JS/AJAX-only-biggots, I'm tired of waiting for bloated scripts before clicking links+buttons #SXSW #wifi. e.g.: @Twitter @Foursquare @Facebook etc. We figured this out in the mid-2000s: how to write Unobtrusive JavaScript^1/Ajax^2 (AKA Hijax^3), how to write links and forms that work with serverside roundtrips if external JS hasn't loaded yet due to slow/flakey networks. Please up your web development game and build pages that can respond to any link or button before any CSS or JS has loaded. This is essential for flakey/slow/unreliable networks like conferences (e.g. @SXSW), mobile (e.g. in/among buildings, in subways), protests, civil unrest, government network blocking etc. References: 1^http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Unobtrusive_JavaScript
Previously: ttk.me/t4DZ2 ttk.me/t4DZ3 ttk.me/t4DZ4 ttk.me/t4DZ5

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