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  2. Observed Ecma #TC39 75th mtg via Zoom, IRC, & “hallway track” @Mozilla Hubs, for today’s process/logistics topics. Well organized & conducted 100% online. Quick back/forth discussions, polite disagreements, consensus building.

  3. US pals:
    * Don’t buy foods with #WIC tag
    * Avoid grocery shopping the days^1 your state distributes WIC/EBT
    E.g. CA is 1st-10th ^2

    ^1 Well meaning IG/Tw misinfo meme: "Avoid grocery shopping April 1-3" which is not universally true. Different per state: https://www.nwica.org/blog/blog-post-wic-shopping-in-the-covid-19-emergency

    Look up what your state does. For example:

    ^2 California reloads EBT cards on the 1st through the 10th by case number.

  4. A large white cloud on a very dark blue sky underlit by city lights, most prominently two segments from streetlights outlining the edges of Market street converging in the distance, a dark hill in the foreground, to the left the top of Twin Peaks and its few utility buildings lit with a few lights, two thin dark transmission towers rising above them.After sunset view of downtown San Francisco from Twin Peaks North Peak, light blue sky with scattered clouds, Market street edges lit by segments of light from its streetlamps merging at at a distance, hills in the foreground sloping downward.Just after sunset clear bright view of downtown San Francisco under a light blue sky with a few hazy clouds, city lights already lit, the nearby hairpin road turn in the shadow of the hill leading up to Twin Peaks vista point.Temporary yellow metal barricade blocking the full width of Twin Peaks Boulevard with an orange cone in front of it, and NO STOPPING TOW AWAY signs attached to it in a couple of places, behind it a bicyclist swerving towards the right edge of the gate, and the hill up to Twin Peaks itself.Sunset between trees at Buena Vista Park, sunbeams glowing past, and backlighting the bushes.Sunset at Buena Vista Park, yellow sky and an orange pink cloud visible between the tree branches, nearby plants backlit and tinged with orange.☁️🌃🏙⚠️🌲☀️🌳 Late run this past Sunday, the sun had set by the time I reached Twin Peaks(3) and kept running south to the North Peak(2). In anticipation I had worn my headlamp, turning it on for the return run after running past the South Peak and mini third peak after that. First time seeing the city at night from the North Peak(1), a view only for those willing to run/hike trails in darkness.

    Earlier that day (or perhaps Saturday) the north side of Twin Peaks Boulevard was blocked off to cars with a gate, allowing only foot traffic, and a few intrepid bicyclists who had to swerve around it into the dirt on the side(4).

    Started Sunday’s run with an ascent to the top of Buena Vista Park for sunset views filtered through foliage(5,6).

    #run #runner #runners #sunset #SundayRunday #BuenaVistaPark #trailrun #TwinPeaks #SF #SanFrancisco #downtown #skyline #hill #hills #view #nightRun #optOutside #fromWhereIRun #NeverStopExploring #NP_Continues #NP_WeekendWarriors #InstaRunner #2020_089 #20200329 #laterGram #noFilter

  5. White clouds in a blue sky above distant East Bay hills, clearly visible, San Francisco downtown, looking down Market street, and the nearer neighborhoods, just behind the hairpin turn and Twin Peaks hill below.☁️🏙 ~1k' in 3.5 miles. Pretty clouds over the city, during my mid-day run up to and across the Twin Peaks hills and back. As of yesterday closed to car traffic, only saw runners and a few bicylists. The air just keeps getting clearer and clearer.

    #run #runner #runners #trailrun #TwinPeaks #SF #SanFrancisco #downtown #skyline #hill #hills #view #optOutside #fromWhereIRun #NeverStopExploring #InstaRunner #noFilter

  6. Map of San Francisco’s Haight Ashbury neighborhood with a running route that spells out NO FEAR in outlines on the streets.Looking down Haight Street at night, with only a couple of parked cars, and one more on the street with headlamps in the distance, with no one on the sidewalks.🌃🏃🏻‍♂️ Two weeks ago to the hour I was finishing 50 miles in the rain. Indoors all day Saturday, decided it was time for a quick run in the dark on empty streets(2), remembering that #NoFear(1) day & night on the trails. Started sprinkling near the end.

    #run #runner #fromWhereIRun #OptOutside #safeDistance #NeverStopExploring #InstaRunner #recovery #recoveryRun #nightRun #SF #SanFrancisco #HaightStreet #HaightAshbury #SaturdayNight #SaturdayNightAlive #NP_WeekendWarriors #NP_Continues #2020_088 #20200328 #laterGram #noFilter

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  8. NYC friends, send to local nurse, doctor, PA, EMT, hospital staff:
    Get #NYCPPE: https://twitter.com/slbedard/status/1243910252514496514

    @zeldman @j @caro @debs @jeremyzilar @leighleighsf @arun @jimdwyernyt @allievice @emgollie @emmaghodge @sbenario @edyson @macdiva @adholden @mlsif @emfaherty @aliontherun

    Thank you @slbedard!

  9. Dear Governor @GavinNewsom,

    Thank you for banning evictions.
    https://twitter.com/dillonliam/status/1243625500699807744 via @LondonBreed @DillonLiam

    Please help those hardest hit: more EDD phone capacity+hours ASAP!
    Friends+others calling daily, unable to get thru: https://www.latimes.com/california/story/2020-03-26/california-coronavirus-crisis-unprecedented-unemployment-claims

  10. "We [social movements] have to be able to find each other in different ways. It can’t all be dependent on corporate information services that can be shutdown." @NaomiAKlein

    #TalksForFuture w/ @GretaThunberg & @DiarmidCL #ClimateAction #COVID19 #indieweb

  11. “We cannot rely on corporate platforms to facilitate our communications in a general strike” — @NaomiAKlein

    Be your own platform. Get a web dev to set this up for your next broadcast: https://aaronparecki.com/2016/11/19/15/self-hosted-facebook-live

    cc: #indieweb @haymarketbooks @astradisastra @KeeangaYamahtta @liarosemusic

  12. RSVP yes to: an IndieWeb event went to tonight’s ONLINE: Homebrew Website Club West Coast where we discussed how we could improve https://indiewebify.me/ including helping people who just want to Get Started: https://indieweb.org/start using a service or CMS without worrying about code.

  13. Read this by my pal Erika RN: Make a difference (save lives) in the #CoronaVirus #Covid19 crisis
    * Donate unused PPE(N95…) to local healthcare
    * Wash hands; 🚫🤭
    * Stay 🏠
    * Self care, avoid ER
    * Check sources
    * Be kind

  14. Half a dozen runners wearing headlamps, rain gear, and shorts, starting a run crossing through a gate in the darkness, their headlamps lighting up the pouring rain, Rodeo Beach in the background.Several cars parked at and a few more approaching the Rodeo Beach parking lot, a couple of buildings in the background lit from inside, silhouettes of a few people backlit by headlamps reflecting on the wet asphalt in the dark.Blurry image of a few runners in rain gear and shorts on both sides of Bryan wearing a lit headlamp holding a green umbrella.Runners clustering in the rainy darkness, Bryan with a green umbrella, backlit by headlamps from cars in the parking lot, also lighting up a drop of water on the camera lens.Seven runners lined up with rain gear and all but one in shorts in front of the Rodeo Beach bathrooms in the dark.Half a dozen runners wearing headlamps, rain gear, and shorts, starting a run at a gate in the darkness, their headlamps lighting up the pouring rain, Rodeo Beach in the background.🌌🌧 It was a dark and stormy morning. The start of a long day, too long for one race report post. I got up, put on my running outfit I’d set out the night before (https://tantek.com/t55_3), snacked on a dark chocolate mocha Clif bar, and ran up to the intersection where Cori was coming to pick us up. Stephanie joined minutes later. It was only sprinkling, yet the cold was already biting, despite us wearing all the layers we brought.

    Cori picked us up, last two seats in her car, we huddled together for warmth and cracked jokes to lighten the mood and lift our spirits. We arrived at the Rodeo Beach parking lot just before 06:30, already brimming with activity(2 📷 Bryan). We weren’t the only #MarinUltraChallenge runners determined to run our races despite the cancellation. The rain picked up.

    I’ve run in the rain before, many years @Nov_Project_SF & a few other cities, and a year ago on my double Tam run. Separately I’ve run in the dark, also at #NPSF, usually early gang, and on so many Tam sunrise runs. This was the first time I’d run in the dark, in the rain, on trails. Carpooling and starting together helped, knowing we’d all be out there facing the elements, finding our way.

    After quick bathroom trips we found each other and @BryanTing under a green umbrella(3,4), assembled for a group photo(5 📷 Bryan), unbeknownst to us mere days before social distancing orders would forbid it. We composed ourselves in the now pouring rain, and started our run(6 📷 Bryan) crossing the Rodeo Beach gates(1 📷 Bryan), up the Coastal Trail.

    #run #runner #runners #RodeoBeach #darkness #morning #rain #weatherProof #nightrun #WorkHardDreamBigDoCoolShit #50miles #50miler #ultra #ultraRunner #ultraRunners #ultraRunning #ultraMarathon #InsideTrail #MUC #MUC50 #optOutside #NeverStopExploring #NovemberProjectSF #NovemberProject #NP_Continues #NP_WeekendWarriors #MarinFitnessProject #2020_074 #20200314 #laterGram #noFilter

  15. California poppies up close, among a mini-field of them, blurrier in the distance, blurry downtown San Francisco in the distance, East Bay hills, white, gray, and dark blue clouds above.🌸🏙☁️ A week ago today I ran my first 50-miler (https://tantek.com/t55b1), the hardest thing I’ve done. I knew I’d need 2 weeks of physical recovery. It’s also taken a week of mental recovery to start feeling like myself again.

    The shelter-in-place and various cancellations have helped in some ways, provided challenges in others. I chose to sit still, breathe, do some yoga, eat deliberately, go for a walk every day, sleep as needed. Show up to commitments, keep in touch with close ones, love within my capacity to do so, toward others within their capacity to receive.

    The past few days I’ve gone on easy runs too, culminating today in a run up to Twin Peaks. I stopped for a ground level view, appreciating immediate beauty(photo) before running up and over the peaks and returning back down the hill.

    The physical healed the mental.

    #run #runner #TwinPeaks #SF #SanFrancisco #poppies #CaliforniaPoppies #downtown #skyline #hill #hills #view #optOutside #fromWhereIRun #NeverStopExploring #InstaRunner #recovery #recoveryRun #noFilter

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  17. Anti-Distance Social Distance Club

  18. RSVP yes to: an IndieWeb event going to the Online Homebrew Website Club: West Coast Edition happening now on Zoom!

    Join us: https://zoom.us/j/741353943

    RSVP if you like: https://events.indieweb.org/2020/03/online-homebrew-website-club-west-coast-bSBT0ZceMIHo

    #indieweb #openweb #online #onlinehwc

  19. Strava activity map of running 50 miles of trails in Marin Headlands.🌧⛰🏃🏻‍♂️ I did it. 50 miles of #running #MUC50 trails with 11000+ feet of climbing.

    🌊🌧⛰🌄⛰⛰⛰🌧⛰🌧⛰🌊 Started on a dark & stormy Saturday morning with @Nov_Project_SF 50k runners at Rodeo Beach, finished with pal @BryanTing on a dark & stormy night, after he crewed me the whole day and ran me in the last rainy mile.

    Much harder & longer than expected. Thanks to #NPSF friends that showed up and ran with for several segments, and so much #NovemberProject community support.

    Run details: https://www.strava.com/activities/3184667146

    I’ve got some training to do for next year’s @InsideTrail Marin Ultra Challenge.

    Photos and more stories soon.

    #InsideTrail #MarinUltraChallenge #NeverStopExploring #NovemberProjectSF #NP_Continues #NP_WeekendWarriors #MarinFitnessProject #optOutside #run #runner #runners #weatherproof #nightrun #WorkHardDreamBigDoCoolShit #50mileTraining #50miles #50miler #ultra #ultraRunner #ultraRunning #ultraMarathon #Strava #2020_074 #20200314 #laterGram #noFilter

  20. Race kit laid out on a yoga mat.#Racekit prepared for #MUC50 race. Yesterday CA governor Newsom banned 250+ people gatherings which forced cancellation of the Marin Ultra Challenge. With training and support of friends, I’m running the 50 mile course anyway. The cancellation email even said:
      “we encourage you to get outside and run the course as a virtual race”

    My #NPSF friends running the 50k course and I will start together and eventually I’ll fork off for the 50 mile course. Approximate schedule if you’d like to come run together for a bit!

    06:30 Rodeo Beach start
    11:30 Cardiac Hill ~20 miles
    12:45 Stinson Beach ~23 miles
    14:30 Cardiac Hill ~30 miles
    18:00 Muir Beach / Pelican Inn ~41 miles
    19:15 Tennessee Valley Parking Lot ~46 miles
    20:30 Rodeo Beach finish ~50 miles

    Here are maps of the course (click for PDFs).

    Map of the Marin Ultra Challenge 50 mile and 50km race courses from the Rodeo Beach startMap of the Marin Ultra Challenge 50 mile and 50km race courses from Muir Beach up to Cardiac Hill and Stinson beach, and back down.
    And turn-by-turn directions: https://secureservercdn.net/

    #InsideTrail #MarinUltraChallenge #NeverStopExploring #NovemberProject #NovemberProjectSF #NP_Continues #NP_WeekendWarriors #MarinFitnessProject #optOutside #run #WorkHardDreamBigDoCoolShit #noFilter

  21. Downtown San Francisco viewed from Twin Peaks, with blue skies above, East Bay hills poking out of distant fog covering their buildings, lots of houses and such in the foreground from Buena Vista Park, to Corona Heights, to the Castro and Mission, with the green hill and a hairpin turn just below.Indoors, no lines at the counters, empty seats in a waiting area to the right, signs above indicating which counter and line to go to for what.Heavy fog covering all but the bottom edge of the Golden Gate Bridgy, above a very green Crissy field in the foreground, with a gravel path immediately in front of that.Yesterday a quick morning trip up to Twin Peaks, to see clear skies above San Francisco, with a distant fogged in East Bay(1). Just before they closed I bicycled to the DMV to renew my license, very helpful employees, no lines, nearly empty(2).

    Drove to Sports Basement to pick up my #MUC50 things, and resupply some Nuun and Picky Bars. Stopped by Crissy field where I finished my last ultra(3), the #ECSCA 50k and half marathon the next day, as a reminder of what I did mere months ago.

    #SF #SanFrancisco #TwinPeaks #downtownSF #blueSky #cloudyEastBay #foggy #GoldenGateBridge #CrissyField #reminder #optOutside #2020_072 #20200312 #laterGram #noFilter

  22. OH: “I can’t wait for summer, with ticks coming back.

    Because then we can get Corona with Lyme.”

    #overheardinsf #overheard #SF #Corona #CoronaVirus #Covid19 #coronapocalypse #pun #imsorry #staysafe #stayhealthy

  23. Mostly cloudy early morning sky, thicker towards the horizon, with just a few cracks where dawn’s light can be seen, lighting up buildings in the distance, diffusely backlighting a palm tree in Alta Plaza park, with a paved path in front of it, and green grass on both sides of the path.Dark of night in front of the outdoor steps of Alta Plaza Park, only partially visible by headlamp.Bits of light blue sky peaking through mottled clouds that grew thicker towards the horizon, with just a few streaking cracks letting through yellow and orange light, the buildings in the distance mostly in darkness with their lights still on, streetlamps illuminating the street and houses below, a path barely visible, with green grass incline and decline on the sides.🏙🌴 Yesterday’s birthday started in extra darkness, from a combination of Daylight Savings Time and the @Nov_Project_SF early gang start time; the Alta Plaza park steps lit mostly by my headlamp(2). Only near the end of the normal time workout did the sky start to light up, the usual dawn color gradients obscured by clouds, leaving only hints of the beautiful blue yellow orange sky(3).

    Even after the workout the sun was nowhere to be seen, only indirectly present through a gradually brightening sky, and a few distant streaks of orange on the horizon(1).

    I brought my own lights, a personal tradition when my birthday falls on an #NPSF workout day. Grateful for this community and the friends I’ve made here.

    We had breakfast at Jane on Fillmore after, I tried their blueberry creamcheese brioche in addition to my usual egg-white breakfast sandwich with extra cheddar.

    Took the day off from work as we are encouraged to do. Spent it mostly quietly, explored the new Devil’s Teeth Bakery which was open til 19:00 yet stopped making breakfast sandwiches at 15:45. Ran a few errands, picking up supplies, tools, and sushi for dinner.

    Went home, called my parents, caught up and reflected on many things. Ate some soup and my sushi dinner, social distancing in preparation for my race this weekend.

    #NovemberProjectSF #NovemberProject #fromWhereIRun #clouds #cloudySky #dawn #palmTree #optOutside #SF #SanFrancisco #freeFitness #justShowUp #AltaPlaza #AltaPlazaPark #2020_071 #20200311 #birthday #laterGram #noFilter

  24. ↳ In reply to @andigalpern’s tweet @andigalpern thank you Andi! Looking forward to seeing you at another @IndieWebCamp or meetup soon!

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  27. ↳ In reply to @briankardell’s tweet @briankardell thank you friend! Looking forward to the next web revolution with you ✊🏻.

  28. ↳ In reply to @ShaneHudson’s tweet @ShaneHudson @zeldman thank you Shane! That photo, such younger simpler times at a conference not so far away. Where everybody knows your (domain) name.

  29. ↳ In reply to @zeldman’s tweet @zeldman 😊 thank you dear friend. Honored working with you for so many years to make a difference. Here’s to many more 🤗 💪🏻✊🏻
    And chasing you on @SwarmApp 🙃

  30. ↳ In reply to @shiflett’s tweet @shiflett thank you good sir!

  31. Blue, purple, pink clouds lighting up a post-sunset sky above an orange yellow horizon and distant Pacific Ocean waves crashing on a shore, wet sand in the foreground reflecting the beautiful sky.✨🌅💙 Last sunset of this revolution around the sun.

    #blue #purple #pink #orange #yellow #beauty #beautiful #sky #clouds #sunset #shore #sand #reflection #OceanBeach #SF #SanFrancisco #wallpaper #background #noFilter

  32. Spotted clouds in the pre-dawn blue sky, above seven palm trees being backlit in Dolores Park.🏙🌴🌴 Monday @Nov_Project_SF after the daylight savings time change started in darkness again, with the sky slowly lighting up, backlightning the palm trees.

    #NPSF #NovemberProjectSF #NovemberProject #fromWhereIRun #optOutside #SF #SanFrancisco #DoloresPark #MissionDolores #MissionDoloresPark #park #palmTree #palmTrees #freeFitness #justShowUp #2020_069 #20200309 #laterGram #noFilter

  33. Medium blue to light blue post-sunset skies with ominous clouds and dark clouds on the horizon, with only slivers of orange from the sun, over crashing waves and a wet but rough shore, providing a distorted reflection of the sky and clouds above.☁️🌊 Ominous clouds over the ocean last Sunday night. I had just made a bold reservation, holding space for optimism in the face of doubts inside and growing fears outside.

    Some days you have to stand up to the dark clouds, and take steps towards a better future.

    #darkSky #darkClouds #dramaticClouds #clouds #sunset #PacificOcean #ocean #beach #OceanBeach #surf #sand #wetSand #reflection #reflections #2020_068 #20200308 #laterGram #noFilter

  34. New issue on GitHub project “indiewebify-me”

    IndieWebify h-entry validator should check rel=canonical links

    IndieWebify’s h-entry validator should check for the presence of any rel=canonical links, and at a minimum verify that their href attribute is a valid URL, and provide a link to check that URL for a valid h-entry as well.

    More enhancements are possible, however even this kind of minimum syntax check, and prompting for subsequent h-entry validation would help catch common typo errors.

    Separately, if a rel=canonical link is found, and no u-url is found, then see #27 for the suggestion to use u-url instead or at least first, before worrying about rel=canonical.

  35. Freshly posted: Toward a More Civil and Social Web
    @optoutools founder Teresa’s keynote @IndieWebCamp Berlin last November

    12:10s video: https://archive.org/details/iwcberlin2-keynote-teresaingram

    #AI #AIEthics #NLP #machineLearning #socialWeb #socialMedia #TechIsNotNeutral #IWD2020

    Must see for anyone desiging/building tech for humans.

  36. Dark clouds above pink orange grey clouds with bits of blue sky poking through down to a yellow horizon just after sunset, backlighting four tall palm trees, a few street lamps, a row of shorter trees below them, with bits of a distant mountain visible behind them on the left.☁️🌴✨ Took my nephew to see #KnivesOut last night at a theater down south just after sunset. We both enjoyed it quite a bit! The dark storm clouds made for colorful sunset views beforehand.

    Can you tell we were in a suburban stripmall parking lot?

    Framing (and cropping out) can alter perspective & meaning, with photos & words. Is it the donuthole missing from donut you’re looking for? Or an even smaller donuthole missing from a mini-donut inside a donut?

    #darkSky #cloudSky #sunset #palmTree #palmTrees #framing #2020_067 #20200307 #laterGram #noFilter

  37. Congratulations to @optoutools on their anti-misogyny browser extension release for #IWD2020! https://twitter.com/optoutools/status/1236253985457295360

    #opensource & works in #Firefox (see tweet video)

    Disclosure: we hosted an Opt-Out hackathon @IndieWebCamp @MozillaBerlin last November.

  38. Grey clouds and bits of blue sky above white clouds covering the horizon in the distance above East Bay hills at dusk, downtown San Francisco buildings already lit, City Hall in green, buildings and streets lined with lights, trees below in darkness on the edge of barely visible beige gray trails and dirt area at Corona Heights park below.🏙🌳🏃🏻‍♂️ Missed last Friday hills @Nov_Project_SF, so I ran my own early that evening. Buena Vista Park, Corona Heights Park (photo), Mount Olympus, and back down and around for 5km and 673' climbed. Ominous clouds the whole time, started drizzling as I got home.

    #run #runner #fromWhereIRun #clouds #cloudySky #optOutside #hillsForDinner #cityLights #downtown #SF #SanFrancisco #2020_066 #20200306 #laterGram #noFilter

  39. Inside of a yoga studio with hardwood floors, several wide floor to person height windows, each subdivided into a rectangular grid, three of them pushed outward in the style of bay windows, a medium sized distressed wood painted white dresser with a hardwood top holding a plant, candles, and a small Ganesha statue, above ceiling with several pipes running along the top painted the same color as the ceiling, a few room heaters mounted well above person height.🧘🏻‍♂️ Taper moods are tough. Much less running this week. Some days not at all, like this past Thursday, where I still made it to early morning yoga @YogaFlowSF which helped a bit. Still, I can feel the increased impatience, anxiety, irritability, and others. Doing my best to alternately keep myself busy and sit with / reflect on each emotion, to allow it to process.

    #yoga #YogaFlowSF #yogaEveryDay #CowHollow #SF #SanFrancisco #50mileTraining #2020_065 #20200305 #laterGram #noFilter

  40. New issue on GitHub project “ethical-web-principles”

    Proposed Ethical Web Principle: Avoid enabling and amplifying dark patterns

    The W3C TAG Ethical Web Principles mentions enhancing individual control and power and recognizes a few misbehaviors, yet focuses on decentralization, minimizing single points of failure, and enabling individual & DIY developers. All of that is good, however there is the larger class of “dark pattern” harms to be named and explicitly avoided in specification and technology designs.

    The Principles should explicitly note (either adding to or splitting off from “The web must enhance individuals' control and power”) the existence of “dark patterns” in web user interfaces (see WP: Dark pattern and darkpatterns.org for examples), with a statement similar to countering misinformation like:

    We will avoid introducing technologies that create new or disproportionately enable, benefit, or amplify existing user interface dark patterns, such as confirmshaming, misdirection, friend spam, permissions pressuring or escalation, threat of data loss etc. We should also avoid new technologies that could be easily abused by existing dark patterns to more easily cause new or worse harms to users. We should design specifications that explicitly plan for and mitigate potential dark pattern abuses.

    And cite either or both of those above two references. See also twitter.com/darkpatterns for many more real world web examples.

    We obviously won’t be able to prevent all dark patterns and their harms, but we can at least reduce some of them by calling them out, and avoiding new technologies that would increase the chance of users being harmed by existing and new dark patterns.

  41. New issue on GitHub project “Meetable”

    Meetable mobile UI improvement: multiline textarea for photo alt text

    Meetable has a nice simple upload UI to add photos to events which works great on mobile. It even has an input field to enter image alt text right below the photo! However the one line input field is often too narrow on mobile displays (e.g. iOS/iPod) for good descriptive alt text.

    Instead of a one line input, Meetable should use a multiline (try 3 lines) textarea for easier entry of more descriptive alt text.

  42. Clear morning sky with a few hazy clouds, sun rising just above a seating structure outdoors, backlit, at Alta Plaza park with the tops of a couple of trees visible to the left.Early sunrise @Nov_Project_SF this past Wednesday, the last for a while as we enter Daylight Savings Time this weekend, and next Wednesday will once again start in the dark. I plan to wear my lights :)

    The 4th was also my 6th #trackiversary, six years since the first time I went to the informal #NPSF track workout at Kezar Stadium: https://tantek.com/t4Uu2. This past Tuesday I was still recovering from the weekend. Hope to make it back to track next Tuesday!

    #NovemberProjectSF #NovemberProject #fromWhereIRun #clearSky #optOutside #SF #SanFrancisco #freeFitness #justShowUp #2020_064 #20200304 #laterGram #noFilter

  43. March of 2020 month calendar built from LEGO bricks, on an off-white background.🗓 Home and realizing it’s March 4th before reflecting and looking forward.

    February was focused. Tore down a wall and opened holes to the sky for the next phase of a #transformation. Healed with patience, eventually reached out with peace. Ramped up ultra training. One trip, for IndieWebCamp Austin, where I barely did enough running.

    Ended February with a practice trail marathon https://tantek.com/t55N4 to cap the month with more miles and elevation than any other. Started March with my last long run and now tapering for the race.

    Restarted yoga and Sutra philosphy classes, worthy challenges in the midst of self-disruption.

    This month: More shedding. Taxes. Completing an annual revolution. RealID, though no flights planned. My first 50 miler, on the 14th. Finding it difficult to make plans beyond that.

    Previously: https://tantek.com/2020/032/t1/reflecting-anticipating

    #2020 #Gregorian #March #LEGO #month #calendar #twentytwenty #keepmoving #31days #2020_064 #20200304 #laterGram #noFilter

  44. Blurry Golden Gate Bridge lights at night, slightly reflected in the water and waves below of the East BeachAfter Yoga Sutra philosophy class last night I decided to go for a night-time walk on East beach. There were no lights other than the Golden Gate Bridge and a waxing moon. As I walked towards the water, the sound of calmly crashing waves in the dark transported me to a night last year half a world away. While the memory was fond, the sense of her absence was too great. I paused only for a blurry view of the bridge(photo), had to turn around and walk back before falling apart.

    #GoldenGateBridge #EastBeach #Marina #SanFrancisco #2020_063 #20200303 #laterGram #noFilter

  45. RSVP yes to: an IndieWeb event hosting Homebrew Website Club SF!
    🗓 17:30 Wed 2020-03-04
    📍 @MozSF
    🎟 RSVP & more: https://events.indieweb.org/2020/03/homebrew-website-club-san-francisco-KTBJlSw7JJKm
    ✉️ Join us! @brb_irl @Kongaloosh @indirect @JackyAlcine @generativist @AndiGalpern @allaboutgeorge @benwerd @pvh @JohnMattDavis @html5cat

  46. Blue sky with a few scattered clouds, the sun setting just behind some buildings on the south side of Irving street, cars parked along the north side, their sides glinting with orange light, a lit streetlamp on the right.🌇 #sunset in the Sunset. #IrvingStreet #SanFrancisco #California #noFilter

  47. New issue on GitHub project “Meetable”

    Meetable feature request: create a canceled event

    This is a feature request to deliberately add a canceled event, i.e. an event that was not previously on Meetable, as a heads-up to folks who may be expecting a regular event and wondering where the information is, or assuming it may still be on at the usual time and place. This is different from #86 which is about canceling an existing event.

    Use-case: In the IndieWeb community we have several regular Homebrew Website Club (HWC) meetups, some every two weeks, some every month like the first Wednesday of the month. When one of these expectedly periodic events is missing (especially the less frequent ones like first Wednesday of the month, like what just happened with HWC Austin this week), we’re more likely to assume the organizer just forgot to post an official online event, rather than the regular event is not actually happening. Thus we need a way to explicitly create a canceled event when one has not yet been posted.

    Editing: have an option to perhaps check when creating an event that this is a "cancelled" event, which means that it will not be accepting RSVPs, perhaps doesn’t need a venue.

    Display: Similar to #86, a canceled event should be explicitly flagged as such in any listings, perhaps with a red CANCELLED label. It should also be listed in upcoming and past event listings per its datetime along with other events.

    Again similar to #86, optional name prefix: consider prefixing the editable name of the event with the all-caps "CANCELED: " as part of the marked up p-name of the h-event.

    It should also be possible to edit and uncancel a canceled event and turn it into a real event in case it turns out to actually be happening, perhaps by another organizer!

    RSVP interaction: a canceled event should not accept RSVPs via the user interface, perhaps rejecting federated webmention RSVPs as well.

  48. New issue on GitHub project “Meetable”

    Meetable feature request: event cancellation while keeping in list

    Meetable events should be editable to explicitly cancel them, yet keep them in the list of events (upcoming or past) so it is clear to folks who may have already RSVPd, or have been sent a link to view them that they were canceled.

    Use-case: On the IndieWeb wiki we used to explicitly note on the wiki page for the Homebrew Website Club events for a particular day, if and when a particular city/location was canceled, usually by adding strike-through (s tag) or deletion (del tag) markup. This is particularly useful for when an organizer is unable to make it themselves and can’t be sure that anyone else will either.

    Display: A canceled event should be explicitly flagged as such in any listings, perhaps with a red CANCELLED label.

    Optional name prefix: consider prefixing the editable name of the event with the all-caps "CANCELED: " as part of the marked up p-name of the h-event.

    It should also be possible to edit and uncancel an event in case it was canceled accidentally or errantly by someone.

    RSVP interaction: a canceled event should no longer accept RSVPs via the user interface, perhaps rejecting federated webmention RSVPs as well.

    A canceled event may send Webmentions back to the federated RSVP posts that it is listing (and or perhaps their author domains), so those posts can be updated, and authors notified.

  49. New issue on GitHub project “Meetable”

    Meetable RSVP user interface should prompt Code of Conduct agreement(s)

    For Meetable events which have one or more Code of Conduct links (per #84), when the user interacts with the RSVP user interface to confirm participation, Meetable should prompt the user with a dialog with one or more links to Codes of Conduct with checkboxes next to each that acknowledges that the user has read and agreed to them.

    A minimum viable user interaction here would be just fine, and there is no need to create a whole ticketing and assignment system where different people would RSVP vs agree to the Code of Conduct link(s).

    We can learn from the development, use, and iteration of this minimal user interface to then drive future protocol improvements in federated RSVPs via Webmention.

  50. New issue on GitHub project “Meetable”

    Meetable events should have a Code of Conduct field for one or more URLs

    Typical communty events require agreeing to a Code of Conduct in order to RSVP and participate. Meetable should have a field to enter one or more Code of Conduct URLs, and then show them prominently on the event, preferably right before / next to any user interface to RSVP.

    Use-case for a Code of Conduct field: IndieWeb events always require agreeing to the IndieWeb Code of Conduct.

    Use-case for a field for multiple Code of Conduct URLs: IndieWeb events hosted at a Mozilla office require agreeing to both the IndieWeb Code of Conduct and the Mozilla Community Participation Guidelines.

    The Code of Conduct link(s) should be prominently publicly displayed on Meetable event pages, preferably adjacent to / before any RSVP user interface or display.

  51. New issue on GitHub project “Meetable”

    Meetable events should clearly show event author/organizer and creation datetime

    Typical popular events sites and services (Google Calendar, Facebook) prominently show who created and is organizing events, as well as when they were created. Meetable should do this by default, at a minimum using the author’s personal site they used to sign-in via IndieAuth, and the datetime at which they created the event.

    The author’s personal site can be parsed for a representative h-card to use for their display name and image (h-card name and logo or photo), though even showing the domain name of the author would be useful (absent an h-card display name or logo/photo).

    This would at a minimum be very useful for the events.indieweb.org deployment of Meetable, as that was used to replace use of the wiki for events which had this information implicitly in the browsable edit history.

    Who created it use-cases: knowing who created an event helps clarify the potential legitimacy of the event and/or how much help the organizer may need (is it a known organizer of such events, the usual person, or a new person but still known to the community, or a random person who may need help). Additionally, having a clear organizer helps provide at least a default contact for any Code of Conduct follow-ups.

    When was it created use-cases: it is useful to know the when created information as a method for if an event was created long in advance and might not still be happening, or if it was created very recently and thus is much more likely to be happening.

    This information should be prominently publicly displayed on Meetable event pages.

  52. Red flowers, one of them up close, the others down the hillside out of focus, Marin Headlands in the distance.Cloudy skies over the Pacific Ocean, looking down on Rodeo Beach and lagoon, green hills on both sides of them.Rodeo Beach with large waves breaking, several surfers catching the waves and surfing.San Francisco in the distance all the way over to Sutro tower, the Golden Gate bridge below it, partially obscured by the green Marin Headlands, 101 Freeway winding its way around them, the bay opening up in the middle, with a nearby hill and cove behind it.New fern plant unfurling its spiral branches and leaves, Rodeo Valley in the distance, out of focus.⛰🏃🏻‍♂️ 14.4 miles this #SundayRunday for 40+mi/9000' this weekend, and a peak 71+mi/13576' the past 7 days, which feels surreal.

    It’s been hard determined work that also depended on encouragement and commitment from friends. Thanks to Erika for encouraging me on last Monday’s half marathon in Austin (after running with the Friday & Saturday before), then pal Hannah for the run (and 7+ miles) on Mt. Tam the day after (where Bryan led me up the Tuesday before!). Rested Wednesday (no NP, had to drive early), and thanks to Brooke for Thursday morning sunrise hill runs.

    Last Friday morning I barely made it to @Nov_Project_SF at Yerba Buena, where the community (and a small breakfast after) gave me the energy to run home for another 6. On Saturday, despite starting solo, it was great seeing so many SFRC friends on the trails, and fellow Marin Ultra Challenge racers also practicing parts of the course.

    That last run of the month finished up #February with 257km (160 miles) and 8965m (29584') climbed, besting previous monthly running totals in 2019 August of 216km distance and 2018 October 8932m climbing: https://tantek.com/t52L1.

    Today’s "day 2" run on tired legs from yesterday’s marathon completed my 50 mile race training cycle. Now tapering for the next 12 days, with many fewer miles.

    I started in the late morning, running up Old Springs to Wolf Ridge for a view of Rodeo Valley(2) before running down Coastal trail to the Rodeo Beach parking lot, practicing the last four miles of the #MUC50 race.

    Turned around and ran right back up, stopped to admire the surfers(3), and kept going up Hill 88. Ran back down Wolf Ridge and Miwok trails to Rodeo Valley to practice the first four miles of the course. Ran up to SCA, caught the usual view(4), and a new fern(5) before continuing to Alta, then a bit of Bobcat where I stopped to snap a cluster of red flowers(1), before descending Marincello back down to the Tennessee Valley Parking Lot where I’d started.

    Felt tired but good. Nothing hurt, just a little sore. 14+ miles done. Time to eat.

    #run #runner #running #trailRunner #trailRun #ultraRunner #Marin #MarinHeadlands #WolfRidge #RodeoBeach #PacificOcean #SCAtrail #SF #SanFrancisco #skyline #clouds #view #hill #hills #optOutside #fromWhereIRun #Sunday #SundayFunday #NeverStopExploring #workHardDreamBigDoCoolShit #InstaRunner #50mileTraining #laterGram #noFilter

  53. Tantek in front of the telephone pole on top of Cardiac Hill, clear blue sky above him, and a low hanging clouds behind him, just a light haze over the Pacific Ocean, sparsely grassy hills with a few trees behind him.Clear blue sky above the green hills on either side of Tennessee Valley in Marin, where a bit of ocean is visible between them, as viewed downward from the Coastal Fire Road.Clear blue sky above the Marin Headlands and Pacific Ocean, looking south to Pirates Cove below, the rocky shore breaking up waves with white froth.Clear blue sky above Marin hills, the nearby hill with a series of clear switchbacks cut into it.Two California golden state poppies brightly lit by the sun, casting shadows on their plant, sparse other plants in the dirt in the background.Large cherry tree blossoming above a small buddha statue and water tap at its base.Blue sky with a few thin scattered clouds above Tennessee Valley and the green hills behind it, and in front of it as viewed from Coyote Ridge.⛰🏃🏻‍♂️ Ran 26.4 miles yesterday, setting a trail marathon PR and completing my last long training run before #MUC50 #trail race on March 14th.

    Beautiful day to start, clear views of Tennessee Valley and the ocean(2). Similarly at Pirates Cove(3), and #running up Heather Cut-off’s beautiful switchbacks(4).

    I found a pair of #poppies that had opened brightly(5) on the trail up to Cardiac Hill. Quite warm out there in the open(1).

    After an adventure running and hiking through a maze of Muir Woods trails (TCC, Bootjack, Ben Johnson, Deer Park Fire Road), I ran up Miwok down Dias Ridge to the Muir Beach turnaround and back into Green Gulch Farm, location of a zen center, and a water tap at the base of a blossoming tree(6).

    After running up the Middle Green Gulch trail and up to the day’s last peak on Coyote Ridge, I could finally see Tennessee Valley down below, beckoning(7).

    Ran down the last segment of Miwok to the parking lot, then a bit up Old Springs trail and back down to round out my trail marathon.
    #run #runner #trailRunner #trailRun #ultraRunner #Marin #MarinHeadlands #CardiacHill #trailsForBreakfast #optOutside #fromWhereIRun #NeverStopExploring #timeToPlay #InstaRunner #workHardDreamBigDoCoolShit #marathon #50mileTraining #2020_060 #20200229 #leapDay #laterGram #noFilter

  54. Looking up to the 181 Fremont building, a skyscraper with rectangular segments on its sides each crossed with a single diagonal, alternative so the diagonals look like they connect, with buildings on either side of it partially visible.🏙 Last Friday a group of us @MozSF went out to lunch and happened to walk by 181 Fremont, which is quite recognizable from a distance by its diagonal segments.

    100% of its office space is leased by @Facebook for its #SF office and @Instagram offices: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/181_Fremont

    #181Fremont #building #SanFrancisco #downtown #Facebook #Instagram #Tech #BigTech #2020_059 #20200228 #laterGram #noFilter

  55. Brooke and Tantek with the sunrise behind them, the sun glowing red as it’s filtered through some low hanging haze just above the East Bay Hills, a sliver of bay visibe below it, then distant San Francisco hills, buildings, finaly trees and trails of Corona Heights Park below.Pink and orange wisps of cotton candy clouds in the light blue pre-dawn sky above a horizon glowing yellow and orange over East Bay Hills, a sliver of bay visibe below it, then distant San Francisco hills, buildings with lights, and nearby hills and trails in darkness.Mostly blue sky with a few wispy clouds above an orange glow above East Bay Hills and a few streaky horizontal clouds glowing bright orange, above a thick haze just above the hills that turned the rising sun red with a visible half-circle disc, a sliver of by showing an orange tinge, a couple of tiny container ships in the bay, dark shoreline buildings and a distant hill, SF strets and buildings  with a few street lights, nearby trees and trails of Corona Heights Park below, now visible.Light blue sky with wispy clouds, the sun rising thru the low haze over the East Bay hills, glowing brightly orange, lighting up the bay.🌅 Last Thursday morning, a red #sunrise with pal Brooke(1) at Corona Heights Park Summit!

    We had chatted the night before @Nov_Project_SF happy hour how it had been a long time since #NPSF went to Corona Heights Park for Friday Hills, so we decided to run meet there that next morning for a sunrise start to our day.

    When we got there ~6:30, wisps of pink & orange cotton candy clouds danced on the light blue dawn sky(2). A thick haze above East Bay hills filtered the rising sun, turning it red, and revealing its circular shape, as a half disc(3), eventually as a full circle with a red aura(1), before it rose higher, and shined brighter through the haze, lighting up the bay(4).

    Afterwards we ran up to Buena Vista Park and down to Haight street, before running our separate ways to go get ready for work.

    #run #runner #runners #bay #SF #SanFrancisco #CoronaHeights #CoronaHeightsPark #summit #sunrise #skyline #trail #trails #hill #hills #view #selfie #optOutside #fromWhereIRun #NeverStopExploring #InstaRunner #2020_058 #20200227 #laterGram #noFilter

  56. Sunset in the distance over the ocean, buildings on both sides, a car coming up an uphill street with its headlamps on.🌇 It was a packed week. Last Wednesday I saw the sunrise on the drive down to Mountain View for work meetings, then back to SF for more meetings. Saw the sunset (photo) as I was finally walking to have dinner with a friend in Cole Valley, at which I finally reached out (at her encouragement) to a friend I hadn’t seen in 80 days. Thursday thru today coming up. It’s been a good week.

    #sunset #ColeValley #SF #SanFrancisco #grateful #2020_057 #20200226 #laterGram #noFilter

  57. The sun shining brightly behind Tatek and Hannah, sunbeams overlaying Tantek’s face, the bay and bay bridge and San Francisco skyline behind them in the distance, clear blue skies, distant green hills and trees right behind them.Deep blue sky with a gradient to a light purple above a yellow orange horizon with Mount Diablo in the distance, a sliver of a barely lit bay, dark outline of nearby hills.Blue grey sky gradient to light blue then yellow and orange at the horizon with the sun rising over distant hills, lightly lit bay, dark nearby backlit hills and trees, with sunbeams glowing over them.Tantek and Hannah with the sun shining brightly between them, sunbeams across their faces, the bay in the distance glowing with the sun, tiny East Bay hills in the distance.🌄🏃🏻‍♀️🏃🏻‍♂️ #FBF to Tam Tuesday with pal Hannah!(1). Another beautiful day in paradise.

    Earlier sunrise brought an earlier purple blue sky at the Temelpa trailhead(2). Twenty minutes later the sun crested the East Bay hills(3). The was sun quite bright at the #MtTam summit(4)!

    #TamTuesday #trail #runner #runners #trailRunner #trailRun #ultraRunner #Marin #MtTamalpais #MountTamalpais #50mileTraining #optOutside #fromWhereIRun #timeToPlay #NeverStopExploring #SF #SanFrancisco #InstaRunner #2020_056 #20200225 #laterGram #noFilter

    Previously: https://tantek.com/2020/043/t1/first-2020-tam-summit

  58. New issue on GitHub project “w3process”

    [meta][director-free] Eliminate role of The Director and redistribute authority from The Team to W3C members & community

    This is a meta issue following-up from participating in the AB meeting on Tuesday with the overall goal of eliminating the role of The Director from the Process (as an individual, delegated, or renamed) and redistribute authority from The Team in the process to W3C members & community. These changes will likely be incremental, and require additional significant changes (e.g. considering elimination of Formal Objections and their processes instead of #331).

    There are several existing issues that cover aspects of this issue. Here are a few of them:

    Additional follow-up issues will be filed for specific changes and sets of related changes.

  59. Deep blue post-sunset sky, gradient to lighter blue then yellow to an orange horizon above the ocean, crashing waves on the shore, reflecting the orange yellow blue sky above, subtle horizontal lines in the shore.#TBT to Monday’s deep blue sky 20 minutes after sunset, on a clear evening at Ocean Beach.

    #blue #deepBlue #blueSky #OceanBeach #SF #SanFrancisco #waves #surf #sand #reflection #wallpaper #2020_055 #20200224 #laterGram #noFilter

  60. Tantek taking a selfie standing next to red cursive graffiti writing “i love you so much” on a light green wall.Concrete blockish building viewed from a corner, a mixed tall triangle rainbow of horizontal stripes of colors along the cut-in corner of the building.Austin buildings and a bridge reflected in pre-dawn orange light on a river, overcast clouds above.Austin buildings reflected on the river, a few swans in the foreground, the sun rising between two buildings, with a bit of orange on the horizon under overcast clouds.Underneath a bridge, symmetrical concrete support structures, with rectangular arches and supports above greenish water, still enough to reflect the underside of the bridge.Map of the Lady Bird Lake trails, along with a chart in the lower left of distances between various checkpoints, the farthest being 10.2.Artwork, black all capitals text on a white disc background, saying LIVE A GREAT STORY, on a tall concrete post of a bridge, the waters of the lake behind it, as well as trees on both shores.Overcast sky over two clusters of tall beige apartment buildings, trees below them along the shore, the river in front, a stretch of thin red plastic floating on the river with a bunch of birds perched on top, a few of them stretching their wings.On top of the Longhorn dam, chainlink fencing on the left with the roadway on the other side, and the dam structures and warning signs on the right, the path across the river in between them.13.5 miles yesterday morning, Austin’s entire Lady Bird Loop(6) plus a roundtrip to Jo’s(1) and back.

    Starting just before sunrise, I snapped some colorful building art(2) on the way to the river/lake. I caught a view of buildings on both sides of the river and a bridge spanning it, reflected in dim dawn light under overcast clouds(3). Barely caught the sun rising between buildings, swans in the foreground, before it disappeared behind clouds(4).

    Many things caught my eye, like this almost symmetrical under bridge(5). Caught a better lit shot of the LIVE A GREAT STORY artwork on the MoPac bridge(7). The south bank trails had long stretches of paved paths that wandered just above the river/lake, saw a few birds stretching their wings(8).

    Ran around to and crossed over the Longhorn Dam(9) before continuing around back to Congress Avenue, crossing the Congress bridge south to Jo's just for a photo. Ran back to the hotel to quickly get cleaned up, pack, and head to the airport to fly home.

    My longest run, that far from home.

    #run #runner #LadyBirdLake #lake #river #Austin #DowntownAustin #halfmarathon #sunrise #skyline #trail #trails #bridge #dam #view #iloveyousomuch #ILYSM #selfie #optOutside #fromWhereIRun #NeverStopExploring #InstaRunner #50mileTraining #2020_055 #20200224 #laterGram #noFilter

  61. ↳ In reply to @wilhelmja’s tweet @wilhelmja "cash-for-votes" has its own problems; worth looking @IETF & @TC39 models.

    @W3C founded with "timocracy" worded "The Director" in the Process. Recent years always delegated to W3C Team.

    Context @W3CAB: https://www.w3.org/wiki/AB_Agenda_Wiki_Feb2020#T1500
    More issues at: https://github.com/w3c/w3process/issues

  62. Just asked for W3C to eliminate the role of the Director (a pseudo-dictatorship), and to redistribute power & authority from the W3C Team to the members & community.

    When did I become a web standards anarchist?

  63. Screenshot of Tantek homepage viewed on iOS Firefox scrolled to show the Recent Photos embed of a 3x4 grid of the twelve most recent photo postsAdded a Recent Photos embed to my homepage sidebar (or bottom of the mobile view) at #IndieWebCamp Austin projects day! Still tweaking, yet quite happy with how it looks, e.g. compared to an @Instagram profile. #indieweb #takebackyourweb #ownyourphotos #iOS #Firefox #screenshot

  64. Downtown Austin skyline at night, building lights reflected in Lady Bird Lake / River in the dark.Mostly cloudy sunset barely visible above the distant trees on the other side of the river, lit with a beam of orange, just in front of a scattered flock of dozens of ducks resting on the water.Dusk view of the west part of downtown Austin, reflected in the river below.View from a bridge of Lady Bird Lake, with a cement column in front of us dividing the view, with a large white circle painted on it with the all capitals words LIVE A GREAT STORY written inside in a large sans-serif font.Last night’s 5.5 mile sunset run(2) turned into a dusk run(3), and a night run(1) by the time we made it back to the Congress Avenue bridge to run back across.

    We ran along the water to Mopac bridge, ran across, pausing to take to heart an artist’s encouragement to LIVE A GREAT STORY(4), and kept going.

    #run #runner #runners #LadyBirdLake #Austin #DowntownAustin #sunset #dusk #night #downtown #skyline #trail #trails #bridge #view #optOutside #fromWhereIRun #NeverStopExploring #InstaRunner #50mileTraining #2020_053 #20200222 #laterGram #noFilter

  65. Holly, Nicole, another NovemberProject member, Jen, and Tantek outside the LBJ Library in Austin, Texas.Clear blue sky over the river in Austin Texas.The sun shining brightly in a clear sky over buildings above the river, and reflected in the river as well, in Austin Texas.Made it to @Nov_Project_ATX yesterday morning! Ran, worked out, and caught up with pal Holly who I haven’t seen since she moved from SF, and Madison friends Jen and Nicole (who herself also moved to Austin).

    Ran back to downtown and the river afterwards, for a calm reflection(2), and sunrise over nearby buildings(3).

    #NP_ATX #traverbal #run #NovemberProject #runners #wakeUpTheSun #fromWhereIRun #optOutside #freeFitness #justShowUp #LBJLibrary #Austin #Texas #2020_052 #20200221 #laterGram #noFilter

  66. @IndieWebCamp Austin, facilitating a session on All Things Photos.
    E.g. taking photos, curating, editing, posting.

    My incremental #indieweb #photo workflow:
    📷 take photos in the moment, but not post*
    🖼 curate photos, e.g. delete duplicates or non-HDR versions (or keep the non-HDR version if it was sharper, less blurry, or if the HDR versions had weird motion artifacts)
    ❤️ favorite photos, in the iOS Photos app, that I want to actually consider posting publicly, or perhaps uploading e.g. to a wiki
    ✍🏻 edit photos, e.g. rotate & crop, especially favorited photos, to align the horizon, crop out extraneous/distracting things, etc.
    👇🏻 choose a favorited photo from that day as my main photo to post
    📝 write a narrative caption based on that photo
    📓 more photos: include more favorited photos if they make sense as part of the narrative, perhaps seek out more (non-favorited) photos to help illustrate the narrative
    📮 post that photo or multiphoto post (its own process)
    ♡ unfavorite the photos I posted, except those I might want to view or show to friends later

    I’m looking to simplify my process where I can, as it often takes me up to half an hour to actually get from curating my photos to posting a particular (multi)photo post!

    *I don’t post photos in the moment any more in order to stay present in whatever I’m actually doing IRL. Instead at "in between times" like standing in line, or on transit, I take incremental steps towards publishing photos.

  67. As of yesterday: https://tantek.com/2020/052/t1/austin-building-pyramid-shape

    I’m over halfway thru my 100 days projects:
    * take a positive photo
    * post something positive
    sometimes posted the day after.

    More #100days projects: https://indieweb.org/100_days inspired by the100dayproject.com

  68. #IndieWebCamp Austin keynote by Pace from the future where:
    - We never build the same thing twice
    - Nobody gets betrayed
    - No more sexual predators
    - No more marketing
    - No more bad science
    - No more capitalism
    & it’s all built on #IndieWeb technologies!

  69. Great first #IndieWebCamp Austin keynote by Natalie on the upsides and downsides of #socialmedia, how she started her #IndieWeb Gratitude Joural @microdotblog, did #DeleteFacebook, yet still posts @Instagram, though with a much more limited circle.

  70. Live video stream @IndieWebCamp Austin is up!


    Tune in, we’re starting with organizer @manton2, followed by keynotes by Natalie, Pace, and @Aaronpk!


    #indieweb #openweb #takebackyourweb

  71. ↳ In reply to @ttrentham’s tweet @ttrentham here for @IndieWebCamp Austin @CapitalFactory!

    Come join us! https://2020.indieweb.org/austin

    Kickoff at 10:00, then amazing keynotes, personal site intros, BarCamp sessions!

  72. Good morning #Austin!

    Doors open @IndieWebCamp Austin @CapitalFactory!

    @aaronpk is setting up the video, folks are grabbing breakfast tacos, coffee, etc.

    Tickets sold out but we made room for 10 more!

    Grab one and come by! https://2020.indieweb.org/austin

  73. Building with pyramid shaped terraces at night, with blue lights glowing on each of the terrace corners. a few more downtown Austin buildings at night.Arrived late last night in Austin. The skyline looks different everytime I return.

    There’s one downtown building that’s been here as long as I can remember. Its pyramid shape makes it look futuristic, like something from Blade Runner.

    #Austin #downtown #2020_051 #20200220 #laterGram #noFilter

  74. Sunrise behind distant low clouds lighting up the San Francisco cityscape with an orange glow, backlighting a palm tree at Alta Plaza park.Blue to purple sky above a yellow orange pre-dawn horizon backlighting trees and buildings, a tiny crescent moon sitting in the sky off to the right.Sunrise just above low clouds backlighting the San Francisco skyline, lighting up the paths and green grass of Alta Plaza Park.🌆🌴🌙 Distant low clouds and a delayed sunrise @Nov_Project_SF yesterday morning(1). We had a clear view of the crescent moon earlier as dawn blues were turning purple(2). The sun did eventually rise a few minutes later(3), as some of us went to work, others to breakfast.

    #NPSF #NovemberProjectSF #NovemberProject #wakeUpTheSun #fromWhereIRun #blueSky #purpleSky #blue #purple #dawn #sunrise #palmTree #optOutside #SF #SanFrancisco #freeFitness #justShowUp #AltaPlaza #AltaPlazaPark #2020_050 #20200219 #laterGram #noFilter

  75. Reminder: Homebrew Website Club TONIGHT 17:30 @MozSF!

    Looking forward to catching up! @brb_irl @Kongaloosh @indirect @JackyAlcine @generativist @AndiGalpern @allaboutgeorge @benwerd @dietrich @pvh @JohnMattDavis @html5cat

    More: https://events.indieweb.org/2020/02/homebrew-website-club-san-francisco-eiKvWhy3hxoE

  76. New issue on GitHub project “wgmeeting-github-ircbot”

    github-ircbot should support "topic: GitHubURL" as alias of "github topic: GitHubURL"

    The wgmeeting-github-ircbot should support the syntax:

    topic: GitHubURL

    where GitHubURL is a URL that starts with https://github.com/ ... and ends with a number segment (optional # fragment), just as it currently supports the "github topic: GitHubURL" syntax, because it is easier to remember, and 100% of past uses of "topic: GitHubURL" were clearly intended to do just that, and had to be unnecessarily followed up by a redundant "github topic: GitHubURL" command.

    E.g. from the #css IRC log search results:

    #	shane Topic: https://github.com/w3c/fxtf-drafts/issues/73	22:46:43 PDT
    #	shane Github Topic: https://github.com/w3c/fxtf-drafts/issues/73	22:46:57 PDT
    #	shane Topic: https://github.com/w3c/fxtf-drafts/issues/69	23:05:39 PDT
    #	shane Github Topic: https://github.com/w3c/fxtf-drafts/issues/69	23:05:44 PDT
    #	shane Topic: https://github.com/w3c/fxtf-drafts/issues/51	23:16:00 PDT
    #	shane Github topic: https://github.com/w3c/fxtf-drafts/issues/51	23:16:06 PDT
    #	myles TOPIC: https://github.com/w3c/csswg-drafts/issues/1345	09:54:12 PDT
    #	myles Github topic: https://github.com/w3c/csswg-drafts/issues/1345	09:54:25 PDT

    Note that this is a very precise request for what to allow, with the text after "Topic: " immediately being an https://github.com/ URL without anything else preceding, and ending with a URL segment that is a number, to avoid errant use of other GitHub URLs.

    Given that level of precision, this reflects existing attempted use in the logs 100%, and is sufficiently guarded against false positives, at least from the past ~4 years of history in the logs.