecht School of the Arts.

Jon Udell
Jon Udell is an author, information architect, software developer, and groupware evangelist. He has been an independent consultant, was BYTE magazine's editor-at-large, executive editor, and web maven, and once upon a time was a developer at Lotus. In June 2002 he joined InfoWorld as lead analyst, author of the weekly Strategic Developer column, and blogger-in-chief. He also writes a monthly column for the O'Reilly Network.

Jo Walsh
Jo Walsh is a software artist often living in London. She builds different open source software projects helping to augment the semantic web and machine-readable metadata in general. She is the co-author of Mapping Hacks and a self-appointed organizer of the World Summit on Free Information Infrastructures.

Matt Webb
Matt Webb is co-author of Mind Hacks, cognitive psychology for a general audience. He has worked in R&D at BBC Radio & Music Interactive, and spoken about polite social software and small groups in the shape of Glancing at the ETech 2004. At Schulze & Webb, he engineers, designs, and hacks technology and physical things. Webb is based in London, and has a homepage.

Betsy Weber
Betsy Weber is Chief Evangelist at Okemos-based TechSmith Corporation. With nearly a decade of experience in corporate training and product management, she has worked on both the development and customer service side of delivering business applications. In her current role, Betsy heads up the company’s highly acclaimed evangelism program where she collaborates with customers, industry experts, and technologists all over the world.
Chris White
Chris White wants to sell you a car—in about 10 years. As communications director of the California Fuel Cell Partnership, she educates thousands of people about a transportation future. Once an IBM spokesperson for new technology, Chris’ passion for “what’s next” is contagious. She sees a bright future for vehicles that can reduce greenhouse gas emissions and our dependency on oil—and have plenty of power for all the latest electronics.
Simon Willison
Speaker biography currently unavailable.
Steve Yen
Steve Yen is a serial entrepreneur and tech jockey whose career includes co-founding Escalate Software (enterprise software for huge retailers) and co-founding KIVA Software (one of the first web app servers). His recent hobby of hacking browser-side code has led to his latest venture, a new open source "weboffice" service at TrimPath (trimpath.com).

Mimi Yin
Mimi Yin is the interaction designer on the Chandler project, an inter-personal information manager being developed by the Open Source Applications Foundation OSAF.

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