Yesterday: #NPSF track, ran laps+sprints at Kezar while
others did #trackattack: http://instagram.com/p/lIC5lYg9dZ/ a jpg.

I went because another participant commented on the workout announcement that she was going to just run laps in the outside lanes, and I felt like I could do that too. Even before dawn, in the rain.

This is a fast group. I couldn't even keep up with their warm-up lap.

Still, I ran laps (lost count) for about 40-45 minutes straight, including some sprints on the straights (jogging the corners), and joined the planking/ab workout at the end.

I had a great time and will be back to keep working on my pace.

When I can keep up on the warmup laps, I'll step it up to the full track workouts.

a jpg.

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