disappointed in Apple "Time Machine" preferences. Only a UI for "exclusions"? I just want documents and users folders. I don't need to waste time and space backing up System and Applications that I'd rather reinstall than undo with Time Machine. This is one of the dumbest defaults I've seen in a while, unless you're in the business of selling hard disks. I guess they sort of are: http://www.apple.com/timecapsule/ (so then it's just profit-centered design rather than user-centered design).

Update 13:43: the default of back-up/restore everything is not dumb (as pointed out to me by @yipe (Michael Margolis) in a FB-walled-garden comment) and does make sense for typical users (common-user-centered design) for whom the problem is backing up at all. I'll refine my complaint to merely the preferences - as I'd prefer to explicitly *include* a few specific folders rather than exclude everything else.

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