dConstruct 2012 intersession soundtrack

on (ttk.me b/4Kq1) using BBEdit

I'm attending dConstruct again , and like last year, put together a few pod-safe tracks for before and after the talks. They're all Creative Commons licensed and downloadable. Here's the set list if you'd like to enjoy them for yourself.

  1. The path to the future... by Firebrand
  2. Summer's Secret Sounds (Future Animation Score Thingy) by Lady Vinyl
  3. Future 78 by rupertlally
  4. Sleep by MitchFuture
  5. Bad Circuit - Millimeters Away by Future Management Agency
  6. Tacit by Resotone
  7. Elixir - Distant Future FULL by ElixirDnB
  8. Rocket Cars (Shifting Into The Future) by The Number Sixes
  9. Atomic-Powered Hydrofoil of the Future by Sage Chow

Access each track by following the links and clicking the ( Download ) button on the subsequent pages. Share and enjoy!