Unofficial XOXO 2012 Directory

A last minute hack by Tantek Çelik and SimpleScott (aka Scott Thomas) on . Updated: .

Aaron LammerBrooklyn, NYlongform.orgI make @longform for your internets and ipads. Also, at times @andthelights . Shrimp-enthusiast.
Aaron PareckiPortland, ORaaronparecki.comCo-founder and CTO of @geoloqi . Creating my own reality.
Aaron Soloway
Adam LisagorLos Angeles, Californialonelysandwich.comProprietor of,, and
So many websites!
Adam MathesMountain View, CAadammathes.comvagabond library scientist
Adam SavageSan Francisco, CAI play a scientist on TV. Obsessive maker of things. Host of Mythbusters on
the Discovery Channel.
Adrian HolovatyChicagoholovaty.comWeb developer, Python programmer, founder of EveryBlock, cocreator of the
Django Web framework, poster of YouTube guitar videos.
Adrian SchaedleSalem, MAthe mall ·
Alex KawasSan Francisco, CAgossamr.orgpersonal data flow: neuroscience ⇌ bioengineering ⇌ product design ⇌ social
architecture → entrepreneur → party; Not work safe.
Alex KnightSeattle
Alex PatriquinCambridge, MA, your traffic grow. Also, helping build marketing and sales @customerio
Alexandra HernandezPortland,, OR
Alexandra Zwingli
Alexis AllenFremont, WAalexisallen.netfree and easy, gentle, gentle.
Alison HallettPortlandportlandmercury.comArts Editor @portlandmercury , Cat Fancier, URBAN ACCOMPLISHMENT MACHINE.
Alli DryerDallas, TXbadyewex.comStrategist at Bottle Rocket Apps. Recovering Architect. Cofounder of Meat
Soap. Enthusiast.
Amara Holstein
Amber CasePortland, ORcaseorganic.comObsessed with the future of the interface, location and mobile. TED
Speaker. Co-founder of @geoloqi , @cyborgcamp .
Amber CostleySan Franciscoambercostley.comCo-Founder of MLKSHK, designer at Findery, mom to the most awesome three
year old boy on earth.
Ami BaioPortland, Oregonheartshapedsky.wordpress.comvegan+yoga+mommy+travel+shopping+physical fitness
Andre TorrezSan Francisco, CAtorrez.orgI ♥ software, I ⚡ software. I make @mlkshk ,,, and
Andrei CervantesAustin, TXandreicervantes.comCopywriter
Andrew CattonSan to have my own company (Dabble DB) but now I work for the man.
Luckily, that man is Twitter.
Andrew DalgleishiPhone: 32.783546,-96.809442andrew.dalgleish.infoWeb Developer in Dallas TX.
Andrew HaoOakland, CAandrewhao.com90% Human, 10% Awesome
Andrew LovsethSeattleandrewlovseth.comFreelance web designer and front-end developer
Andrew SolmssenLos Angeles, CA, USAbitboy.comComputer Consulting & Comedy - Nerd Living for Fun and Profit
Andy BaioPortland, ORwaxy.orgI make web stuff. @waxy , @xoxo , @playfic , @supercutorg , Kind of Bloop, Wired columnist. Helped build @kickstarter . P.S. I love you.
Andy McMillanBelfast, Northern Irelandgoodonpaper.comPublisher of @themanual , organiser of @buildconf and co-organiser of @xoxo . Well, manager. We just say manager.
Anil DashNYCanildash.comI love NYC, tech & funk. You can see all the things I'm up to at or reach me at or 646 833-8659.
Anja LeeSan Francisco
Ann Larie ValentineSan Francisco ·
Ario JafarzadehSeattle, citizen who won't be disappointed. #MusicFiend #Texan #Persian #UX #Xoogler #Seattle #Amazonian #UW
Arlie AusichSan FranciscoLife's Simple Pleasures
Arne FismenOsloDriver @nordaaker , og lager @pingnorge med @matsbs .
Asha DornfestPortland, ORForehead-smackingly smart tips that help you simplify family life, save
money, and have fun. About Asha:
Ashley BirsicNew York City, NY
Aurora ThornhillBrooklyn, space hurricanes made of fucking lightening. I work for @kickstarter and am a huge fan of art, science and other nerd type things.
Austin HaasPortland, ORpettomato.comI make video games with my wife.
Austin PowellPortland, ORdailydot.comNews Editor @dailydot ; Music Supervisor for @chettripper ; Editor of @atxchronthology ; Regular Contributor to @austinchronicle
Avi BryantGaliano Islandavibryant.comDabble DB → Twitter → Etsy. Thinking big about small shops.
Axelle TessandierSan Franciscoaxelletess.tumblr.comtalker, thinker, reader, writer, greater, faster, better, former @gaffta Resident, @my_little_paris s SF Advisor, @scoopit s Evangelist. Cool Yogi
Barbara RutledgeSeattlePretty good, thanks.
Ben BrownAustin, TXilovebenbrown.comIt is by will alone I set my mind in motion.
Ben CervenyCaliforniabloom.ioa pattern moving through the biomass, refracting memes
Ben FirshmanLondon, UKfir.shLondon, UK ·
Ben MatasarPortland, ORblog.matasar.orgI make things @twitter
Ben PurdyPortland, ORbenpurdy.comcreative technologist in Portland, working freelance and interested in
collaboration with other creative individuals
Ben TeschPortland, ORbentesch.comCreative Director, @breakingnews . Formerly @msnbc and @mpr .
Ben WardSan Francisco, CAbenward.meWeb developer at @twitter . @microformats " admin. Rather likes food. Lives in San Francisco. Sporadically some other things. A bit of a whiner.¶Likes punctuation."
Ben WerdmullerBerkeley, CAbenwerd.comCTO at @latakoo , co-founder of @elgg , digital troublemaker. Also into social justice, food and adventure.
Benjamin LotanSan Franciscobenjaminlotan.comI run @socialps " ... Part critical performance art, part profit-driven tech startup. I tweet life, culture, tech nonsense, etc. etc."
Benton BarnettPortland, Oregonbentonbarnett.comI write software, I write music. Hello!
Bertrand FanSan Francisco, CAthatsaspicymeatball.comcalmer than you are
Bill CouchSan Francisco, CAwilliamcouch.comDesigner, photographer, cyclist. Front-end product engineer at Twitter.
Probably eating your leftovers.
Bill DeRoucheyWalnut Creek, CAbillder.comA designer in the trenches, solving interesting problems, ideally.
Bill LynchPortland, and a VP of Product Management at Jive Software. #socbiz
Blaine CookLondon, UKromeda.orgLondon, UK ·
Bob MasonBoston, things considered, I've had a very fortunate life. I hope to help
others find their own success.
Brad BarrishSanta Monica, CAwhatevernevermind.comMusic fanatic. Early adopter. Technologist. Futurist. Data Nrrrd. Topspin
employee. Kansan. Californian. 167th person on Twitter.
Brad EllisSan FranciscoDesigner for Pacific Helm in San Francisco. Former hand model.
Brady Forrestseattle, WA USAigniteshow.comIgnite, O'Reilly Radar, Where 2.0, Web 2.0 Expo
Brandon BohlingForest Grove, OR, USAbrandonbohling.comFather, Spouse, Employee, Son, Photo, Design, Web, Whatever Guy
Brandon ForantBrooklyn NYalchemy50.comA bloody asshole that tells bloody cock-tales.
bre pettisBrooklyn USAbrepettis.combre bre bre bre bre bre bre bre bre bre bre bre bre bre bre bre bre bre bre
bre bre bre bre bre bre bre bre bre bre bre bre bre bre bre bre bre bre bre
bre bre
Brennan NovakPortland, ORbrennannovak.comDreamer, designer, coder, emotional cartographer. Currently building @projectemoome
Brett CamperBrooklyn, NYvector.ioGames / maps / procedural stuff. I made and . I work at @kickstarter .
Brian EllinSan Franciscoadventure. platform @twitter . repeat.
Brian Faherty
Brian HefterPortland, OR, USAbrianhefter.comLover. Fighter. Developer @instrument .
Brian WhiteBay Area Manager in Google's Webspam team
Brian Whitmanco-founder and CTO of The Echo Nest, the nicest music technology company
Britta GustafsonIsla Vista, Californiajeweledplatypus.orgi work for cydia and sometimes i take photos of buildings. (this is a small twitter account mostly for people i know.)
Brooke ParrottPortland / Londontourbox.songkick.comMy name is @brookeparrott and I'm the Artist Ambassador here at @songkick ". This is where I'll be posting news about our artist tour date tools, Tourbox, & more!"
Bryan BirsicNew Yorkbryanbirsic.comPresident at SimpleReach - if you were online content, you'd want us bad.
Prefer deeper & fewer to widely strewn. Recovering rationalist. Husband.
Dog Dad.
Byrne ReeseSan Franciscotoytalk.comOakland ·
Cabel SasserPortland, Oregonpanic.comA businessmanish co-founder of Panic Inc, the one which makes the software
for Mac and iOS.
Cameron WaltersNear the Mission, SFsquareup.comInterweb enthusiast, home chef, co-creator of @domainr , lover of San Francisco, husband of @aprilini , founding team @square .
Casey KrubSeattleSeattle
Casey PughBrooklyncaseypugh.comI make things. Co-founder, @vhxtv . Creator, @starwarsuncut .
Caterina FakeSan Francisco & The Internetcaterina.netFounder, Findery. Cofounder of Flickr and Hunch
Celia RichardsEdinburgh, artist temporarily relocated to California. Loves: thread, paper,
textiles, origami, Doctor Who and tea. Currently working at Scottish Book
Chad DickersonBrooklyn, NYblog.chaddickerson.comCEO, Etsy
Chad Pugh11231thebigpugh.comI'm never doing anything I say I am. I make some @vhxtv and @starwarsuncut
Chad WhitacrePittsburgh, PA of Gittip. Call me at +1-412-925-4220, email me at
Chall FryPortland, OR
Charles Adlerbrooklyncharles-adler.comCo-Founder of and constant nomad; lived in NYC, SK, SF, ORD
and again NYC. I design, run, cycle, and love to hang with my family.
Chase ReevesPortland, ORicetothebrim.comMay get a bit over-excited. Designing stuff. |
Chip BrantleyAlabamachipbrantley.comTeach journalism @uofalabama . A founder of @discobirmingham . Author of The Perfect Fruit.
Chloe WeilPortland, ORchloeweil.comObsessed with boring people.
Chris AuelPortland, Oregonchrisauel.comJesus Follower, Husband, Father, Product Designer @urbanairship & Gamer
Chris ClarkPortland, ORkendale-drive.netI make stuff for the web. I also make beer.
Chris DaryNYCumbrae.netAPI Lead at @etsy . Formerly: CTO of @readability , Partner at Arc90, creator of @kindlingapp . I’m obsessed with ideas and technology as a tool for social change.
Chris HigginsPortland, ORchrishiggins.comWriter, This American Life contributor, Mental Floss contributor, Cloud
Four mobile web guy, iOS coder (Peekaboo Barn!), all-around nerd.
Chris LamotheBanff, Alaberta, Canadafurtivecode.comBackpacking is the art of knowing what not to take. - Sheridan Anderson
Chris MartinSan Francisco, CAroundhere.netI helped people share photos @flickr , then I helped people take photos @photojojo , now I'm building @recollecthq to help you remember everything. I ♥ kittens.
Chris McClellandBelfast, Northern Irelandeclipticlabs.comChief Attacker @eclipticlabs " — bringing gravity to the mobile space. We create exciting mobile apps. Check out " @performasports , Nocturnal & @fusionpublisher .
Chris MuccioliNew York, NYchristophermuccioli.comDesigner at @kickstarter . Music with @secretmountains .
Chris PooleFounder of 4chan and Canvas. Exploding knees.
Chris RivardPortland, is nothing you can see that is not a flower, there is nothing you can
think that is not the moon. Dad, athlete, designer.
Chris St. CroixNewfoundlandIT geek, Mac nerd, sneakerhead, layabout.
Chris SvajlenkaPortland, ORdevhax.comPortland, OR
Chris Thorpe
Christa MrganPortlandMy punchant for wordplay is a [sic]ness.
Christian MettsSeattle, WAmintchaos.comPhilomath, father, ponymonger, jaded.
Christian NewtonAustin, TXcnewton.comAustin, TX ·
Christian NilesSan Francisco, CAnerdyc.comMulti-talented designer and developer of mobile products. Also interested
in: food, language, dirty jokes, and @akrua , not in that order.
Christopher BownsSan Francisco,“I wish I was little bit taller, I wish I was a baller.”
Christopher ParettiSan Francisco, CAparetti.netHead of Design @ GREE • Sr. Lecturer @ CCA • Aka's: Game Designer, Hacker,
Artist, ITP Alumni.
Cindi Jo CheaneySan Francisco, CAoatv.comI am a full-time working professional at OATV, obsessed with thrift stores,
flea markets and garage sales. Taking the old and making it new again.
Claire OliphantPortland,
Claire RobertsonPacific Northwestloobylu.comI live on a little island in the Pacific North West - sometimes drawing and
Cody PetersonOmaha, Nebraskacodyjamespeterson.comWeb Designer/Developer. Co-Founder of Omahype. Drummer in Hers. Friend of
Colin MutchlerSan Franciscocolinmutchler.comWith the freedom of full self expression comes the full responsibility of
being active. Co-Founder of @loudsauce . Musician and poet.
Colin NederkoornNYCiamnotaprogrammer.comFounder and CEO at " - Email your users automatically based on how they use your app. Sailor, distance cyclist, photographer, new yorker."
Colin SaundersSan Francisco,
Colleen RomikePortland, Designer living and working in Portland, Oregon
Collin RuffenachPortland, ORMobile Engineer @simplify . I specialize in iOS. My opinions are my own.
Cooper McHattonSouthern Californiacooperdiem.comAll about geek culture. Nintendo's biggest fan and recent critic. Heart
Apple, Lego, tennis, and cupcakes. Currently interning for
Craig AllenPortland, ORAdvertising. Video games. Nachos. Etc.
Crystal BeasleyPortland, ORskinnywhitegirl.comMurdering passwords with Mozilla Persona.
dalas verdugoPortland, ORdalasverdugo.comHelped build \ Member of anarcho-electronic collective Rob
Walmart \ Doctor of Metaphysics \ Assume this is a work of fiction.
Damian Hess
Dan BenjaminAustin, TX5by5.tvFounder of . The way of the future.
Dan BrunoSomerville, MAdanbruno.netMusic, games, music games, game music.
Dan DrabikUnited States
Dan HarmonLos Angeles, CAdanharmon.commudmonster on shore leave
Dan HeidelSeattle, WA
Dan HonPortland, ORdanhon.comThe man your transmedia could smell like. I work at Wieden + Kennedy, I
live on the internet.
Dan MessingPortland, ORdantv.comPortland via Winnipeg. Panic via Stunt Software. I'm bonafide.
Dan ProvostNew York Citystudioneat.comDesigner. Co-Founder of Studio Neat.
Dan RibaudoVentura, CAloveemittingdiodes.blogspot.comProjection design // installation art // brooklyn // I design and implement
video production and lighting for events and fabulous parties in new york.
Dan WinemanPortland, ORvenomousporridge.comiOS/Mac developer at Karbon, and stuff. @gokarbon
Dana DuBoisSan Francisco, CA, USASan Francisco, CA, USA
dana myself up so you don't have to.
Daniel C. SilversteinSan Franciscojust.a.hack...
Daniel MillerDallas, TXdanielsjourney.comI like to make things on the web. Work @withextrasauce ". I also make and produce music and stories and blog at"
Danielle StrleNew York,
Daryn NakhudaSeattle, WAblog.daryn.netrode the roller coaster of starting and ending startups for many years. Now
wobbling around eating an Amazon corn dog.
Dave Rutledge98119woot.comSometimes I talk about Woot, Seattle, St. Louis, design, baseball, and
puzzles. For instance:
Dave SheaVancouvermezzoblue.comusing Twitter for me, not for you.
David Ayman ShammaSan Francisco, CAshamurai.comresearch scientist. media artist. instructions: place in direct sunlight,
water daily
David BeachSanta Cruz, CAitsbeach.comDirector of Product for eBay Mobile. Runner of Quagmire Records. Former
astronaut. Future cosmonaut. Now fighting cancer.
David Times deputy tech editor. Expect me.
David Kanaga
David MerrillSan Francisco, of @sifteo
David SmithPortland, ORmcbru.comCreative director, writer, husband, dad, skier, snowboarder, motorcyclist,
runner, beer processor, Portland lover
David WheelerPortland, OR, USAjustatheory.comPerl, PostgreSQL, iOS hacker; US politics junkie; Webapp developer;
Portvangelist; profane iconoclast.
dawn barbernycnyc
Dawn FosterPortland, ORfastwonderblog.comOpen Source Community Manager, Blogger, RSS Junkie and Tech Enthusiast.
Derek Dukes94107blog.derekdukes.comco-founder of jetpac, dipity, interested in technology, politics, food,
photography and travel
Derek PowazekSan Franciscopowazek.comEntrepreneuresque. Designerish. Writerly. Mostly harmless. Currently
working on @cutefight .
Devin ChalmersCentral Eastside Industrial Districtdoormouse.orgiPhone: 45.522884,-122.637377 ·
Diana KimballBostonblog.dianakimball.comA student at Harvard Business School & everywhere. Once a month or so, I
write a longer letter that I’d love to send to you:
Diane Brush
Dinah SandersSan Francisco, CA, USAmetagrrrl.comWriter. Productivity and happiness coach. Drinker of classic cocktails.
Pre-blogs blogger.
Doc ParsonsDublin, Irelandgiveadamndesign.comDesigner. Founder of @wearecrafthouse .
Dominick NovalNorthwest USAntense.ne1.netVisual media producer
Drew LewisPortland, ORNew Media Director @wundermanwest leading the charge in emerging media, creative and, of course, wizardry. Aspiring waffle connoisseur.
Duncan DavidsonPortland, OR, USAduncandavidson.comPhotographer, Author, Hacker, Traveller. Business Owner. I refuse to do
just one thing.
Eddie CodelSan Francisco, CAeddie.comVideo dork, live streaming producer/consultant, happy Californian, not
harmful to animals
Edwin TofslieHood River, Oregontofslie.comFounder of Tofslie Inc., a Creative Studio & Designer of @snapguide . Creative Direction, Design, Ideas, Jerky, Fishing, Family, Films, Sports.
Eitan TsurBanks, ORzoom-pan-tilt.smugmug.com27, PDX, time traveller, mechanic, electrical engineer, photographer,
camera repairman, IT specialist, nerd; I wear many hats, all of which are
Elea ChangCaliforniain-essence.orgBest described with interrobangs.
EliotSanta Monica, CArobotskirts.comArtist for Former Producer for Head editor
emeritus for Loves medium t-shirts.
Ellen ChisaSeattleblog.ellenchisa.comI try to create joy. Dean of @awesomeseattle , Founding member of @seattleshapers @globalshapers #wef , PM Office Mobile @microsoft . @olincollege alum!
Ellen WildeOmaha, NEsecretpenguin.comDesigner at SecretPenguin. Live in Omaha. Friend of Esme. Endlessly curious.
Emile PetronePortlandtindie.comFounder / Maker of - Python, Django, JS, HTML5, CSS3. I get
excited and build things.
Emily MartinPortland ORemilywinfieldmartin.comIllustrator, Writer, Rabbit
Emily ReeseNYCI work at @kickstarter " [Brown '11, Sotheby's M.A] and love old presidents, outer space, and ADVENTURE!"
Eric EberhardtOakland, CAantinomian.comCreator of 'You Are Listening to Los Angeles' (and poster of weird things
on Twitter...)
Eric GelinasSan Francisco, Californiastandardpixel.comI am Eric Gelinas. I work on Flickr and have been complicating dinner
checks for years.
Eric HolscherPortland, Orericholscher.comMission Control at Urban Airship. Wanderer. Love: Frisbee, Scuba,
Australia, Django, Beer.
Eric Kleptonekleptones.comAudio manipulator. Media assimilator. Gun for hire. Band & DJ booking =, everything else = enquire within.
Eric MeyerDenver, COeric.andmeyer.comMultimedia artist, writer, designer, developer, and musician. Core
contrubtor to @compass , and creator of @compasssusy .
Eric MillWashington, DCkonklone.comDeveloper at the Sunlight Foundation. I ALSO MAKE FEELINGS INSIDE.
Eric PrenticeWilsonville, ORMac user, CEO of Dr. Bott llc, Blazer fan, father of three, lover of Jesus
Eric SchmidtKalamazoo, MINot THAT Eric Schmidt, the other one. Geek. Web design nerd. Scrabble fiend.
Erica MasonBoston, MA
Erik HanbergTacoma, WAerikhanberg.comAuthor ( ), Metro Parks Tacoma Commissioner, 10-year Downtown Tacoma Dweller.
Erik KastnerMetuchen, NJ (Central Jersey)metaatem.netKickstarting my world
Erik PriceBrooklyn, NYTo recap, I'm mental. I'm into loads of great shit.
Erin KelleyPortland, ORstumptownstil.comWith the right pair of shoes and a latte in hand, a girl can do anything!
Erin McGathyLos of This Feels Terrible:
Erin McKeanCal-i-forn-i-awordnik.comFounder, Recovering lexicographer.
Erin RicheyPortland, ORerinjorichey.comTechnologist. Creative. Idea person. I write about user experience,
marketing, ecommerce, analytics, and design. I help people measure and
organize information.
Erin WatsonChicagotorridly.orga known lady of enthusiasms and recent author of @horse_ebooks poems:
Evan CordesPortland, ORpheezy.comnot (yet) a newt.
Evan OsherowPortlandevanosherow.comUI Designer in Portland, Oregon. Comfy socks.
Evan RatliffBrooklyn, NYatavist.comFounder/Editor, Atavist. Writer for magazines. Story editor, Pop-Up
Magazine. Co-host, @longformpodcast .
Fred BenensonNew York, NYfredbenenson.comkickstarter data engineer, former full time / current part time copyright
activist, @thessaly amour, rubiks cube, cycling and japanese food enthusiast
Garrett MillerWashington, DCheyitsgarrett.comDesigner, developer, doodler. Behind the scenes at @doodleordie and @opower
Gary ChouNew York / San Franciscogarychou.comGM @usv Network, EP of Surrogate Valentine / Daylight Savings films, @svaixd faculty, @ac4d advisor, @venture4america board, backer of @kickstarter projects.
Glenn FleishmanSeattle, WAglennf.comContributor to the Economist's Babbage blog, senior contributor to
Macworld, Seattle Times columnist, dad of 2, Seattle-ite
Greg BorensteinNew Yorkgregborenstein.comTranslucent things, squishy robots, cheap special effects, machine art,
miniature everything. NYU ITP. Wrote about the Kinect for O'Reilly.
Greg CohnLos Angelesgregcohn.tumblr.comCo-founder of Ad Hoc Labs, makers of @burner . New dad, entrepreneur, mentor, & occasional angel investor. LA-based.
Greg Knausseod.comI blogged before rafeco.
Haddie CookeAustin, Producer @5by5 " ----- Designer + ATX // Excited always about everything // way of the future"
Hao TranPortland, ORxelecium.comOregon Repertory Singers Baritone, Intel Validation Engineer, Portland
State University Alum, and amigurumi maker.
Harlo PetoskeyMinneapolis, MN USAthechicane.comMinneapolis, MN USA ·
Heather ChampSan Franciscohchamp.comCurrently at Findery, previously at Flickr and Fertile Medium. Co-founder
JPG Magazine. Pictures or it didn't happen.
Heather HeskethRaleigh, NChesketh.comCEO of (17 YO Web Firm). Fascinated with economic development,
maximizing profits by maximizing social impact, the Internet. SXSW Advisory
Heather RayPortland, a heapin' helpin' of Apple Soup every Tuesday from 6-8PM PST at
Helena PriceSan Francisco, CAhelenaprice.comTall, pale, and half-Norwegian. Photographer. Adventurer. Story
hunter/teller. Community Development Manager at @skillshare .
Henry Copelanddurham, north carolinablogads.comBlogads CEO, instigator of Twiangulate, Taghive and Pizza
aficionado in Durham, NC.
Howard WeaverNorthern Californiahowardweaver.comWriting, editing, projects. Strategic advice for media enterprises. Ask
about my Alaska memoir: Write Hard, Die Free
ian hogarthLDN stand up tallsoundboy.tumblr.comsome things i love- live music, cycling, machine learning, China, rock
climbing, food courts in singapore, the wire. CEO & co-founder
Ian LinkletterVancouver, BCVancouver, BC
J GingoldMountain View, experiment.
Jacob MullinsSan at Shasta Ventures, entrepreneur, bon vivant
Jacob PattonWashington, DCWashington, DC ·
Jaime MaciasLos Angeles, CAjaimemacias.comEntrpreneur building automated photography systems and integrated mobile
applications from the temperate yet shaky plains of Los Angeles, CA
James GoodeSydney, Australiaeverycopy.comLikes long walks on the beach, big dogs, and watching progress bars.
James ShorePortland, ORletscodejavascript.comAgile guy. Consultant, practitioner, coauthor of The Art of Agile
James SwirskyWinnipegindiegamethemovie.comIndie Game: The Movie is a feature documentary about video games, their
creators and the craft.
Jamie DihiansanChicago, ILasianmack.comFilipino
Jamie WilkinsonSan¯¯\_(ツ)_/¯¯ :: American computer programmer, Co-founder @vhxtv , Member @fffffat Previously @knowyourmeme @starwarsuncut @googlealarm #BeOS
Jamin WarrenNYCkillscreendaily.comFormer WSJ reporter now founder of videogame arts and culture company Kill
Screen. We run a website, a magazine, a store etc.
Janell AndersonPortland, ORcooljanedesign.comvegan + organic handmade soap from portland, oregon. ♥ etsy shops
prunellasoap and cooljane
Jared MoranPortland, ORWeb developer @instrument with the passion of 1000 Italians.
Jason KottkeNew York, NYkottke.orgResponsible for and Irresponsible about everything
Jason MauerPortland, ORjasonmauer.comMusician (guitar, trumpet); cyclist; Portlandista; Mighty Coder; metabolic
Jason SandersÜT: 49.239614,-123.018157EPICOPUS.comsomeone with a love.
Jason Santa MariaBrooklyn, NYjasonsantamaria.comDesigner by day, designer by night.
Jason ScottHopewell Junction, NYascii.textfiles.comProprietor of TEXTFILES.COM, historian, filmmaker, archivist, famous cat
maintenance staff
Jason SutterPortland, ORblog.similarselection.orgdomesticated wanderer
Javan MakhmaliAnn Arbor, MIjavan.usProgrammer at 37signals, avid complainer.
Jeff VeldhuizenÜT: 49.272113,-123.102144nike.comLive easy. Work hard. Be curious.
Jeffery BennettMinneapolis, MNmeandmybadself.comI'm not much for giving inspirational addresses.
Jen BekmanNYC mostly, SF sometmesjenbee.tumblr.comFounder + CEO @20x200 . Shopgirl @jenbekman Gallery. @heyhotshot proprietress. Art for everyone evangelist.
Jen MatsonSeattlejenmatson.comUxer, coder, intermittent blogger, speaker, record collector.
Bostonian-turned-Seattleite by way of NYC.
Jenna maker, news breaker. △✝△ @nytimes tech reporter, @wired alum. In an open relationship with the Internet. Side hustle:
Jenni LederDallas, TXblog.thoughtbrain.comKerning keeps me from spacing out. UI Designer for Bottle Rocket Apps
Jennifer LankfordPortland, ORthemixagency.comLead @themixagency #PDX ". Communications Strategist. Tech Startup Lover. Motorcyclist. Pianist. Audiophile."
Jennifer RedmanPortland, ORDir. of IT @ OPB, FOSS advocate, traveler, reader of books. Occasional
Jennifer Stringfellow
Jeremy BellToronto, Canadajeremybell.comPartner at Teehan+Lax. Lover of architecture. Husband. Father. Apple nerd.
Jesper AndersenSan Francisco, CAjesperandersen.netI care more than you are comfortable with. I co-founded and do other projects at .
Jesse GenetLos Angeles, Californialumi.coI stuck to a simple idea for an unreasonable amount of time / Now I run @lumihq / We print things with light
Jesse ThomasLAJESS3.comWe are a creative agency that specializes in data visualization and visual
storytelling. We are expanding, join us!
Jesse Vincentfsck.comI make software. Most of it helps people & teams be more awesome.
Jesse von DoomPortland, ORcashmusic.orgCo-Executive Director at @cashmusic — we build things that help musicians.
Jessie CharSan FranciscoBusiness Lady
Jewel MlnarikPDXjewel.mlnarik.comproductive creator, photographer, poetic prosist, party thrower, playmate,
adventurer, friend
Jez BurrowsSan Francisco, CAjezburrows.comDesigner, illustrator, woodland appreciator. Product Designer at Facebook.
Jim CoudalChicagocoudal.comUnable to focus. OK with that.
Jim CrewsBrooklyn, in observing nyc ( ), bowling & #philanthropy - CEO of @charitysub , a new way to give.
Jim KidwellPortland, ORextensis.comAuthor, speaker, social media guy, typography nerd, motorcycle rider and occasional video gamer.
JK KellerNew Yorkjk-keller.comSelf-Obsesser
Jocelyn GleiNew York CityJocelyn K. Glei is all about making ideas happen. She is the
Editor-in-Chief of and the Executive Producer of The 99%
Joe Acton
Joe BlubaughMountain View, CAjoeblu.netI don't want no part of your tight-ass country club.
Joel BarronDUMBO, NYCalchemy50.commaking software @alchemy50, beach-sitter, snowboarder, investor, sometimes conspiracy theorist, and best friend to an awesome dog
Joel BushAustinregulars.tumblr.comI love Austin and Texas; co-founded @amplifierinc ; and also lead @atxawesome and @regularing . Hasta pronto.
Joey FameliSan Franciscotested.comI make video for Tested! And often tweet pics of my ugly cat and one eared
Johan OskarssonSan Franciscoblog.oskarsson.nuDev at Twitter. Ex dev. Dormant Hadoop & Cassandra committer.
Swedish. Ex Londoner.
John BiehlerVancouver, BCjohnbiehler.comPhotography | Tech | Travel | Mobile | 3D Printing
John BramanSan Diego, CABeen Online Doing Internet Marketing since 2001. Internet Marketing Resources, Tips And Reviews. Always Seem To Be Learning Something New All The Time.
John GruberRaconteur.
John GueninPortland, ORI hack on ruby, objective-c and bikes.
John at the intersection of booze and technology.
John HergenroederChicago(WashU in) Saint Louis
John RedpathVancouver, BCEditor, filmmaker, and all around tweaker.
John SanGiovanni
John YudaAlexandria. Va.yuda.orgRedesigning the government
Jon BudaChicago, ILjonbuda.combe kind. be honest. make cool shit. repeat. i help build @desktimeapp and organize @refreshchi . maker of @hues_io
Jon CulverSeattle, WAjonculver.meProduct Engineer at @simplymeasured . Engaged to @_tacomama , father to @carihoo . @auburnu alum. Karaoke champ & semi-retired party animal. Frequent internetter.
Jon HurwitzPortland,, Husband, Nike, Rock N' Roll. Disclosure: Employee of Nike, Inc.
Jon LaxTorontoteehanlax.comIt's a daily operation
Jon PierceBostonjonpierce.comhacker / entrepreneur / founder of @betahouse / founding trustee of @awesomefound / indie music and beer snob / organizer of @angelbootcamp and @musichackdaybos
Jonas DowneyChicagojonasdowney.comPancake enthusiast. UI Designer at 37signals.
Josh BancroftPortland, ORtinyscreenfuls.comGeek. Husband. Father. Beginner. Selfish, Obsessive, and Easily Distracted.
Josh LaneSan Franciscoblissfullyaware.comUI / UX Designer at Google
Josh MillerNew York, NYjoshm.coCurrently building @branch . Former rising senior at @princeton .
Josh RandallLos Angeles, CA USArobotkid.comInteractive audio-visual artist, EX-Creative Director @ Harmonix Music, VHS
hoarder, synth addict, robot enthusiast. Let's make a VidRhythm together!
Josh SchonstalPortland, Oregonincredibleape.comDeveloper of PewPewPewPewPewPewPewPewPew, / ESCAPE \, Beautiful Beard and
others by night. Kongregate web dev by day.
Josh SeraSeattle,
Josh SucherBrooklyn, NYthingswemake.comOnly confirmed followers have access to @tomorrowsghosts's Tweets and
complete profile. Click the "Follow" button to send a follow request.
Joshua BarrattPDXserialized.netFather of 2, Husband of 1, (mt) Native, PDX Import, Crossfit Addict.
Joshua BlountMount Dora, Florida, 32757joshuablount.comInternet nerd and provocateur
Joshua ReichPortlandsimple.comSimple
Joshua SchachterSilicon Valleyjoshua.schachter.orgEntrepreneur and Angel Investor. CEO , makers of and
Julia NunesBrooklyn, NYjulianunes.comJulia Nunes plays youtube on ukulele
Juliette MeltonSan Franciscojuliemelton.comDesign researcher at @ideo , tech optimist, okra enthusiast
Justin GarrityPortland, ORstorycode.comChief Creative Officer of @storycode " - I'm passionate about great brands, mobile apps, mermaids, and data visualization."
Justin SippelPortland, OregonLa nostalgie de la boue.
Jyri EngestromDitto and Jaiku founder
Kai DavisEugene, Oregonkaisdavis.comWhile they be sleeping, I be on to that new shit
Kaia DekkerBoston, MAMBA student; data junkie; frequent flier; erstwhile physicist; media / tech
geek. I think a lot about how to make great products and bring them to
KarenThe Mission, San make web sites, videos and pastries. I play with fashion and pop culture.
I love fruit.
Kate FeirtagNew Yorksocietyillustrators.orgExhibition Director at the Society of Illustrators
Kathryn StormSeattle, WAkathrynstorm.comIntergalactic user experience designer, lady geek, Bay Area native, and
founder of @veganhackersf . I also curate @livinginthe .
Katie SpenceAustin, TXyournewfavorite.comAustin, TX ·
Keith ShradarPortland, OR
Kendel dancing. nutella.
Kenyatta CheeseA++++! Great communication, fast shipping! Would do business with again!
Kevin ClarkNew York, NYkevinclarkcomposer.comI'm a theater composer and producer of mine and others' creative projects.
I blog about the arts and work at New Music USA.
Kevin MarksSan Joseepeus.blogspot.comReading your thoughts. if you write them first.
Kieran LynnBrooklyn, NYoctothorpstudio.comDesigner, developer, Brooklynite (by way of Portland), coffee connoisseur &
and Associate Partner at C&G Partners.
Kilian McMahonDublinkilmc.comDesigner at . I also co-created @justhundred and I did the branding and design for @ullconf
Kio StarkBrooklyn, NYkiostark.comObsessions:relational tech & social dynamics; the unreal;
streets&strangers; urban & networked; brains; independent learning. ITP
prof. Author: Follow Me Down
Kitt HodsdenSan Francisco Bay dev, #ultimate frisbee player, @hackerdojo co-founder, @snookca s muse, #kickstarter fan, @twitter eng
Kristina Schneidersan franciscokristinaschneider.comKriesse is short for Kristina. Webdesign / UX / HTML / CSS / @readyforzero / @upfront_ug / San Francisco & Berlin.
Lain ShakespeareDecatur, GAlainshakespeare.tumblr.comWiseacre, internet enthusiast, and walker in the city. I try to be helpful
at MailChimp and @thewrensnest .
Lance IvyNew Yorkcodelevy.comWashington ·
Larry LegendBrooklyn, NYhouseoflegend.comiOS developer and founder of House of Legend. Obsessed with great design,
UX, music, and the web.
Laura WhipplePortland, ORscoutbooks.comPresident of Pinball Publishing & Scout Books
Laura ZanderSan Franciscoloudlatinlaughing.comSan Francisco
Lauren IsaacsonVancouver, BCtheadnostic.comMarket Researcher & Strategist
Lennon Day-ReynoldsSan Francisco, CArcoder.netA native Oregonian lost in California. Currently working in revenue
engineering at Twitter.
Leonard LinLos Angeles, CArandomfoo.netinfovore, technologist, distractable, overcommitted
Libbey WhitePortland, OregonGrapefruit and clean sheets, stars and big hair, milkshakes, proofs and
swimming pools.
Lindsay EyinkSan Franciscoleyink.comAdore music, art, history, culture, travel, and space. Spent 6+ years at
iTunes. #nasatweetup STS-133 & 135. Proudly hails from Ohio.
Lisanne PajotiPhone: 51.194565,-115.542694indiegamethemovie.comFilmmaker, Co-Director/Producer of @indiegamemovie , watch the film now at
Louie MantiaSan Francisco Bay“Keep kicking ass, Louie.”—MC Hammer “Let's go Louie!”—Mike Tyson
Lucas SwickPortland, stories than time.
Luke AndrewsSan Francisco, CAattaboy.caUI designer at Twitter, Canadian, dad
Maggie Anderson
Maggie MasonPublisher of Mighty Girl, co-founder Mighty Events.
Maggie UtgoffSan Francisco, CAI live every week like it's Shark Week.
Maggie VailPortland, ORcashmusic.orgCo-Executive Director at CASH Music, label manager of Bikini Kill Records,
bass player of Hurry Up, DJ Magic Beans, and Jackson's buddy.
Marc HedlundNYCblog.precipice.orgWorld-class doughnut baker, hiding my recipes and talents from my rivals by
posing as SVP Product Development at Etsy. (Pic by @duncan .)
Marcin WicharySan Francisco, CAaresluna.orgDana, the guys are going down into the sewer, and Egon thinks there may be
a huge surge in cockroach breeding. Wanna blow off this dinner and go with
Mark DiCristinaAtlanta, GAI work for MailChimp.
Mark EssenLALA ·
Mark RawlinsPortland, ORmrawlins.comCreative Director/Art Director at Owen Jones & Partners in Portland, Oregon.
Mark StarkeyPortland, Oregontedxportland.comTEDxPortland, TEDxVancouver, Tech Geek, Producer, Kayaker, Mad-decent
basketball player.
Martin McClellanSeattlemartinmcclellan.comDesigner for @breakingnews . Writer of fiction and non-fiction. Logophile. Pedant.
Mat HonanSan writer with Wired. Longshot magazine co-founder.
Matt AlbiniakPortland,╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻
Matt HaugheyPacific Northwesta.wholelottanothing.orgFounder of, cofounder of and
Huge cyclocross, photography, and web nerd as well.
Matt KumpVancouver,'m changing my bio again. I help make this: I also make videos over at @itskumpy Go look at it.
Matt RolandsonSan
Matthew LatkiewiczOakland, CAyouwillnotbelieve.usAn expert of nothing. Booze writing shop. .
Matthew promoting: Feb 22-23, 2013. Register now!
Matthew RothenbergBrooklyn, NYmroth.infoFormer head of product @flickr , current head of product @bitly ". Interests include software development, street dance, and midcentury modern design."
Maureen EvansLondonspezzato.orgTalking to YOU in non-haiku. Mostly for coordination IRL.
Maykel LoomansSan Franciscomiekd.comUser Interface Designer at @instagram . Photographer. Originally from The Netherlands, living in San Francisco.
MC FrontalotBrooklynfrontalot.com579th Greatest Rapper (The World's)
Meg CouchAtlantamegcouch.comdisseminating ambiguously useful information since 1895
Meg HourihanNew Yorkmegnut.comEntrepreneur ( taking a break and mom to 2.
Meghann Mary GilliganPortland,
MerrickPortland, ORmayorrock.comGeneral Partner, @merrickhanna ventures. Chairman of @tangibleww .
Michael BergerChicago, ILbergatron.com37signals customer support. Will travel for live music & great food.
Michael Buchinopdxbuchino.netMichael Buchino is a graphic artist in Portland, Oregon, and the blog
moderator for
Michael BuffingtonPortlandcollusioni.stPart of the R&D team at
Michael EadesNashvilleyewknee.comNashville ·
Michael FergusonSan FranciscoUser Experience Principal at The Washington Post Company
Michael HansenPortland, ORmicrof8.wordpress.comGraphic designer, hiker, intrepid world traveler, lover of fine wine, and
avid photographer.
Michael SippeyBerkeley, CAsippey.comReader, writer, arithmetic-er. Director of consumer product at Twitter.
Michaela McCannnonne quicquam sanctum estmichaelamccann.comSwiss Army Knife
Michelle SteinbackPortland, OR & NYCschoolhouseelectric.comMakers of iconic lighting, furnishings and tools for productive living.
Mig ReyesDesigner at 37signals focused on making good things for good people.
Mike BultrowiczVancouver, CanadaFull-time mac developer
Mike ComiteBrooklyn, NYyouroldbestfriend.comI'm up too late. I play music with Julia Nunes. I also play in a band
called Old Best Friend.
Mike GebhardtPortland, ORDJ enabler doc normal @houseofsound & live event video producer @brytcast
Mike MeyerSan Francisco,“Product design guy” at @getyardsale .
Mike PantolianoSeattle, WAmikecp.netWeb marketer working for @distilled in Seattle. Author of Excel for SEO:
Mike Tatumsan rafael, camiketatum.comPartner at Whiskey Media, makers of Giant Bomb,, Screened, Comic
Vine and Anime Vice.
Mischa NachtigalSan Francisco, CAreubensandwi.chProfessional Internet user since 1996. Ask me about @thebyliner & @upworthy . Formerly at TED & Twitter. Dropper of Improper @knowledge . Good at face-making.
Monk FunksterPortland, ORBari saxophonist for @lovebombgogo ". Cyclist. Dorkbotter. Randonneur. Electrical engineer. Toy inventor. Wine geek."
Nat TorkingtonTi Point, New Zealandnathan.torkington.comI help startups, corporates, and individuals with their technology and
business problems. I have a potty mouth.
Natalie VillalobosSF Bay Manager for Google+! Founder of Teaist.
Nate AngellPortland ORxolotl.orgRaised by wolves, accidental open-source evangelist. Friend to cheese.
Nate BarksdalePortland, ORnatebarksdale.comWriter of brief histories.
Nate BunnyfieldHumboldt Park // KCK // LFKbunnyfields.comI stand by my jokes since I cannot lean on them. Full-stack Rails/Django/JS
web developer. Partner of @sambunnyfield . Whisky over whimsy.
Nathan YerglerSF.CA.USyergler.netI make things.
Neil KandalgaonkarVancouver, Canadaneilk.netI helped make that thing you like on the Internet. Google,,
Flickr, Wikipedia. Fire and rainbows at #BRC . Working on solo project.
Neil WalkerSausalito, CAI make stuff on the internetz
Nelson MinarSan Francisco, Francisco, California ·
Nelz CarpentierSF, CAnelz.netIf you can't read this upside-down, your client is broken! ¡uǝʞoɹq sı
ʇuǝıןɔ ɹnoʎ 'uʍop-ǝpısdn sıɥʇ pɐǝɹ ʇ,uɐɔ noʎ ɟı
Neven MrganPortland, ORmrgan.comOne of the good ones.
Nick BiltonColumnist & Lead Writer, The New York Times, Bits Blog. Author. Now writing
the book about 'The Twitter Story.' Penguin Press, 2013.
Nick DisabatoChicagonickd.orgi'm a designer and publisher: @distance , @slang , @pubstn . if you follow me, please @ and say hello!
Nick Neill
Nick Sweeneynicksweeney.comno, really
Nick VanceLos Angeles, CAtowatchlist.comToWatchList is a service for time & place shifting your favorite internet
Nicole HeBrooklynnukuler.tumblr.comToiling & tweeting @kickstarter , knitting socks & playing tiny instruments.
Nicole LeeSan Francisco, CAneekole.comTech enthusiast, gadget lover, overall nerd. About to be Associate Editor
for Engadget.
Nicole SakaiPortland, ORfactorynorth.comhalf of Factory North.
Nina AlterSan Francisco // Detroit // BRCbigwheel.netMaker of things. Instigator of change. Optimist. Estropreneur. For now.
Noah SassoBrooklynstrangeflavor.netBARABARIBALL, game dev, music, tiny crab in the middle of the long trip,
get dizZzy with three zees
Noel HidalgoBrooklyn, NYCnoneck.orgTraveler; co-founder of @nuams ; member #BikeNYC , #TN2020 & @rsaorg .
Nóirín PlunkettPortland, ORnerdchic.netGeek - English Translator. All opinions are my own. (Unless I'm being
Olof MathéSan Franciscoolofster.com
Oren JacobSan Franciscotoytalk.comFounder and CEO, ToyTalk. Previously EIR August Capital, Pixar CTO,
Supervising Technical Director Finding Nemo, and Assistant Store Manager at
Owen ImholteCAswingingsultan.comIntel chipset engineer by day. iPhone programmer by night.
Parker HigginsSan Franciscoparkerhiggins.netEFF activist, but my views are my own. Free software, free culture,
ukulele, karaoke. I also operate the @drones account. ⊕
Patrick EwingSan Francisco, CApatrickewing.infoVector of enthusiasm. Twitter Engineer. Currently fetishizing #Ruby,
#CoffeeScript and #Clojure.
Patrick GibsonSan Francisco, CAfadeover.orgGo fast enough we disappear.
Patti LordSan Francisco, Francisco, CA ·
Paul BauschCorvallis, ORonfocus.comDeveloper at and cofounder of I'm also a
husband, father, photographer, maker of pancakes, and general Web
Paul HammondSan Franciscopaulhammond.orgtypekit. adobe. flickr. yahoo. bbc. webkit2png. favcol. minimuni. san
francisco. london. husband. dad. tired. happy.
Paul LloydBrighton, Sussexpaulrobertlloyd.comDesigner at @clearleft · Contributor to @netmag · Games Maker at @london2012
Paul Owens
Paul ParentPhoenix, Arizonapaulp.tumblr.comDad to Katie, husband to Kelly. Analyst, reader, designer and explorer who
digs food, frisbee, cities, mountains, photography, movies and many people.
Paula Holm JensenPortland, OR
Paulo ZoomPorto, Portugalpaulozoom.comThat's not my real name.
Peter NitschI’ll use my blog to amass a collection of things around photography: and on my website you'll find my Fine-Art Photography works.
Phil DokasSan Francisco, @flickr |webdev|coffee|be(er|ards)|apple|michigan) geek/gi
Phil McCluskeyI put my pants on two legs at a time like everybody else.
Phil ThompsonSan Mateo, California
Philip RenichOregon, USAelfboy.comWeb developing/designing, traveler
Rabble Evan Henshaw-PlathPDX & MVDanarchogeek.comanarchist, ruby hacker, trouble maker
Rachel LovingerNYCblog.rachellovinger.comsoul of a hippiechick, spirit of a cyberpunk; Content Strategy Director at
Razorfish; lifelong infovore
Rael DornfestPortland, Fledgling game designer. Board, tabletop, card, and RPG gamer.
Superhuman ability to see through glass, gauze, and a cunning ruse.
Randall CostonAtlanta / Beijingcartoonnetwork.comAtlanta, GA ·
Randy HuntNYCrandyjhunt.comCreative Director @etsy among other tales of triumph, victory, and love.
Rebecca BatemanPacific NWremisvelisque.comi am a painter who takes pictures, too. i sit on my ass, drink wine, laugh
with family, and try ever so hard to make art.
Reid BeelsPortland, Oregonreidbeels.comDesigner, developer, geonerd, community organizer, and generally nice guy.
Works on @calagator , @osbridge , @wherecamppdx , @paydici , & more.
Relly Annett-BakerBrighton, UKrel.lyContent Strategist, content creator and owner of Supernice Studio. Hire me,
I'm juicy!
Rex HammockNashvilleRexBlog.comCEO at Hammock, the customer media & content company (,
Creator-helper at ( @smallbusiness ).
Rex, writer, entrepreneur, designer, advisor, consultant, creative
technologist, gadfly, and dilettante.
Rich VreelandBerkeley, CAdisasterpeace.comI make music, for games (like FEZ), & design games for music. Play my game,
January, at
Richard StevensEasthampton, MAdieselsweeties.comCharismatic preacher. Enjoys tithes. I make cartoons and t-shirts at . Is not the wife of Matt Fraction.
Rick TuroczyPortland, ORsiliconflorist.comEditor @siliconflorist . Co-founder @piepdx . Director @pdxconf . More than mildly obsessed with the Portland, Oregon, startup scene.
Ricky EngelbergPortland, ORI spend a lot of time consuming media. A lot. Nike Digital Marketing...
Riley King
Rob BeschizzaPittsburgh, PAbeschizza.comManaging Editor of Boing Boing
Rob DerstadtPDXSoftware guy, beer enthusiast, likes to make stuff.
Robert BorkowskiDallas, TXTransplanted New Englander. Trying to find the intersection of Biomedical
Research and Biz/Tech that I can call home.
Robert HustonPortland, ORroberthuston.comGraphic Designer.
Robert LordMission Dolores, SF,,, honey badger-esque.
Robert OcchialiniAtlanta, Digital Products. You've got a friend in Atlanta, GA. Charlatan.
Robert PittsPortland, Oregonregretful.lyprgrmmn/beats/speaking/writing/biking and being generally concerned. Music
related tweets at: @rob_sickmode
Robert WilkinsonPhoenix, Arizonaworksite.coWorksite is a design build company for people who want thoughtfully
conceived and beautifully crafted projects. Based in Phoenix, founded by
Bob Wilkinson.
Robin RayPortland, ORMy public Twitter. I make interactive stuffs: live, digital, theatrical,
cultural. I heart opera. On work hiatus atm.
Rochelle Bantug
Roger HicksThe Internetrekcahdam.comA musician, hacker, game developer hybrid race known as Rekcahdam... with
only one member. Contact me by email at !
Ron CarmelSan Francisco
Ruth BrownPortland, Oregonwweek.comAustralian journalist moves to America. Hilarity ensues.
Ryan GantzSanta Barbarasixfoot6.comUX Designer @voxmediainc (publisher of @sbnation , @verge and @voxgames "). Fluent in literature, Photoshop, geometry, Tetris, running, CSS, comedy, fatherhood."
Ryan TateBerkeley, Californiaryantate.comSenior writer, Wired Business. Author, The 20% Doctrine: How Tinkering,
Goofing Off, and Breaking the Rules Drive Success in Business ( ).
Sagan OliphantPortland, OR
Sam RosenChicagoansammyrosen.comDesktime, One Design, The Coop & The Post Family.
Sam SmithPortland, OR
Sam TripodiSan Francisco, CA, USSan Francisco, CA, US
Samantha SomaSFO/OAKResearch & Community Lead for @gedesign ". Insatiably curious, variably chatty, determined to be pleased. This is my personal account."
Sandor WeiszChicago, at EveryBlock. Father of two, friend of millions.
Sara HicksVenice, CAsaralouhicks.comAvid runner, cyclist, surfer, guitarist, yogini. Maker of things.
Sarah PavisChicago, ILspavis.tumblr.comof all the friends i've had you're the first.
Sarah SchumacherVentura, CAsarahschumacher.comDesign dork new to the West coast. Into magazines, type, infographics. Uni
Reading type grad, ex-designer at Foreign Policy, Fortune, Budget Travel,
Scott AndrewSeattle, WAscottandrew.comLives in Seattle, mobile web dev at IMDb, writes songs, plays in Explone,
Kirby Krackle & Kin to Stars. Thinks you're pretty cool.
Scott BealeNew York Cityscottbeale.orgfounder and primary tentacle of @laughingsquid & @ls_hosting
Scott CarverPortland, Oregonscottcarver.infoFreelance Web Developer & Filmmaker in beautiful Portland Oregon. 5 Years
Agency Experience®. I arm-wrestle light and code to make the world a better
Scott KvetonPortland, OR 97209urbanairship.comEntrepreneur, bacon lover, proud father and airshiper.
Scott RosenbergBerkeley, CAwordyard.comExecutive editor,; founder,; blogger,;
author, Say Everything, Dreaming in Code; Salon co-founder
Scott SimpsonCaliforniayourmonkeycalled.comShame is sexy
Scott TrudeauBrooklyn, NYsstrudeau.comMichigan ex-pat in Brooklyn, web nerd, banjo novice, loves food, mildly
abrasive :: CTO @ Apartment Therapy
Seth FitzsimmonsSF, CATinker at-large. Kayaker.
Shannon YoungPortland
Shaun PendergastPortland, ORshaunpendy.comIllustrator / Designer / Nerd . Currently living in the Pacific North West.
Simple ScottChicagosimplescott.comConstantly seeking simple solutions to complex problems.
SkryPortland ORUser experience geek, art fiend, friend of cats. Web slinger since 1993.
Usability consultant, IA, IxD, anybrowser/everybody advocate.
Spencer GregsonBoston, MAsgregson.comBoston, MA ·
Stephan AngoulvantLos Angelesangoulvant.netDesign director @lumihq .
Stephanie PereiraBrooklyn,' up.
Steven ChampeonRaleigh, NCenemieslist.comWeb geek turned antispammer, webdesign-l list mom, author and editor.
Sunny BatesNew York, New Yorksunnybates.comSuper connector hub of invisible network
Surj PatelPortland, Oregonevents.gigaom.comAn absurd lust for technology. All of it, every little morsel. VP at
GigaOM, Dad of 2, Exploring cooking big time!
Susan RobertsonPortland, Oregonsusanjeanrobertson.comHTML | CSS | A touch of JavaScript (and maybe some tweets about my dog,
gardening, and yoga)
Tantek ÇelikPacific Time Zonetantek.combarcamp bike climb code create css design evolve hack html5 listen
microformats mozilla open optimist pescatarian scientist skeptic standards
teach think ux web
Tara Tiger BrownLos Canadian with American tendencies.~ LA Makerspace: @lamakerspace || Represent.LA: @representla || Forbes: ||
Taryn CowartPortland, ORtaryncowart.comCool girl.
Taylor LorenzBrooklyn, NYtaylorlorenz.tumblr.comSocial media @mcgarrybowen . Sorry I’m running late, be there in 5 min.
Teri SolowPortland, ORtekniklr.comcyborg, programmer, gamer, miscreant
termiewielder of power cosmic
Thomas PhinneyPortland, ORthomasphinney.comFonts & typography geek. Loves everything to do with type. Works for
Extensis on WebINK.
Thomas ReynoldsPortland, ORawardwinningfjords.comTech Lead at @instrument . Creator of @middlemanapp . Foodie, book nerd, writer & Rubyist. Happily married to @emileereynolds
Tim O'ReillyOakland, CAradar.oreilly.comFounder and CEO, O'Reilly Media. Watching the alpha geeks, sharing their
stories, helping the future unfold.
Tim TatePortland, OR (45.518345,-122.6timtate.come-Learning and web developer, scooter collector, pug rescuer, nerd.
Tim Van DammeSan Francisco, CAmaxvoltar.comResponsible for the look and feel of @instagram for iPhone and Android.
Timoni WestSan Francisco, CAtimoni.orgFreelance web designer specializing in startups & web apps.
Timothy JordanCaliforniatimothyjordan.comDeveloper Advocate for Google+. Improving life through science and art.
Tina GlengaryPDXimakeexperiences.comi make experiences.
Tina McConnell
Todd McHattonsouthern californiamchatton.compeople who like harry nilsson, shel silverstein, the beatles, cooper edens,
sid and marty krofft, the muppets and vegan food, generally like me.
Todd SatterstenPortland, ORtoddsattersten.comFounder of BizBookLab--studying business books and the business of books.
Author of Every Book Is a Startup and The 100 Best Business Books of All
Tom CoatesSan Francisco, CAplasticbag.orgThe personal Twitter account of Tom Coates, founder of Product Club: a new
product development and invention company. Previously: Brickhouse, Fire
Eagle, BBC
Tom GerhardtNYCtomgerhardt.comI am married to this beautiful woman: @kaciekinzer , take care of this little thing: , and am one-half of this: @studioneat .
Tom RudickSeattle, WAtomrudick.comA Software Engineer who spends most of his time pretending to be a grown up.
Toni AlbertsonNew York, NYtonialbertson.wordpress.comCollege journalism professor, media adviser
Traci WilliamsSan Francisco, CASan Francisco, CA
Tyler HuntPortland, ORtylerhunt.comFollower of Jesus, husband to @bonus , father of three, Rubyist at @envylabs and @devoh , and maker of @snaildrop .
Tyler Segal
Tyler StickaPortland, Oregontylersticka.comI design web sites, games, apps, icons and more.
Vanessa Camonesfounder of @themixagency. expertise: startups tech:mobile/apps/devs/gaming/platforms. #design #music #fashion #art #food #robots . fierce shoe collector.
Vince LaVecchiaPortland, ORweareinstrument.comPartner/ Director of Operations at Instrument ( @instrument ), Husband, Father, Motorcyclist and Golfer.
Vince Maniago94086uvince.comI like to eat and I like to help people find Things to Do, find out more
about me over at
Vipul ChopraPortland, OR
Vivian Johnson
Warren SchultheisSanta Barbara, Cawsao.netI like: contemporary art // journalism // design // social anthropology --
work at @voxmedia / @verge / @sbnation (currently designing @polygon )
Wendy MarchPortland, ORPortland, OR
Westley Stringfellow
Will ImholteSan Franciscowillimholte.comDesigner. Cofounder Podcaster:
Will SmithSan Francisco, CAtested.comProfessional nerd. Editor of Corgi aficionado. Consumer of fine
coffees. Not an actor. #teamdeathstar
Will TurnageBrooklyn,, Technology & Invention @ R/GA where I make digital things.
Willo O'BrienI love creativity, bear hugs & giving back. #CreativeSustainability video series + New #ReConnect ecourse
Xande MacedoOakland, CAxande.coMaking things at Apple, previously at @rockmelt , @akqa and @odopod . Enjoying Oakland's sunshine, food, coffee, wife and kitties.
Yancey of Kickstarter
Zack SheppardSan Franciscozack.ioNative Nevadan. Community Manager @pinterest . Former Community Manager @flickr . Instigator.

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