Eye-opening watching dad use new iPhone 5S.
So many problems
* text/buttons/keyboard too small
* touch too sensitive
* unforgiving UI flow

Prime example: Google Maps for iOS - so bad.
* Street names are unreadably small
* UI flow incredibly difficult to figure out. When you tap a button or option, there is no obvious way how to get back. Thus unforgiving: you accidentally tap something, you're lost.
* Unforgiving UI flow = scares user away from trying things and learning.
* Open from sleep (lock screen) frustrating - loses state, whether in directions, or zoomed in on a map to a specific location, etc. This is unacceptable. Web browsers figured this out years ago. When you re-open a mobile browser it brings you back to exactly the page you were on. Google Maps is just another kind of browser. It should support history (*without* any need to login) just like any other browser does. Perhaps Google Maps could use URLs internally and re-use history code from Chrome for iOS.

on (ttk.me t4VT1) using BBEdit