Embrace Joy In The Present

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Sunrise seen from Corona Heights Peak in San Francisco, Saturday morning, 2016-03-12

Friday night someone asked me if I had any particular insights to share from my previous solar revolution.

I told them that the one thought that kept coming to mind is: don’t postpone joy. I have also found that positive (re)framing often requires deliberate questioning, reflection, rethinking, even when regularly practiced.

This past year was full of inspiring perspective-shifting heights and yet not without a few lows, crushing or lingering.

From both I have learned that gratitude is a conscious choice, practicing it brings joy, calmly and sometimes surprisingly, no matter the day, especially when paired with practicing daily self-care: from ritual essentials, to growth through iteration, to the hardwork of unburdening yourself of past timedebts, to make more room for that joy to flow.

Fortune favors the prepared and the bold, yet joy is more visible to the grateful. Seeing is just an open door to the present; listen, feel, speak, do, and make to be present. Embrace that joy in the present, letting it illuminate the possible, rather than hesitating from fear of the uncertain or the unknown.

Looking forward to more adventures, joy, and growth with all of you on this next solar revolution.

Thank you for being.