Google search "state of the union" shows Nixon image over an hour #SOTU: instagram.com/p/jvVgZVA9Wo/
a jpg.

I clicked on the image of Nixon and it goes to the CNN article linked from the text: cnn.com/2014/01/28/politics/2014-state-of-the-union/

No Nixon image on the page.

I tried View Source and no sign of invisible metadata Nixon either (which was my first suspicion). So where is it coming from?

Perhaps Google got the image from some proprietary Google News bizdev relationship feed from CNN, i.e. even more distant/disconnected/invisible metadata that's not to be trusted.

Bing search screenshot for comparison: instagram.com/p/jvWgfgg9Xg/ a jpg.

Same results on desktop as mobile.

Same results on FirefoxOS, Android, and Windows Mobile (I'm at the @CSSWG dinner in Seattle and we have plenty of devices/platforms/browsers among us).

It appears to be fixed (on Google) for some folks now (over an hour after the initial screenshot) http://werd.io/2014/state-of-the-union

You might be able to still see the error if you act quickly.

Go to Google.com and search for "state of the union".

Do you see Nixon?

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