#track today: Yasso 800s
I did: 5 x 800 sub-4-min, 4 min cooldown between, and a 400 sprint at ~1:43, unofficially my fastest lap ever.

a photo.
Five is only half the ten Yasso 800s you’re supposed to do if you’re training/timing for a full marathon. However, I did sub-4-min 800s which if I'd done 10 of it would mean I should be able to sub-4-hour marathon. Does doing half that mean I should be able to do a sub-2-hour half marathon? Going to keep training hard & smart and bring everything I’ve got at next month's SF Half Marathon (second half). I should at least be able to beat my 2:18 PR from Surf City.

* tantek.com/2015/161/t1/track-yesterday-did
* tantek.com/2015/032/t2/finished-surfcity-half-marathon-pr

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