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  1. ↪ In reply to Tantek’s note Summary:
    01:42 suspended per Twitter email: "abusive behavior" and "targeted harassment of someone"
    18:36 restored per "account got caught up in one of these spam groups by mistake"

    My tweets are pretty boring. Running pics. #IndieWeb #CSS

    One comparing Twitter to the Matrix about an abstract “someone”. Does Twitter’s automated system think “harassment of someone” literally means referring to the literal text “someone”? Is one offhand tweet considered “harassment”?

  2. ↪ In reply to @zeldman’s tweet Thanks @zeldman @absalomedia @adactio @meyerweb @SaraSoueidan @keithjgrant @benwerd @pdxposhy @bastianallgeier @m_ott @ohhelloana @jackyalcine @ken_bauer @jgarber @tomcoates

    If my boring account can be falsely suspended, what of those less privileged? Quietly silenced & forgotten?

    * https://twitter.com/zeldman/status/1108401652946661379
    * https://twitter.com/absalomedia/status/1108456176054751232
    * https://twitter.com/adactio/status/1108472538743689216
    * https://twitter.com/meyerweb/status/1108474263722434560
    * https://twitter.com/SaraSoueidan/status/1108474081677053952
    * https://twitter.com/keithjgrant/status/1108475701160824832
    * https://twitter.com/benwerd/status/1108478286089195520
    * https://twitter.com/pdxposhy/status/1108478396793667584
    * https://twitter.com/bastianallgeier/status/1108483684242460673
    * https://twitter.com/m_ott/status/1108486885033340928
    * https://twitter.com/ohhelloana/status/1108492852441550852
    * https://twitter.com/jr_sawv/status/1108499831843102721
    * https://twitter.com/JFSIII/status/1108560555214815233
    and back:
    * https://twitter.com/jackyalcine/status/1108550208357453824
    * https://twitter.com/ken_bauer/status/1108566015502401536
    * https://twitter.com/jgarber/status/1108566493355278342
    * https://twitter.com/pdxposhy/status/1108566867474448384
    * https://twitter.com/tomcoates/status/1108571838316048384
    * https://twitter.com/tomcoates/status/1108572526546845696

  3. Implemented alt text for @cassisjs auto_link image embeds (live on https://tantek.com/cassis.js), as paranthetical after image URL. Now photo posts with alt text!

    imageURL (alt text) -auto_link→ <img alt="alt text"> -Bridgy→ POSSE tweet photo(s) + alt(s)!

  4. Outdoor gravel steps winding uphill between green hillsides under a blue sky.Clear blue sky, Pacific Ocean peaking between rolling green hills.Sun beams on a blue sky, distant mountains, and nearby rolling hills with trees and a winding trail cut into their side.Ridgeline view, green hills dotted with bushes, the blue Pacific Ocean on the horizon.Clear skies and light surf at Muir Beach.Rolling green hills dropping off into the Pacific Ocean into Pirate’s Cove.Blue sky, a glimpse of San Francisco’s tallest buildings peaking out behind distant hills, downhill Fox Trail in the foreground.Winding downhill trail between green lined hillsides, Pacific Ocean in the distance with a mist hovering on the horizon.#trailtuesdaythrowback to 13.2+ miles and ~2500' last #Saturday at #SFRC. Clear blue skies, a stark contrast from the previous week’s cold rain!

    1 Gravel steps up Miwok
    2 Hills and the Pacific from Miwok
    3 Miwok looking back towards Tennessee Valley
    4 Dias Ridge looking west to the Pacific
    5 Muir Beach
    6 Up Coastal Trail looking south to Pirates Cove
    7 Looking down Fox Trail towards the #SF #skyline
    8 Coastal Fire Road winding downhill

    #bluesky #Miwok #Miwoktrail #steps #Marin #TennesseeValley #trail #trails #trailrun #run #DiasRidge #MuirBeach #CoastalTrail #CoastalFireRoad #Pacific #Ocean #surf #sand #latergram #nofilter #2019_075

  5. Square stained glass with a red and orange colored half sun setting in the top third with beams going out to the edges, and a series of waves in the bottom two thirds, sequentially larger to show the appearance of approaching the observer🌅🌊 #sunset over crashing #waves, stained glass art @TLChihuahua on Divisadero last night.

    #art #stainedglass #thelittlechihuahua #tlc #latergram #yestergram #2019_076

  6. a jpg. a jpg. a jpg. a jpg. a jpg. a jpg. 🌳 Easy 10km #run in #GoldenGatePark on re-opened #trails for #Sunday #runday #funday!
    #fromwhereIrun #trailrun #California #SF #SanFrancisco #optoutside #nofilter

    1 freshly re-opened #GGP trails
    2 #running around Stow lake
    3 up Strawberry Hill
    4 Huntington Falls
    5 blooming #flowers by the boathouse
    6 Phil Arnold #Trail / Oak Woodlands trailhead on the Bay Area Ridge Trail, just off the Eastern JFK entrance to Golden Gate Park.

  7. ↪ In reply to @jgarber’s tweet @jgarber thank you sir! Hope to catch up soon.

  8. ↪ In reply to @shiflett’s tweet @shiflett thank you for the well wishes! And for setting a good example with all your Good Work and more @facultyco.

  9. ↪ In reply to @mathowie’s tweet @leahculver @mathowie brilliant idea and thanks for suggesting it!
    @FringaleSF was a great spot to try every dessert on the menu — highly recommended.
    And thanks for the birthday wishes!


  10. Homebrew Website Club SF!

    When: Where: Mozilla San Francisco Host: Tantek Çelik

    17:30: Optional writing hour and quiet socializing
    18:30: IndieWeb demos and hack night!

    Homebrew Website Club retro 1980s-style logo

    Topics for this week:

    Join a community with like-minded interests. Bring friends that want a personal site, or are interested in a healthy, independent web!

    Any questions? Ask in #indieweb Slack or IRC

    More information: IndieWeb Wiki Event Page

    RSVP: post an indie RSVP on your own site!

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  12. Shine On You Crazy Diamond, @pinkfloyd 1975

    Shine bright like a diamond, @rihanna 2012

    Don't ever be afraid to shine. Remember, the sun doesn't give a fuck if it blinds you.-*

    Shine bright and be inspired by the lights. ✨ tantek.com/2019/063/t3

    *Unknown source/year. Via https://www.instagram.com/p/Bu7LsxpgmHx/, oldest tweet found in search 2015-12-14 https://twitter.com/LadyLiIiana/status/676383911258161153 (earlier references welcome!)

  13. RSVP yes to: @BrazenRacing’s tweet signed up for @BrazenRacing 50th Annual #DoubleDipsea #trailrace on 2019-06-15! It’ll be my second. Goals: finish strong, beat last year’s time.
    Register: https://brazenracing.com/doubledipsea/register/

    Previously, previously:
    * tantek.com/2018/168/t1/finished-first-doubledipsea (https://twitter.com/t/status/1008498200561537024)
    * tantek.com/2017/167/t2/went-double-dipsea-cheer-ran

  14. ↪ In reply to a comment on issue 27 of GitHub project “arewedistributedyet” https://github.com/lgrahl, by “which umbrella organisation”, which organizations do you think are setup / intended to handle incubation efforts that are not yet ready for standardization? Or do you think there is already something that has been incubated that is ready for standardization? If so, could you link to what in particular and where it was incubated?

    While I am a fan of doing standardization work @WHATWG (and @W3C and @IETF, depending on which is most appropriate accordingly), I will point out that WHATWG themselves note that they “anticipate features will be “incubated” outside of WHATWG standards” per https://whatwg.org/working-mode#new-proposals

    You also referenced W3C’s paid membership model. Note that W3C Community Groups (which this is a proposal for) are open to all (anyone may participate) and without fee (no membership is required) per https://www.w3.org/community/about/

    The existing W3C CG WICG https://www.w3.org/community/wicg/ has a fairly good track record for incubating proposals in their GitHub repos which then either graduate to a working group (some have gone to W3C, others to WHATWG), or incubation stalls/fails as a result of discovering an area or proposal is unworkable or lacks market interest etc.

    Are there other incubation-friendly/centric organizations that you think would be a better home for a dweb/p2p incubation group than a W3C CG?

  15. ↪ In reply to @val_brigatti’s tweet @val_brigatti thank you! Starting the day early here in California. Hoping to see a nice sunrise :)

  16. ↪ In reply to @zeldman’s tweet Thank you @zeldman – grateful to still be here to help fight the good fight. We have our work cut out for ourselves this year Jeffrey.

  17. ↪ In reply to @schofeld’s tweet @h2vx @schofeld thanks for your patience. https://h2vx.com/ updated (from dev.h2vx version) with support for #HTML5 elements:
    article aside figure footer header hgroup mark meter nav progress section time
    #h2vx to-do: time datetime attribute

  18. 10/10 site migrations completed!
    8/10 functional with #HTTPS @IndieWebCamp Austin, https://tantek.com/ Monday, and https://h2vx.com/ up today ~06:21 PST thanks to @DreamHost enabling #phptidy. #microformats #hcard #hcalendar #h2vx @h2vx

  19. New issue on GitHub project “webmention.io”

    Webmention.io /api target= param should accept protocol relative URL to return http + https mentions

    The webmention.io /api endpoints accept a 'target' query parameter which currently must be an absolute URL. This proposal extends the 'target' query parameter to also accept a protocol relative URL (i.e. starting with "//") and return all mentions of that target with any protocol (e.g. both 'http:' and 'https:').

    Use-case: this will allow sites which have migrated from http to https, or which still serve both http and https and accept webmentions for both, to easily query webmention.io for all mentions to either http/https versions of their permalinks, to show webmentions regardless of which protocol was used in their webmention target URLs.

    Test-case: http://tantek.com/2019/065/e1/homebrew-website-club-sf is live with an iframe that embeds a display of RSVP webmentions via a service using a protocol relative URL in the target param to a webmention.io api call. Check both of these:

    And you should see at least one RSVP displayed in the bottom from v2.jacky.wtf, likely with a green checkmark ✅. Here’s a direct link to just the RSVP display for that post but hardcoded to 'http:' mentions only: v2.jacky.wtf RSVP.

  20. Shine bright and be inspired by the lights. ✨

    (first written as a comment on https://www.instagram.com/p/Buha6xZFmzU/)

  21. ↪ In reply to @jimmyg’s tweet @jimmyg I setup https://letsencrypt.org/ via one-click activation on my new hosting @Dreamhost.

  22. Homebrew Website Club SF!

    When: Where: Mozilla San Francisco Host: Tantek Çelik

    17:30: Optional writing hour and quiet socializing
    18:30: IndieWeb demos and hack night!

    Homebrew Website Club retro 1980s-style logo

    Topics for this week:

    Join a community with like-minded interests. Bring friends that want a personal site, or are interested in a healthy, independent web!

    Any questions? Ask in #indieweb Slack or IRC

    More information: IndieWeb Wiki Event Page

    RSVP: post an indie RSVP on your own site!

  23. https://tantek.com/ migration complete. Now with #HTTPS!

  24. a jpg. a jpg. a jpg. a jpg. a jpg. a jpg. Super #green, #muddy, somewhat #rainy #SFRC this morning. Stress tested the Altra Superior size 11 trail shoes through #mud #up & #downhill, on turns, in deep #puddles. They gripped well, and in squishier sections slid smoothly & predictably. Good enough to set a handful of segment PRs/2nds.

    1. Near the top of Miwok Cutoff toward Coyote Ridge
    2. Curvy uphill Miwok North of Tennessee Valley
    3. Steep & rocky Miwok North of Tennessee Valley
    4. Gentle Miwok Cutoff flat curve cut into the hillside
    5. Fogged in Coyote Creek descent — normally you can see the Pacific Ocean here (e.g. #7 in tantek.com/t4yz1)
    6. Fogged in Fox trail descent

    #optoutside #trailrun #trailrunner #trailrunning #Marin #MarinHeadlands #rainproof #weatherproof #California #50ktraining #run #runner #fromwhereirun #whereirun #nofilter

  25. a jpg. a jpg. a jpg. 🌞🌄✨🌳🌲 Early birds get the #sun #sunrise #sunshine @Nov_Project_SF #running #hillsforbreakfast. One of the best ways to #wakeup, instant mood boost.

    #NPSF #novemberproject #fromwhereIrun #wakeupthesun #run #BuenaVista #BuenaVistaPark #California #SF #SanFrancisco #optoutside #nofilter

  26. a jpg. Happy March!

    It’s an arbitrary boundary, yet I’m relieved February is over. That month was meh overall. January too.

    Yes there were a few bright spots** (#NPSF sunrises, #jazziversary, #PublicDomainDay, 30k PR (green trail runs in general), #IndieWebCamp Austin)

    Can we (re)start 2019 in March, like years used to?


    “Many other cultures and religions still celebrate the beginning of the New Year in March.” (citations would be nice)

    #2019 #Gregorian #March #LEGO #month #calendar #startagain #newnewyear #nofilter

    **bright spots:
    * tantek.com/2019/027/t3/three-npsf-sunrises-sunday-sunset
    * tantek.com/2019/025/t2/grand-public-domain-community-microformats-indieweb
    * tantek.com/2019/043/t1/sfrc-clouds-hills-muddy-trails
    * tantek.com/2019/048/t1/finshed-chabot-redtailridge-30k-pr
    * tantek.com/2019/050/t3/corona-heights-green
    * https://indieweb.org/2019/Austin

  27. New issue on GitHub project “csswg-drafts”

    Hole in CSS rendering model: initial and transitional page paints

    Browsers currently paint a window with a default background before/while loading web pages, CSS, and other resources. This happens both upon opening a new window with a URL (initial paint), and when navigating from one page to another (transitional paint), and is currently unspecified by the CSS rendering model.

    This hole in the CSS rendering model results in proposals to use meta tags instead, such as viewport, and potentially for a dark mode.

    I pointed this out in the discussion on Issue 3299 in the afternoon of 2019-02-26 at the CSSWG meeting.

    Rather than awkwardly punting this area of rendering behavior(s) to an HTML meta tag or other non-CSS solution, CSS should define how browsers should (or at least may) render initial and transitional paints, preferably with a feature that permits author control, especially (at least) between pages of the same origin.

    Prior related work:

    Anything specified in the CSS rendering model for handling initial and transitional page paints should reference the HTML specification and hook into the DOM and states described in: HTML Standard: 7.7 Session history and navigation.

    Labels: Needs Thought, unknown/future spec

  28. a jpg. My kind of #fullstack. @argyleink’s 👕 @W3C @CSSWG @Google #SF.

    #HTMLfirst #a11y #CSSnext #JavaScript #openweb #webstandards #dev #webdev #webdevelopment #fullstackdev #fullstackengineer #development #developer #programming #programmer #progressiveenhancement #coding #coder #code #tech #Helvetica #hashtag #nofilter

  29. ↪ In reply to @btconf’s tweet Thanks for the warm welcome @btconf!

    Longtime fan, looking forward to contributing & sharing the stage with so many great folks (like @sonniesedge 👋)!

    Also excited for #IndieWebCamp May 11-12 beforehand — sign-up now!

    RSVP: https://btco.nf/DUS2019indiewebcamp

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  31. ↪ In reply to @briankardell’s tweet @briankardell
    How easy as in how much time and/or emotional labor is (even perceived to be) necessary to cause a (comparably useful) change in either that you can then use in subsequent work?

  32. ↪ In reply to @briankardell’s tweet @briankardell contribute as in,
    How easy is it for a #webdev to contribute to the evolution of #CSS features & standards, compared to how easy is it to contribute similarly to #framework (#JS #template #toolkit #preprocessor …) features, #API etc.

  33. ↪ In reply to @slightlylate’s tweet @slightlylate The @CSSWG discussions are coming from inside the building!

    M-W this week https://wiki.csswg.org/planning/sf-2019

  34. .@W3C @CSSWG mtg @Google #SF with @JenSimmons @alanstearns @hober @dauwhe @fantasai @rachelandrew @heycam @davidbaron @ecbos_ @frivoal @fremycompany @cssrossen @gregwhitworth @tabatkins...

    #webdev Q: How easy to contribute to #CSS? Compared to frameworks?

  35. Twitter is like the Matrix.
    Every few months/years someone trapped in Twitter reboots an idea to decentralize social media as The One (idea), gets attention & excited responses, not realizing they're just the latest cycle, soon to be forgotten by the next.