Time Fireside D Fireside B Fireside C
- HTML5: All about Web Forms by Estelle Weyl HTML5 and microformats 2 - the next evolutionary step for web data by Tantek Çelik Graphics and Animation Effects with CSS3 3D, jQuery, and WebGL by Oswald Campesato
- Lean Tech Stack: Engineering Nimble Experiences with the Open Web by Bill Scott Surf a GB with Glenda's Thumb by Glenda Watson Hyatt Building Offline Web Applications with ApplicationCache by Peter Lubbers
- Realizing "One Web" -- or, Why I Hate Mobile. by Kimberly Blessing Turning the Web up to 11 by Chris Wilson Automate ALL THE THINGS by Kitt Hodsden
- Lunch Break
- Pragmatic Performance with Third-Party JavaScript by Ben Ward Getting Your CSS Under Control by Jonathan Snook HTML5 Security Isn't by Molly Holzschlag
- Making your web dev life easier using SASS, Compass and the new tools around them by Dirk Ginader LinkedGov: RDF HTTP XML URI REST GOV OMG by Hadley Beeman Unhiding The Truth Behind Hiding Content for Screen Reader Users by Victor Tsaran
- A Deeper Look at the Enyo JavaScript Framework by Dave Freeman Accessibility is Broken – A Game Changing Perspective by Glenda Sims Leaving Flatland: Getting Started with WebGL by Luz Caballero