35:07 NPSF PR Wednesday this morning, 0:37 slower than Aug, including ~1min to reti(ght)e(n) shoes.

Technically I was slower this month than last time (2 months ago), yet actual running time was faster since I stopped to retie my right shoe that came untied literally on the first straight, after having run 2.2 miles to Alta Plaza without any sign of trouble. At that point I wasn’t going to take any chances so I spent the additional time to tighten the laces and retie both shoes.

I was hanging with the pack until then (which was a good feeling, felt strong going into the first hill), but then never caught back up.

I didn’t feel exhausted like last time. This was despite my mind being busy with too many thoughts last night (despite two yoga sessions earlier!) keeping me awake past midnight (slept 4-5 hours), despite literally physically getting into bed by 22:00.

Woke up with slight soreness in my right knee. Iced it a bit, which helped, a bit. Took some ibuprofen preventatively, which may also have helped, a bit. However it was still sore, in that low-grade way that makes you not want to push as hard. That’s an annoying regression from two months ago, and has been on/off enough the past few weeks that I’m going to go see someone about it.

On the positive side:
* breathing seemed fine (still had to hike most of the West hill straight)
* left knee (the one I injured last November) was still totally fine
* actually ran the last short hill straight before steps (every lap)

Still got work to do, still going to stubbornly keep coming back and doing the best I can.

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