What Is Your 2015-01-01 #IndieWeb Personal Site Launch Commitment?

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At last week's Homebrew Website Club Meetup we made #indieweb commitments to each other, to launch a new feature on our personal sites and start using it as of 2015-001 (2015-01-01 for those who prefer Gregorian).

Join us. Blog (or tweet if you don't blog) your own personal site launch commitment for the start of 2015. No declaration too small or large. From getting started to fully owning various types of content instead of posting to silos, here's what we've committed to so far:

Getting Started

There are many simple things you can do to get yourself or a friend started on the indieweb, beginning with getting your own domain name, setting up you own online identity, setting up something to post content some place you control, improving the designs and storage of your posts and archives.

New Content Types

The best place to start experimenting with new content types, perhaps even those that don't exist in any popular silo, is your own website. The following have committed to posting new content types on their personal site starting 2015-01-01.

Raise Your IndieMark: Improve Your Independence

There are numerous things you can do to improve the independence of your personal site. The IndieWebCamp community has been documenting many aspects of a personal site, and paths to increased independence for each aspect, or axis, and demarcating them in levels. Together these axes and levels are aggregated into an overall IndieMark metric that you can use to measure the independence of your site.

The following have committed to improving their IndieMark score on one or more axes.

Own Your Content

Owning your content at stable permalinks that you control is the key building block of the independent web. Every time you create the first and primary version of a post on your own site, and encourage others to reference it instead of a silo post, you are growing the indieweb.

Everyone on this list has committed to owning at least one more type of content completely at stable permalinks on their own personal site rather than a silo. Starting on 2015-001 (or sooner), they have committed to posting a specific type of content directly to their site, never first to a silo, and optionally copying it to a silo.

More IndieWeb Ideas

Want more indieweb ideas to ship? See the following IndieWebCamp guides:

Whatever you choose, blog it, tweet it, and tag it #indieweb. I'll add more commitments to the above list as they're posted.

Eight days left til we collectively take back a small piece of our web.