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#yxyy003 #unbagging after the fact and reflecting

One week ago I arrived at my third #yxyy. From the very beginning, checking in at the Ace, I faced decisions that had rational choices and instinctual choices.

I trusted my instinct and used empathy & reason to guide the details.

This year was different in many ways.

Instead of room sharing, I got my own room.

I knew fewer people going, so I ended up reaching out more and getting to know more people.

Instead of escaping with people I knew, I jumped into the first night's activities. Instead of conserving my drink tickets, I used them all the first night.

Instead of worrying if the people I were with were having a good time, I chose to have a good time and listen to those around me, what they were saying and otherwise expressing, rather than worrying.

Instead of organizing more than one thing, I organized just one thing ahead of time. Everything else was spontaneous or word of mouth or both.

When I was asked to take time out of the pool and do an interview I said yes.

Instead of signing up myself in advance, I spontaneously reached out to a friend to volunteer together, side-by-side, at the Advice Booth.

Instead of worrying about going to bed in time to run the next morning, I said yes to staying up late deep in conversations until the pool closed and then dared to set an alarm for 90 minutes later, to run before sunrise, trusting my future self to decide when the time came.

Instead of hesitating I told people when I appreciated meeting them and would love to chat more.

Instead of skipping yoga, I went both Saturday and Sunday mornings. When asked spontaneously to lead & instruct my fellow yoga class attendees how to step-by-step get into an arm balance, I said yes.

When asked to join in sharing a floating pretzel pool toy that could only fit two, I said yes.

Thank you @amylola @debs @hillary @sanfranannie @willolovesyou for everything you do and say. Thank you especially for listening, sympathizing, reflecting what needed to be said, and most of all, being encouraging.

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