nephew1 did #turkeytrot 5k in 25:15, 2min faster than last year!
My iPod showed 29min but @RaceWireLive reported 32:33 for me (~3 minute discrepancy is quite a bit).

Only explanation I have is that I crossed the starting line late - maybe even last. I'd spent time warming up before the start waiting for the tail end of the walkers to finish crossing, so I could have easily started 3 minutes after the gun start time.

Perhaps the starting line didn't read my bib# chip as I crossed it. Here's my rough timeline of timing related events:

* 8:03am started warm-up jog on Nike+ Running iOS App (time recorded on Path cross-post)
* noticed race started, watched big crowd slowly crossing start line
* +6:27s: 1km completed on Nike+, ran to starting line
* crossed starting line (a few seconds later)
* 8:10am checked clock on iPod Touch just after crossing start line to double-check the time.
* ... many minutes later ...
* crossed finish line in a sprint
* 8:39am checked clock on iPod just after sprinting across finish line.
* slowed to run/jog/walk (5-10 seconds)
* +36:06s total elapsed time on Nike+ (paused).
 * +29:39 thus time elapsed since 1km pre-start-line mark of 6:27.
* = ~29:30 estimated actual 5k completion time (given extra seconds before/after start/finish)

I've submitted a request to Racewire.com to ask them to look into it.

But now I'm looking for another 5k to run in the near future to get an official race PR under 30 min.

Any fun 5k races coming up in SF in December?

Update 2013-12-25: Racewire.com has updated my result to 29:30 based on my request. I'm guessing the starting line didn't read my bib# and they just took my data as self-reported.

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