1. Social Network Portability

    Tantek Çelik
    dConstruct08Brighton Dome2008-09-05

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    Public Domain Dedication Public Domain

  3. What are microformats?

  4. Problem statement

  5. What continues to be the problem?

  6. What else continues to be a problem?

  7. Goal: user control over data

  8. Goal: easier for users

  9. Goal: easier for sites

  10. Building Block: profile information

  11. Building Block: profile equivalency

  12. Building Block: friends list

  13. Social Network Portability: How-To

  14. How To: hCard profiles

  15. How To: XFN rel="me" profile equivalency

  16. How To: hCard+XFN friends lists

  17. How To: separate friends page

  18. How To: paginated friends lists

  19. Social Network Portability publishing support

  20. sign up users

  21. hCard import subscribe to sign up users

  22. find friends

  23. find friends

  24. find friends across the web

  25. Social Network Portability incentives

  26. beware the anti-patterns!

  27. Social Network Portability non-goals, dangers

    1. Do not ask for other username/passwords
      • Gmail / Yahoo Mail etc. passwords
      • Teaches users bad habits - to be phished
    2. Don't spam users' address books
      • Quechup did this last year to great disdain
    3. Avoid violating user expectations -Adaptive Path
      • users expect signup email address is private
      • consolidating identities based on email bad
      • obvious: don't publish user's email
      • less obvious: don't publish a unique hash
      • hashes can be used to auto-consolidate
  28. Social Network Portability: what next

  29. Colophon

  30. Join the conversation: #microformats

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