One Year With Mozilla

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Mozilla mascot One year ago today I started contracting with Mozilla to help advance open web standards.

I'm reasonably happy with what I've accomplished in the past year (e.g.: CSS3 Color to PR, HTML5 improvements, a modern GENDER property in vCard4). I'm thankful for the inspiration and support I have received from the people and culture at Mozilla. There's an incredibly high density of pragmatic positivity as well as the constant background hum of the ongoing fight for a more open web.

HAXXOR. While I've made progress with specifying details of bits like how 'text-overflow' works in numerous edge cases, there's a lot more to be done at a higher level to advance web application fidelity. Some of my colleagues like Alex Faaborg and Alex Limi have been thinking a lot about how to do so from the user interaction perspective and I'm looking forward to working with them more to capture such details in open web standards specifications.

I (heart) the Web For anyone who wants to work on "the open web platform", I can hardly think of a better place to be. Have ideas for improving open web application fidelity? Add it to my Mozilla projects inbox and I'll see what I can do.