#NovemberProject 2014 Yearbook Photos Tomorrow! #justshowup

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If you've come to any NovemberProject anywhere, make plans to be at the nearest one this Wednesday to get your yearbook photo. You've earned it.

If you're a runner of any kind or have been curious about NovemberProject, check it out this Wednesday and get your photo taken. Join us.

If I've ever bugged you to come to NovemberProject, and you haven't yet, this is the day to do it. Trust me.

Grid of November Project San Francisco 2013 Yearbook Photos

I went to last year's Yearbook Photos day, had a great time (more on that in another post very soon!), and got a great photo that I'm still using for my site icon and profile photo.

Facebook events - all Wednesday morning at ~6:15am:

Plus thirteen more cities (Check out November-Project.com for the full list). I'll add more direct city-event links as I find them. It looks like there's going to be a beautiful sunrise.